LISTENING to our Body.

But are we doing something to listen to our own body or are we going to continue to spend those Artificial hard earned dollars? In this dynamic and rapidly moving World, we have lost our own identity and our senses. Our body feels something and we shun it away to follow our Artificial lifestyle. By repeatedly ignoring what our body is trying to say we will eventually lose out. Something has to give and it is usually us. We have a pill for everything these days. These pills are supposed to give us our desired result. No Wonder someone is giving us just that- What we want. In return they are milking us of our money, giving us no guarantee of a cure and giving us a boat load of side effects and much more. The vast majority of drugs are meant NOT to cure us of our ailments but to mask our symptoms. In that way, we are in fact suppressing what our body is trying to tell us. If and when a foreign object goes into our system , our body tries to fight it by sending in an army of white blood cells, increasing mucous production and by bringing about sneezing, and coughing. This tends to pull out the offender out from the body. Once we feed our body with suppressing medications, our body stops doing what it is supposed to do and it becomes a slave to their new MASTER- the drug that we are putting in. Now the body becomes defenseless to these Chemicals that we are shoving in. Over time the body gets addicted to this drug and its responses start decreasing. We start losing our natural immunity.

ARE WE HUMAN at all?

The innate meaning of life itself has been kicked outside the door. When something goes out something else has to fill in. This is where all the negative emotions and anything evil comes in and fills in the void that is our own creation. When Money becomes the ultimate destination, each of us will put our heart and soul to accomplish it at all costs which includes, destroying long standing relationships, friendships broken as a result of a stupid misunderstanding and a long list of broken marriages. The reason- Money. It’s all about the money. We all know that too much of anything will kill us. Too much of anything is poison. This includes money. There is no limit to Man’s greed for money, power and material possessions. We want it all and there is no stopping us. We will bring to our own ruin. When there is no limit to how much we want, the matrices of true need becomes outnumbered and insignificant.

Learning to LET GO.

In real life, people go to cemeteries with flowers long after their loved ones are gone. Then they start talking to the tombstones. But while that same person who is under the tomb was alive, this person would have never even bothered to go, meet and talk to that person. When we analyze this, the act of bringing a flower and giving it remains the same in both scenarios but the difference being in one scenario the other party was alive but in the other, the other party is dead. So why do we do this giving flower to the dead and not speaking at all when they were alive. Is it ego, personal anger or a combination of many other negative emotions? The key to living is to let go of things. We get only one short at life. Either we live it without carrying any excess baggage or we live it like a porter who is stacked up with excess baggage a mile high on his shoulders. WE can only change ourselves, but we cannot change others. This includes members of the same family as well. Now start to look within your family and start analyzing what I am trying to convey. Each of us are born into a family that included our relatives. We did not get to chose who our mom and dad, neither did we get to choose our brothers and sisters. But we have chosen our spouses, but did not get to choose our children. They just happened to come into our lives. Our friends too have happened to board the same train we are in and happened to sit next to us.

Are we Preparing kids for THEIR FUTURE or to their downfall?

We see kids both in schools and colleges studying from dawn to dusk, filling in all the schedules with activities and are stressed to the max in competing for college admissions. As this demand increase so does the skyrocketing tuition to attend these institutions. I do not understand this. Colleges are big business and money is the name of the game. Most students come out with over $500,000 in debt when they come out. Then they work another 40 years of their prime time to pay it off. In the end they may die with nothing to show for.  This is our World and this is happening right under our noses. So what are we doing when someone spits at us? We look up and say it is raining? Is that it?When was the last time your business client questioned your qualification or inquired on which school you went to . Bottom line is no one cares about any of those things. We as a society has hyped this up, thereby complicating everything. In that process, each kid who is living today has lost their childhood and are pushed into the realm of mental illness territory. Depression, anxiety and suicides are on the rise among kids of all ages. Are we bringing up stressed up kids? Are we pushing them to push their grades up so they can look good on a  resume or to the colleges? In that process are we abusing them in all possible ways unknowingly? What is going on here? No one seems to question anything and everyone including the parents seem to dance to the tunes of the Pied piper. We all seem to be following the herd with no destination in mind. We tend to compare and we compare ourselves with each other, even though our individual paths are very different.

99 % of worries NEVER Materialize.

WE are One Planet so why have multiple currencies in the first place. Why complicate life more than we have to? Worry and stress has become common place. A person who has $100 Million wants to have $200 Million or more. This is when greed sets in taking over our minds. Man is never happy with what they already have. He wants more and more of everything. This will have no end to it. In the end he may have not lived life at all by not living it in his pursuit and the love for Artificial money. So all he had lived for is for money and nothing else. His love for money has superseded everything else. In that process relationships etc ad taken a back seat. In the end he dies alone with no family or friends, and with tons of money and material wealth around him for everyone to dip in. He also dies penniless and with full of worries of having not lived life at all. So what’s the point? Each of us goes through ups and downs in life.Each of which has a starting point and an ending point. When happiness or worry starts at some point they will end. But as a World of Worriers we have conditioned our rain to constantly worry. Now even after the cause of worry has passed, we still keep worrying for nothing at a subconscious level. Now it becomes a serious problem. Just think about it. Just 1 % of that 100 % of worries that you have will materialize, the rest 99 % becomes excess baggage. You have been carrying that excess baggage on you for a long time leading to stress, anxiety , depression and a whole lot of Health problems that you can and cannot see which includes obesity, heart disease, Cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Insignificance of a TITLE or Designation.

