STANDING UP for who we are.

In life we have the unique opportunity to face both the good and the bad. In essence there is no in between. Either we are on the good side or on the bad. It is up to us to make up our mind to go the harder but safer route or take the much easier and the dangerous route. There are many businesses which fall in the grayscale within this shaded area where things are done on the bad side under the cover of the good. This gives them the best of both Worlds. It may be short lived or It may rake in big bucks but imagine the plight and the life of the individual who toils in there day in and day out under these illegal and immoral circumstances. Miserable may the right word to be used in this context. Money is not everything in life. But it is something. We all need it to take us from Point A at birth to Point B our grave. How we lived our life is all that matters. Rest of it is made up or Artificial. We did it to ourselves and designed it ourselves for ourselves.

Does our MINDSET change with age?

Now we can see that our mind goes through various changes at each level of our development. With each passing year new challenges may pop up and may need to be met to help us sustain our current growth with the promise for future growth. Just like anything in life there are no guarantees. There are many books written on the topic of life and self improvement but there is no book written which covers the step by step approach to life in finite detail. We do not have such an instruction manual for life because it is not available anywhere. The reason there can be no such book because it is nearly impossible to cover all scenarios in life that we can fit into one such book. Also everyone’s situation varies from time to time and from place to place. In this case each of us must have our own books to write on and to plan for our future. Our future is in our hands and not in others. It is our life and it is our future. I don’t think anyone would be interested in helping us write our future. Would we like it? Of course not.

INVEST in Experiences, NOT on Stuff.

On the other hand there are somethings in life which may cost us nothing but are very rich in giving us experiences. Experiences stay with us for life but stuff stays with us only for a short duration. Experiences are usually packed with good memories. Spending time together as a family, going on a trip, travelling cross country or travelling to the other side of the World etc. gives us something which money cannot buy. It gives us rich experiences. We get to taste different foods, enjoy the sights & sounds, meet new people, experience different cultures, learn new languages, appreciate diversity, respect our differences and learn from our indifference. It also help us take tons of photographs to freeze that moment for life. 100 years from now when we look at those pictures, it will be a true sight to behold and admire by refreshing our old memories. Travelling not only gives us new experiences, but also packs us with a respect for others, and to be open minded. This helps in being open to learning new things and to look at things from a different perspective as well.

LISTENING with mouth closed.

To understand the art of listening, we need to understand our brain. It is in fact a very complex organ and I feel very humbled by its complexity. It is much more powerful than the most advanced computer on Earth. It’s functions cannot be replicated nor understood fully. Surgical intervention is done with much ease in any other part of the body but the brain. This reveals it true nature of its advanced innervation and the complexity in its functionality. Our brain takes up more oxygen than our entire body combined. It does not sleep either. When we give our cells its much needed rest, the brain is what is keeping us alive by maintaining our vitals. It keeps our heart beating and our lungs breathing for us. This is a continuous process which lasts from birth to death and is non stop. Machines and computers do fail and need servicing. But our brain works tirelessly for us without even complaining. When was the last time our brain broke down?  Guess what would happen to us in that event. Spare parts aren’t available either.

STEPPING UP to the plate.

Anything we do in life is based on the decisions which we make. It may be for the better or for the worse. Either way we are making decisions with each passing minute. Decisions take time, calculation, strategy and its application to that scenario. The outcome that comes out of it is based on the decisions which we had made previously. Most of us have stage fright. Why is it so hard to face so many people? They are of course of our own species? What is bringing on those fears?  How do we tackle them? While growing up most of us were never in a position to speak to a group and never had a chance to do so. So we have had no experience in it. Now once we are in the REAL World all of a sudden we are compelled to face the crowd. With no prior experience, the fight or flight response takes over. With our heart beating faster, sweat pouring onto our forehead, our fingers trembling, our mind confused and our voice becoming feeble, we take on that first courageous step towards the microphone. The first 5 minutes is the hardest. Once we get over that hump, all our emotions get curtailed which gives us more room to compose our thoughts and make our presentation. At last we have done it. Moving forward would be a breeze when making future presentations.

STARVATION amidst plenty.

