BEATING the red light.

When we look at a traffic light there are three colors. In the past there were only two- Red and the Green. As the pace of transportation and with increasing speeds, yellow was introduced between those two colors. So now we have Red, Yellow and Green each of which signifies an action that is to be taken which also happens to be an universal rule. Red means stop, Yellow tells us to initiate the stoppling sequence and green stands to give us the go ahead. As speed increase seconds do count.With every passing second the danger that accompanies speed increases multi-fold. So it is best to curtail it by easing our foot off the accelerator and to by follow the signs and lights that are designed for us keep us safe. Every second of each day someone somewhere is trying to beat the red light. Some do win but many lose. Many end up with life threatening injuries, get bedridden for life or even die. All they needed to do was to stop on red and move on green. It may have saved their life and may even have saved someone Else’s. Moreover, it also have cost them monetarily as well. If a second is that important to be saved, let’s start early, enjoy the journey by taking the scenic route and reach our destination in one piece.


Distance between the STEERING and YOUR SEAT.

Sensors are placed on your car bumper to detect rapid deceleration such as what happens when the car is crashing into a concrete wall. The message to inflate the airbag is sent from the sensors to the vehicles computer in order to have the airbag ready for an impact. The airbag inflates very very rapidly milliseconds before the actual impact. The rapid inflation is bought on by a chemical reaction between a combination of chemicals which produces nitrogen gas. All of us have seen many people having their seats positioned say 6 inches from the steering wheel and driving by sitting so close to the steering wheel. In case of a rapid deceleration, the airbag deploys with immense force that it can cause permanently damage such as massive internal bleeding or broken ribs, facial fractures or even death to the person who is being exposed to the airbag. The power and impact of an inflating airbag is unimaginable and it happens so fast even before we get a chance to think. That’s rapid. 

WASTED energy.

Farmers work hard on their fields to grow the crops which in turn gives us the energy to move on. But to grow these crops there is mechanical energy being sacrificed by these farmers, energy from the sun or from the ground are being exploited to run the machines and oil energy in some form or other is tapped into, to bring this food item to our table. So from farm to our table considerable energy and natural resources are being exploited so we can have food to eat. Food has become so cheap these days that we do not value it all or even undervalue it. Food wastage has become a major problem Worldwide. Since food is dirt cheap, we are used to looking the other way. We would rather throw food out than give it away by helping someone somewhere. This is how the trend has been progressing. The outcome seems to be repeating itself for the past many decades and it does not seem to self correct. In short we are wasting energy in different forms in unimaginable ways through gross negligence, ignorance and sometimes knowingly.

The Almighty PEN.

A persons handwriting says a lot about him or her, their personality and maybe even their mindset. Today the effort and respect that we are giving to writing is very minimal. The word “Handwriting” is even unheard of. Back then people used to admire and compliment a persons handwriting. Today this art is vanishing by the minute and has indeed taken a back seat both in our personal lives and in the business World. The need to write is fading fast and has been taken over by voice recognition. Once the voice is recognized the dictation software takes over and lets the computer do its work of transcribing it into words. So when would we feel the need to write in this modern era. People used to write letters, place a stamp and post them in the mailbox or by making a trip to the post office. This was an experience in itself. The post master was a face attached to a person. We knew him by name and he knew ours. It was a close knot family. We handed him or her that letter, he or she used to stamp it and place it in one of the large mail bags. Screens have become touch screens, destinations have become bar coded, tracking done using numbers etc. So where’s the need for a pen?

What is a Dental Bridge or a crown?

Like in the Real World, a bridge is an architectural wonder which connects one side of a river bank to the other side by means of a horizontal arm in order to help us cross without effort. A dental bridge in essence has the same exact concept but the difference is in its application. When a tooth is missing and is bounded on both it’s adjacent sides by another natural tooth, in order to replace this missing tooth we custom fabricate a bridge. In case of a crown only one tooth that is requiring protection from occlusal forces is shaved down to accept that crown. Whether it is a crown or a bridge for which treatment is planned, there are certain clinical requirements that need to be met in order to qualify for a bridge or a crown to be fabricated. What does a crown or bridge do for you? Basically it covers the compromised tooth as well as it serves to dissipate the occlusal forces that are coming its way.

WHITE TEETH. Why does everyone want it?

Our’s is a cosmetically inclined society and we also happen to be social beings. So we care more about the outer looks of our body rather than focus on the overall health of our body. Our teeth included. So we are only concerned about our image in society and are looking for ways to project that image to others within this society. This may include family, friends, colleagues, coworkers, business acquaintances etc etc. Almost all of us have gum disease and do not even care to know if it exists in our mouth or not. When was the last time you had visited a Dentist for your periodic dental examination? Most likely the answer the World over is never. Gum disease have also been scientifically proven to be a contributing factor to heart disease. It is the very same bacteria that is present in our mouth that passes through our blood stream, goes through our heart and keeps circulating to all parts of our body. So our mouth does in fact become the very focus of infection. This may spread throughout our body. If we do not take care of the health of the mouth, it will be a ripple effect and the ripples are sure to arise. So setting the health of our body aside, let’s shift our focus onto the looks.

