State of MIND or State of MONEY

The key here is educating ourselves and educating others of what we know by pure sharing of knowledge. It does not cost us a thing. Sharing knowledge is also sheer happiness. We are wired and designed to give and not to take. It brings in the happiness of sharing something which we know with others. Also knowing that it has benefited someone somewhere is priceless. Many have taken whatever knowledge they have accumulated over their entire lifetime to their graves without ever sharing it with anyone. So it has become a dead end in this instance. But had that person shared that knowledge with many people, each of them could have made a massive difference in the lives of many. So sharing does go a long way to the recipient than the giver. To the giver he or she has just handed over the baton to the next person. Remember we are just RENTERS of this beautiful planet. Once we are gone, we are gone for ever back to Earth. By doing so, We have just got ourselves recycled. We come in naked and leave the same way out with nothing in hand. Our life on this Planet lasts only milliseconds in Geological time line but for us it is in fact our entire lifetime. No wonder it is called LIFE TIME. We would understand it much better by dissecting our individual lives and our time on this beautiful blue marble floating freely in the dark black infinite space.


Decluttering our lives will do us good and make us feel much better than any material possession. It also simplifies our lives. Minimalism and veganism are two faces of the same puzzle. Both go hand in hand. Back then we were required to hunt and kill animals for food to ensure the survival of us and our families. Today there is no need to do so because we do get all the same nutrients from fresh vegetable and fruits that we are supposedly getting from eating meat. Marketing is big mind changer and advertising has done an excellent  job in marketing meat and dairy products thereby bringing in animal cruelty and death to many animals through slaughter. It’s also what we are being told that makes up our own mindset. But we are intelligent individuals capable of making intelligent choices which are good for us and not following upon being conditioned by someone somewhere who is calling the shots. It is our live and we need to have control over it. If we give up control over ourselves someone will gladly take over the spot and control us and our lives. We need to start looking outside the box in all facets of our lives.

FINANCIAL Illiteracy. Our downfall.

Looking at the recent past many people got burnt and ended up in bankruptcy for no other fault of theirs other than being ignorant. In the feeding frenzy that preceded this, anyone and everyone had jumped on the bandwagon to grab the money that was in fact up for grabs. When the dust settled, the major players had taken off with the loot smiling all the way to the bank. Meanwhile the ones who remained went under one by one and started sinking until it had reached epidemic proportions disrupting the entire financial system leading to its collapse. The people who had made it big may have really made it big to last several generations and the poor who believed in creating their dream had their dreams shattered even before it got a chance to rise. This is the power of being financially illiterate and guess who pays the ultimate price of financial ruin. This title is also been given to a financially illiterate individual.

It’s a REMOTE WORLD out there.

We also have a remote control for everything that we do these days. We do not even have to get out of the car to open the gates or the garage door to enter our home. The remote does it for us. Same goes with our smartphones. These days we can open or close our doors, switch on or off a fan, an air conditioner control the temperature of our homes, the sprinkler system,  all can be controlled right from our smart phone which is remotely controlling all aspects of our home and business life. We can even answer the door of our house from halfway across the World from another continent and even see who is at the door and talk to them. Security system can also be interfaced with many other features including motion sensors, facial recognition, heat signature and what not.

Our BITE FORCE Compared.

Without our teeth and their supporting structure we will be unable to move through life without effective and efficient masticatory power. Imagine that a lion gets injured in the serengeti.  A lion can only survive if it stays and remains healthy. Now if this lion gets injured in a fight and has a fractured jaw, it will become incapacitated and be unable to hunt and eat for itself. Other animals do  have the capacity to sense when an animal becomes weak or sick. Now even the king of the jungle becomes prey. Hence jaw and muscle power do play out very much in our survival as it does in the lives of all animals that we see around us.

Being ON TIME. Is it difficult ?

Being on time may be a habit that gets addictive as time passes. But we need to give it a chance. No one likes a person who comes late or worse someone who never shows up for a pre-planned appointment. Time is important for everyone. Not showing up for a meeting or coming in late is a sign of disrespect for the person. Being on time tells us that the person is punctual, committed, trustworthy and reliable. On the other hand someone who is late may be branded to be unreliable and one who cannot be trusted. Being on time shows the respect for oneself and to the other person whom we are meeting. The respect is mutual. If we both have fixed a date and a time to meet at a particular venue and I do not show up. How would that make you feel? I am sure you would be angry and decide not to do business with me. Likewise, it is applicable both ways.

ROLLING UP our sleeves.

Why does one half of the population starve and stay poor while the other half looks on by looking the other way. Billions of dollars are being donated Worldwide to many Charities and Nonprofits. Where is this money going and why don’t we see any change in the situation of poverty and exploitation that has stayed standstill for many many generations? The sad part is that we are seeing that exact situation play out even today.  If we are seeing no change and if money is the motive, are we running charity as a business? If the rich is getting richer and the poor seems to be getting poorer, is there any need to donate money in the first place. Since it is doing no good anyway. It is analogous to spinning the wheels on our car full speed and we are staying in the exact same place where we had started back then. This seems to be the state of the World today.

One Hand WASHES the other.

Our two hands actually are designed to watch out for each other and so are its fingers. They work in unison if needed but are well coordinated to perform what we need it to do. Without the thumb be cannot grasp things nor can we support our selves without the big toe on our feet. So in short we are intertwined and interconnected in every possible way. We need two hands to wash our hands and to keep our bodies clean. It also pays to take care of them so they can take care of us when we need them. They do feed us, clothe us and they help us make a living doing what we love to do. We can learn a lot from our hands. When one hand gets sick the other one takes care of it and it also takes over all the tasks. This is a simple but an amazing work of nature.

Are we clean? What about WITHIN US ?

In a society where outer looks are respected and appreciated much more than the character of a person, right from the get go something is drastically wrong here. A small wound need to be treated with a little medication and possibly a tiny bandage around it. But what we are doing instead is to cover it with makeup and other means to mask it. We are actually not treating the wound but we are just masking the symptoms or the looks of it by applying make up over it so we would look better in the eyes of others. Since the make up has no healing powers, it would be much smarter to switch to some real medication to expedite healing.

Less Luggage MORE COMFORT.

All of us seem to be carrying too much luggage on our backs from dawn till dusk each and everyday with no intention of ever taking it off. You might think what luggage would that might be. We will be in fact carrying this luggage throughout our adult lives. Most people even take it to their own graves. Everyone seems to be carrying them even though they see that they get no benefit from it. It is virtual, it cannot be seen or touched, but can only be felt by self. Few examples of what is in this baggage of ours are as follows: Jealousy, hatred, greed, envy, etc. If carried for too long it burns a hold in our pockets and it does eat us from within. From inside out. We cannot share it because it is spiteful and no one wants it. We do not want it but we tend to keep it because the longer we keep it within us, we get used to it and start accepting it as part of us. When we are told to shun and part with it, we are highly reluctant because we are afraid to lose it for the fears that lurk inside us are fearful of coming to the surface. Without which we fear that we might lose our inner security as well.