Growing and harvesting the crop is not the problem here. The problem is to have it distributed to the right place at the right time. With the current technology and the logistics involved in transporting a product from point A to point B it is amazingly simple. We throw so much money into Non profit entities. But we are failing to provide a meal to a dying infant or a malnourished child. Like the saying goes; Instead of giving a man a fish daily for free, teach him how to fish so he can provide for himself and his family. But based on the current model we are just giving the man a fish for free on a daily basis so he gets hooked on it and is stuck to it for life. In that process only he gets to eat that fish, while his family starves. He has taken the bait. If we turn our focus on the entire picture, by teaching them, they can sustain themselves and teach others as well.

EVERYDAY is a Good Day.

Everyday is a good day if things go our way. This can be accomplished only by doing things which we can control. We have no control over the actions of others or their feelings. As long as we do our job well and enjoy a honest days work, we would have lived a well lived life and could consider our life well lived as well. Time management, communication skills, team work, marketing timeline, meeting a deadline are few of the qualities that may come into play in making our lives easier. All we need to do is to follow them with sincerity and dedication. We are controlled by our mind and Our mindset may be that single entity which can make us or break us. It all depends on how we start our mornings. Early to rise have a fantastic health benefit to it. It uplifts our overall well being and energizes our mind. We tend to have a much sharper focus early in the morning than a late riser. People who are early birds do get up early and make sure to get the worm. An early morning shower will do the trick in firing us up to tackle the day.

Miracle of WATER DROPS.

After we were conceived in our mother’s womb, we were literally entombed in the amniotic fluid within the placenta of our mother. When we analyse this, we see that Our life had in fact started underwater and only upon birth did we ever take the first breath of fresh air in order to fill in our tiny lungs. No wonder the theory of evolution matches with our actual origins from the womb to Land. On an evolutionary standpoint we had been evolved from single celled organisms to the multi cellular organisms we are made up of now. It has sure been a very long and bumpy ride for the past million years. The good news is that we have made it for now. What the future holds for us moving forward is based on how we treat Earth and its Eco-systems which includes water right from the early morning mist to the fog. Many tiny insects that call desert their home have adapted themselves to harvesting this moisture right out of thin air.


Human brain takes up so much energy to function and it consumes most of the oxygen which we take in. It is also an early riser. It functions best in the morning and starts dwindling its functions as the day starts winding down. When we sleep it sleeps too partially to maintain our vital functions. A sunny day brightens up our brain and us when compared to a dark and gloomy day. So an early riser has many advantages over a person who works night shift and sleeps during the day. The sleep rhythm and the sleep cycle is interrupted here. Less sleep means more disruption of hormones and bodily functions. Since we are keeping ourselves awake throughout the night, health too starts getting affected. Many disease have surfaced due to loss of the sleep cycle. Today the business of sleep have given us a pill to fall asleep, a pill to stay awake and other off market products that may enable us to do anything on the twilight zone. So the invention of electricity has been a boon in disguise. It had done many things good for us but on the downside many have paid the price of having sleepless nights. Before the invention of  electricity and the light bulb, there was no night life nor elaborate parties blasting through the night. 

The DARK SIDE of social media.

Social media has connected all of us in some form or other at least virtually. On the contrary it has completely broken us apart as a society. We have acquired many virtual friends with no real friends to talk to. Trust is at the lowest it has been since before the social media fiasco. Most of us live in large metropolitan cities with crowded dwellings situated next to each other like boxes, but we do not even know who our neighbor is or how he or she looks like. We are able to reach anyone around the World with a touch of a few buttons but everyone seems to act busy or is genuinely doing something worthwhile. We may never know. We have unprioritized our lives by giving importance to the unwanted and throwing away the wanted as if it were a rag doll. Life has been split between the have and have not’s. It has come down to the topic of money, status, prestige, ego and the likes of it. Materialism and Money has overtaken the basics of Human respect, manners, family values, punctuality, sincerity, dedication and work ethic, all of which have taken a back seat. Today the rate of divorce is very high, health problems have spiked, depression rates have skyrocketed, relationships have been broken, financial problems have reached for the skies, financial literacy rate is way down and employment too sketchy.