Take your time, but PLEASE HURRY.

As a species we are mostly harmless, but at times we are our worst enemy to each other. This is not nature. This is in fact a conditioned or acquired trait that we learn from society. Hate is one such trait that is bestowed upon us by family or society or even a combination of both. None of us are born into this World to Hate anyone. Our birth in itself is brought about through love. Without love we wouldn’t even be here. We are the only species on this Planet that drink the milk of another species. Did you know that? Does this say something about us in regard to the exploitation of not just our species but others as well. In Human terms we would call it “Exploitation across species”. We have indeed crossed this line without getting any sort of permission to do so from the species who are getting exploitation. Isn’t this slavery? We are domesticating animals against their will, and killing them at will. Humans seem to have the final word on this Planet. We make our own laws. We also break them as needed when it need to suit our purpose. Law s are designed for the masses by the people who have money and power. This enables them to control everything they wish to take control of . In this process this elite few enrich themselves. It is Who who holds the power, money and control, controls everyone else. The rest of us are all puppets in this drama of life, meaning the 99%. We are being controlled by the invisible strings of the Man made law.


It’s really amazing to see how both the polar ice caps serve as a refrigerator for the entire World, thereby maintaining our temperature. Without the polar ice caps we would be toast. We may not even be able to exist. Having a refrigerator is not enough. It should be able to circulate the air around each and every corner of the Globe. This is where the ocean and air currents come into the picture. This also helps us in transporting pollution or plastic waste from one continent to the other across vast distances and across Oceans. it also transports huge volumes of sand across oceans such as the one we see from Sahara to South America and the Amazon rain forests. This is truly spectacular on what Earth can do, from creation to destruction. Remember that it is just one tiny pebble floating in the vast darkness of space.

What are HOLIDAYS really FOR?

Memories are all that remains of us in our own personal lives, once all our friends are dead and gone. This tells a lot about us. It tells us that we have beaten all odds of survival to make it to this ripe old age. I should say, this young age. Because this is the new Young. As we all live longer and longer trying to hit the century mark, all of us need true and time tested support from family and friends. This is what it is all about, Support in both good and not so good times. During holidays, we tend to get absorbed in purchasing material gifts, that we forget to give the real gift of love. Gifts are not supposed to be wrapped in fancy paper sheets with bow and ties, but to be given as love that is filled with honesty,  wrapped in truth and that which is genuine. 

POTHOLES that have come into our lives.

In countries where corruption is rampant, potholes seem to take the upper hand. As a result of it the rider who rides their automobile to and from work is putting their life on the line commuting. Since there are no laws that are being enforced, any death, dismemberment or fatalities that arise as a result of this pothole is usually tossed aside. This results in the common Man suffering by going through this ordeal all by self. Also he or she has no means to see through the proceedings in court legally. This person is usually poor, a hard worker, dedicated to his work and to his family and is living paycheck to paycheck to put food on the table. The poor have always been paying the ultimate price of personal loss from the beginning of Mankind. The rich have always been exploiting the poor. The context in this case is that the rich Man or Woman has the power, money and control in him or her to bring about change to the community. But when big money is at stake strange things happen and nothing gets done on time due to inefficiencies in the legal system, and in the social structure of society where there is a major interplay of money, power, control and politics. Guess who the major player are? You guessed right. They are usually the rich and powerful. The common Man do not stand a chance in fighting them. To top it off, the cherry on the top of the pudding has corruption built into it.

SUCCESS works in the Dark, FAILURE Slaps us in Public. Why?

So what’s the purpose of having wealth or money at the age of 95 when we cannot even enjoy it. Life is supposed to be a balance of everything. It’s like a side dish. It is meant to be touched and tasted but not to meant to be made a meal out of. By working thought out our lives trying to make something out of money and paying our bills, what have we accomplished, other than, work, earn , spend and pay bills. By doing so and repeating the same day after day, month after month and year after year all we will have to show for in the end are the wrinkle on our faces, a hand filled with tremor, a faded vision, wasted muscles and diminished overall health. Now it will be time to use the same money that we may have possibly saved to probably bring our body back to health. This is with no guarantees what so ever.

How important is your PILLOW and MATTRESS?

