Benefits of a SMILE.

The simple act of smiling can bring joy to others and onto ours. It helps take the cloud off of our heads and bring in the sunshine. 

LEGACY of our footprint.

Legacy can come in the form of namesake, wealth, knowledge, possessions, expensive toys such as Fast cars, Second homes, Mansions, Huge Bank accounts, expensive watches,  exotic vacations, Helicopters and Private jets. But what supersedes it all, is our True character. Without character that is acceptable and honest, we are nothing. It will give us no purpose to live, because it will have no purpose at all. Our true character defines us for who we are and for not what we have in terms of Wealth. We will be respected for it. We do not have to ask for it, but it will come our way without saying a word. Respect need not be demanded but will need to surface on its own accord. True character stays true to ourselves no matter what. It cannot be taken away by anyone like material Wealth. It is a part of us from birth to death. In fact it is us. We can change our character for no one, not even for ourselves. It is engraved in us. We can try to fake it but it always reverts back to its original factory made default settings. In short it is indelible and stays with forever.

After Holidays! What comes next?

We live in a society that craves materialism and instant gratification. Holidays have become money makers for retailers and is hugely marketed and commercialized. It’s all about the money. Where did the idea of gifting “JUNK STUFF” pop up from? Back in the old times people were gifting food, fruits and staples throughout their lives and not just once a year like we do. Today manufacturing of goods have taken up a completely new level. We are producing STUFF in bulk, and manufacturing much faster than anytime in our History. This has in fact sped up pollution, related diseases and mass environmental degradation. The more we manufacture goods that require vast amounts of energy, raw materials, Billions of gallons of water, dyes and chemicals,etc, the more we WILL pollute. So at the end of the day Each and everyone is responsible to cause this pollution either directly or in directly.

Why aren’t we BREATHING?

Today we see that our Artificial lives have been filled with self induced stress that are bought out on our own. The stress of life itself will kill us these days. Greed, Jealousy, hatred, Ego, anger and other negative emotions have taken over our lives to its detriment. In doing so we are forgetting to breathe in air. We have thrown out old school morals that have been put in place by our ancestors, we have outlawed their teachings as obsolete by branding them as primitive and have embraced modern technology by learning to accept them as part of our lives. In light of this we have lost natural medicines to logging, lost valuable information from the past and have lost respect for ourselves and for our ancestors. For it it who had laid the foundation for our present day existence. Without them we would not even have been born or survived to this day. Their sacrifices must mean something to us. But it seems like it doesn’t.

CONNECTING with nature.

So where have we gone wrong and what are we doing to our own Home? Our beautiful Planet that is unlike any other which is filled with life, filled with color and filled with vibrant beauty. Maybe it may have a much shorter life than the creator intended. With it our life follow, meaning each and every one of us. We are all to blame for the unimaginable size of the pollution that we have created for ourselves through our excess consumption, our disposable habits and our carelessness in throwing wastes right in our own backyard. There is no way we can clean it up. Since it is a next to impossible task we will never pursue it. To clean up wastes new Businesses have popped in raking in money as well. First we bring in the industrial age to satisfy consumers with goods they don’t need, then they do a great job in disposing off everything into our landfills, polluting our air, water and land.So why manufacture in the first place. Why don’t we manufacture through custom ordering and let go mass production? This will reduce excess production, excess inventory and excess waste. WE will then start using only what is needed. Today we have TV sizes from 1 inch LED to 150 inch LED. All we need is to get the information that is necessary. The size of the TV does not matter, but it seems like for some size matters.

The Power of TRUTH.

Truth remains the truth no matter what. Truth always triumphs. It is also pure. It cannot be manipulated nor corrupted. It is what it is. It is also in plain sight for all to see. There are times in our own lives that we will be tested for our honesty and integrity. It is with…

Are we HUNGRY enough?

When I was little, My grandmother used to say ” A tiger will eat grass too if it has to, because hunger will drive it to do anything”. Similarly the hunger that is present in each and everyone of us is enabling us to feed ourselves no matter what. This helps us with our own sustainability in life. This does not mean that we should commit crimes to satisfy ourselves with material wealth or money. This just means that we need to put in the best of our efforts to achieve all our goals in life. In the end once we achieve it, we can perceive the value in it for which we have worked so hard all our lives. On the other hand if things or opportunities were handed to us on a platter through money and connections, we will have no respect for it nor for ourselves. We would definitely undervalue it and would have no satisfaction of having overcome that hurdle.

Power of HUGS.

What does a Hug do and why is it more powerful than a simple handshake? A handshake has just been accepted to be a formality or a symbol of Professionalism in the Business World. So this type of relationship stays in the business arena. Hugs on the other hand displays the level of intimate connectivity between two parties which are like I said, bound by trust, togetherness and openness. What does hugs bring out in us. Since it has an emotional component, it has power in it which can ONLY be felt, but not seen. This is what makes it super powerful in terms of relationships and its emotional connection. Only close friends and inseparable couples are able to decipher the code of this intimacy. For the rest it may be just an act of connection or may fell just like a handshake.

RELIGION: A Blessing or a curse.

Religion is a very delicate topic to pick for discussion purposes. But as a view point each of us have our own opinion towards it. We all agree that there is a Supreme creator of this creator, of the cosmos and of us. That is ONE imaginary creator whom none of us have seen. But it is with this belief that all religions have sprung. Religious writings were written over generations with the little knowledge that they have had on that subject. A collection of ideas have become a book Now this book could be used for mass propagation of this ideology. Who has written this Book? MAN. Was the intellect of the Man or Woman who wrote this book the same as a Man or Woman today? Of course not. Thought processes do change as civilizations come and go, people do change as their experiences in life changes and as technology and Science advances old thoughts do die hard, if not for its propagation through religious fanatics who are steadfast on their personal beliefs. So does their ideas, perceptions, imaginations, fantasies and stories. How do we make a child understand something easily? it is through stories and pictures. This is how things ave propagated around the same ideology without changing the essence of it. IN reality the story sticks to our minds when we are fed the same story over and over again. Now we tend to start believing it ourselves.

Born INTO an existing system.

The World today is all about money, power and connections. Why are we obligated to pay for all sorts of taxes, and tolls? Who we know is much more important than our own identity. With the right connections, and having the right information at the right time, one can get things accomplished just with a phone call or a simple email. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes than that meets the eye. Walls do have ears so no one does ever talk their talk nor walk their walk. Every step is well calculated and taken with great care. In a democratic society, everyone has the right to vote. Once voting is done what happens? This is the end of the line for the citizen. This person has no say in what happens to his or her country’s budget, spending, it’s debts and the salary of Government officials. He or she should have a say in it because if a country is in debt, this person should have a say in how his government runs. So In reality this persons only function as a citizen is to Vote and then needs to back off. So what’s the point.