Fear of the UNKNOWN.

Fearing fear in itself is always scary. Most of the time our imagination does give fear a boost in accomplishing it’s task, which is to magnify fear. Fear of failure is THE most common of all fears that a man or a woman faces in their day to day life. We are taught to fear everything from an early age. So we have been conditioned to fear, fear itself. without any logic attached to it. Is it to protect ourselves from doing anything that would put us in harms way? If there was fear in every thing we do, we would not be able to pursue and complete anything in our lives. So in life we do need to take calculated risks and chances in order to succeed. If we put ourselves within our bubble or comfort zone, we will for sure stay safe but our opportunities will be limited to that very perimeter. There are no guarantees in life. The only guarantee we have is that anyone can try. Most people who do try fail, with only a small fraction who will celebrate their success. Failure is inevitable in anything that we do, but it is within our grasp to replace it with success.

How can you benefit from your DENTIST?

There is also a very strong link that has been proven scientifically to show the connection between oral bacteria and heart disease. Our mouth is the dirtiest part of the body and some one has to take up that job in cleaning and maintaining it for you. Guess who it is? It’s your neighborhood Dentist. Physicians are not trained in aspects of Oral Health nor do they treat them in any way. So we are THE doctors of the mouth. When you go to an Emergency room with severe tooth pain, even today (in the 21st century) they give you pain pills and a prescription for antibiotics and tell you to follow up with your dentist. Because they do not have a Dentist on staff in Hospitals. Physicians are trained in treating the Whole body except your mouth, as though mouth was not part of the body. This has been puzzling to me for a very long time. But it is what it is. So dentists are supposedly the specialists of your mouth. Even today we see people walking around with no front teeth and with bad breath in their mouth. They do not seem to care. When asked they say it’s too expensive to go to the dentist. In reality, it’s too expensive NOT to go to the dentist. Because our overall health suffers silently until it puts us in an emergency room. Then the bills start piling up big time. Preventive Dentistry is not expensive at all. So do what you need to do to keep your teeth and to keep smiling.

The word “FREE”: Freely undervalued.

FREE is a mysterious word that has been allowed to be used so freely. It has been given a lot of freedom to be free to do whatever it chooses to do at will. Ads are targeted at individuals who would take the bait.With the advancement of technology we are constantly being monitored by cameras at every turn. So there is no escaping it. But someone may be using that same data using facial recognition software to zero in on the buying habits of frequent shoppers and that data may be sold to retailers. In turn you may be bombarded with ads that are sent to you based on your buying history and past buying habits derived from that data center. The World is getting smaller by the minute and is advancing towards the nano scale in a rapid pace. As the speed of transactions improve and the pace of manufacturing increases, to keep up with consumer demands, Free stuff is handed out. So as the competition between retailers heats up and increase exponentially, baits are seen all over the place. Consumers pick up the scent just like sharks do and zero in on this free stuff. Once the bait is taken, people develop a subconscious obligation to make a purchase. There is also a psychology to any sale and also in the placement of products in shelves at different levels within any retail space.

MASK and the face behind it.

Holding on to and proudly displaying your real face will bring true meaning to your life and in the lives of people closest to you. Without which, in the end you life may end up having lived with no meaning at all. It will also mean than you have not even lived your REAL Life. at all. If we are always displaying our fake face throughout our lives, when are we going to bring out your real face, the real you and display it with pride. Our Life time on this Earth is minuscule when compared to the Geological time line. We have only ONE chance in our lifetime to live out our life. We shouldn’t be living our life on someone Else’s terms. Would they live their life on our terms? I don’t think so. So back off. Let them live their life on their terms and we will live life on ours. I think this is fair to both parties.

OVER CONSUMPTION: It’s effect on us.

We are THE massive consumers of stuff. Mostly unwanted. Just look at plastics for instance. We see it everywhere right before our eyes, from our toys to our cars. It has even entered the kitchen space because we have allowed it to. Food and petroleum derivatives do not mix. Each and every container in our…

AIR RIGHTS: What are we breathing IN?

Our lungs is a very delicate organ which helps in taking in air and transporting it via the bloodstream to each and every cell in our body. We have been taking it for granted. In the past 100 years, we have seen a massive spike in the incidence of respiratory illness mostly pollution related. Today we work indoors in our offices 8-10 hours and sometimes even more. Then we commute using public transport or using our cars to ride back and forth between work and home. Once we arrive home we are still confined to closed spaces where the air quality is highly questionable. In fact we are living our entire lives indoors. To complicate matters we are massive consumers of perfumes, detergents, air fresheners, carpet cleaners, pesticides and other harsh chemicals that we indulge ourselves in for its use in various applications. Moreover our ventilation system is not foolproof either. In winter heating plays a major role in drying up the inside air. To rectify this we use humidifiers to help us to supposedly breathe easy. During summer, our air conditioning unit is working full force to help us keep cool. It’s actually working over time leading to condensation within the unit and possible mold formation within the duct lines and the vents. This may lead to respiratory illnesses. In trying to rectify this we use dehumidifiers to correct the issue at hand.