Having a fancy title such as President, VP, Managing director, Head of, Chief of etc uplifts a person psychologically in unimaginable ways. This does help hold a team together. it also shows the display of power within any organization. But title is just that, a title placed on someone for stating their particular position in a system of hierarchy that exists all around the World in most companies. This ensures and coveys certain hidden messages by way of designated positions that may carry weight of a person in a specific organization. In short and in other words we are being branded a title for identification purposes and for the purpose of conducting business with the outside World and for work that gets done within an organization. It also facilitates the ease of Inter- departmental and Intra-office communication. Many love to have their title mentioned dafter their names when they get introduced to other people in office and off site. In the end it becomes a matter of pride and prestige for that person. They may carry this pride and the ego that comes with it to retirement and beyond.

Importance of SOCIAL TIME.

Social time is essential to our health without which we may not last another day living in our own isolated homes with an isolation capsules wrapped around each and everyone of us. Today we see that each of us are living on our own Islands trying to make it by working and paying our bills. This seems to be the priority for all of us. In that process we are overworked, underpaid, over extended, deep in debt, chained to work with no time for meeting anyone. The weekends are reserved for house hold chores, and looking over the bills. This rises our blood pressure and our stress levels even further. Laughter is the best medicine. So it is best to laugh at ourselves for nothing. With a serious crowd around us, we could share that laughter until our tummy hurts and our eyes tear. This is what we need at the end of each day. During the end of our lives, its not the amount of time we have worked that may matter to us most, but the quality of life that we have lived, surrounded by family and friends. Our large bank account may become meaningless at this point. Having worked all our life chasing money and having not lived life at all puts us at a major disadvantage for NOT having advantage of Natures intended purpose of us. Having lived by nut living at all may carry no meaning for having born in the first place. So what is the purpose of our lives and why are we here? Each of us have our own answer to this. Only we can find this answer deep within ourselves.

Learning something NEW Each Day.

We can also learn from each other. To do this we will need to FIRST learn to share knowledge. Most people go through life learning from others, but are unwilling to share  what they have learned. Most of them take their knowledge to their grave, thus benefiting no one, but themselves. But when they are gone, it becomes extinct. When we openly and willingly share knowledge between each other, both parties learn form each others Life experiences and the knowledge they have learned form books and journals over the years. None of us can know everything and none of us will experience everything. The only way to learn everything or as much as possible is to interact and share freely. Without this knowledge will be a one way street that is left to die on the streets when the battery runs out. No one book in this World can satisfy our curiosity or our inner thirst for knowledge. Sharing and giving is also a good feeling that gives us the chills and that unique satisfaction of giving. Gifting and giving does not have to involve money at all. It can be knowledge to. When we gift someone a book that is highly informative, this will be a gift that can be opened over and over again and shared between many people. Everyone will benefit. So it would be a great idea to start gifting books and knowledge than to gift toys or stuff that gives the recipient happiness only for that day and then from that day forward will be collecting dust or will end up in  landfill somewhere. With online presence, real books filled with pages are dying out. it’s not the same feel when we read and try to digest something that that show up on our screens.

What are”WE AS HUMANS”Capable of ?

War is Big business and brings in Big money. Hence each Nation has an Annual defense fund that runs into Billions of Dollars per year. Just imagine, if we use our mind correctly, we can use Just this money to support all Humans Worldwide. But we will not. We would rather waste it on Weapons for the sole purpose of killing each other. No wonder there is no Annual peace fund, because there is No money coming in, in sustaining peace. So the word Peace as it stands has no meaning to it. It’s all pep talk that has been happening between countries for many decades. All talk and no action is completely worthless. Next we will touch upon Human Exploitation, slavery, child abuse, domestic abuse, child labor, brothels, elder abuse, money laundering, arms dealing, drugs, and what not. It is very sad and very demeaning to see that someone who is Human can do something to another Human being that is so horrific. Crime has become a part and parcel of our lives. Crime is no stranger to Humans. Our entire history is completely riddled with Love and hate crimes. We have in the past divided and ruled others for the benefit our our own self, enslaving and destroying many lives in the process. When we put all the above activities that we do, it all comes down to MONEY. So why not take money out of the equation and live our lives as nature intended for us? Money is artificial. So what did we do before the creation of the financial system? To know this we need to look to our ancestors on what they did. We may learn a thing or two from them to better ourselves.

Walking ON THIN AIR or Water.

Our shoes are filled with air to pump it up to give us a snug fit. On the other hand they are designed to have air suspensions. None of them have been designed to hover inches above the surface of land YET. What is holding up this innovation? To put forth this idea, all we need is a compact battery pack, a compact energy efficient motor to provide thrust and one with a propulsion system. This might help us move slowly but surely with no effort on our part at all. This may serve to satisfy the applications in many scenarios that may play out in our lives such as rapid rescue on land, on water, helping the elderly, the sick and in search and rescue missions. With no friction under our feet we may save valuable time when we need it the most. Today carbon fiber is used in many applications such as in the body of race cars, Plane bodies, bikes and tennis rackets. This makes them much lighter, stronger, rigid, stable and fast. This saves on the cost in designing propulsion systems and in the body itself, which in turn gives us the best results in the field. The Invention of the wheel has helped us move Fast. But there is a negative aspect to it. We have been burning fossil fuels to move people and things to far away lands. This pollutes our environment in unseen ways. Moreover, the friction causes us to lose more money in purchasing fuel. Since fossil fuels are artificially marked and set its price to be to be so low that it is much cheaper than a Gallon of milk. So we are using it so freely and indiscriminately just like water and with no regard for our health or for the health of the environment.