Both the bed and the pillow are vital to our sleeping posture. Improper head rest can lead to aches and pains in the neck muscles. A bed which is not properly supporting our body at various points or following our curves may lead to internal stress on both our skeletal and muscular components including the spinal cord and cervical vertebrae. Since ancient times beds have been made with weeds, cotton, jute. They were literally home made and it served the purpose to them. Many even slept on hard ground with their arm as a pillow. Today all of us have the luxury to sleep on any bed with different degrees of hardness: from soft, extra soft, firm, extra firm, contoured, foam with a memory and many many more. No bed is perfect for all. We need to choose what is right and comfortable for us. No salesman can give us that perfect bed that we are looking for. We need to try it and test it ourselves at home. A bed is not a product that we should be purchasing with our eyes closed. We are not purchasing it for the looks nor to impress anybody with the decorations it has. It serves a useful purpose. Advertisements have done a very good job in up selling any bed. Since we will not need to buy a bed each and every year, it is wise to do our own research, try it our in our own homes by sleeping on them under different conditions. Only then make a purchase.

Why do we need BLACKOUTS?

We have not been exposed to darkness or blackouts since the invention of the light bulb. Darkness is basically and fundamentally the absence of light. Today we have light 24/7 round the clock and is non stop. Most countries have something called blackouts at certain times of the day and night in order to conserve power, Especially during peak times. Of course this is the time when we all need it, but it is all this time when the demands is more. To reduce strain on the grid this blackout is essential in order to sustain the entire system and keep it running, at least it seems like it. It may be considered a necessary evil. Most of our power comes from coal fired power plants which wrecks havoc on the environment. We all seem to not care about it nor do we ever think about where our power comes from. As long as the light comes on when we flip the switch is all that we care about. Nuclear power brings with it tons of nuclear waste. It also comes with serious hazards. Solar, hydro and wind power seems to have trouble gaining market share for various reasons. You know what they are.


Every country has a plan to budget. They have a budget for everything under the Sun, including War, Health, Childcare, Family Planning, Estate, taxes, Holidays etc etc. But No country seem to have a measure to measure the happiness of its citizens. The country may be rich , but what about its citizens? What if the state is rich but the people are poor and living in misery? What if the rich do not pay any taxes and the middle class pays taxes for all to fill in this void? In this case the rich gets to enjoy the freedom to have more money, meanwhile the middle class has to work just to pay the taxes to cover all. So you already have the answer to: Who is Happy here and who is not? Income inequality is an all time high in all countries. Men are STILL being paid more than women for the same job and title. Why? This is 21st century and not 6th century.

Are we drinking WATER at all?

How do we know bottled water is safe? Water from some source is bottled up in PLASTIC bottles in some warehouse for months, subject to variations of hot and cold based on different climatic conditions. Plastic is a mixture of many toxic chemicals including the most talked about BPA. BPA is just one of the many chemicals in plastic. Most plastics are derived from petroleum and a few which we have never heard about which are plant based. Since this is more expensive to manufacture and produce, we have learned to use petroleum WASTE to make water bottles and soft drink bottles. THE CONTENTS OF THESE BOTTLES ARE VERY DANGEROUS SO ARE ITS CONTAINERS. Each of us should do our own research on these and come up with our own individual conclusions. Then we need to act on those on to whether to use these or to avoid them entirely. Most of us prefer glass bottles to plastics. Most of us prefer REAL water to fake water ( bottled water and drinks). So why not drink the real water from our taps, if they are healthy, safe and fit to drink? We are drinking natural water to survive and not to make a fashion statement. Does holding a plastic water make a fashion statement? If so it is doing its job. Our job as Humans is to drink natural water and to shun artificial ones, disguised as 100 % natural, Organic, pure and healthy. This is fox in a sheep’s clothing. This is modern advertising at work.

BUYING WHOLESALE may be detrimental.

Buying wholesale is perceived as “getting big savings” and considered “getting back good value for the money”. On the contrary it is just the opposite considering food wastage, expiration dates and unused or underused items that occupy shelf space in our homes. Imagine purchasing a 10 lbs of tomatoes which are sold at very cheap prices. Say it is $10 instead of purchasing at retail for $20.  So here we have saved $10 in virtual dollars. Now we take those tomatoes home and store it. Sometimes we get lazy, tomatoes do rot, many get unused and in many cases end up in the trash. This ends up in our landfills to rot. In the end this perceived $10 savings is in fact a $10 loss , the money which we have paid for. With this perceived notion of both value and savings, we have got ourselves into impulse buying, buying more, stocking more and wasting more.