Different or Indifferent?

OUR DIFFERENCES AND INDIFFERENCE: Which is better? or both? If so who says so? Who has the final say? Man makes the rules and breaks them based on his or her convenience. But our differences and indifference are inherently natural and cannot be changed. This is what makes each of us so special. Variety is the spice of life.

Imagine a World where everyone looked exactly the same, wore the same type of dress, ate similar meal, spoke a single language, same music with no variety and the aroma of food everywhere was the same. There would be no reason to travel the World. What makes travel interesting today is the variety it offers. The more we travel, the more we learn and experience each other. Knowledge is unlimited. We need to pursue it for a lifetime. This helps us in understanding our differences and respecting our indifference. This makes our journey through life palatable and easier. An easier pill to swallow. Experiencing travel is worth much more than an investment of time and money. Note that I said investment. Because it buys us memories and experiences. Nothing can replace it.


Why do we travel far and wide? Why do people spend vast amounts of money traveling to different and exotic places? Why did explorers of the past sail in uncharted waters to see what’s beyond the horizon? Why travel in the first place?We could instead live and pass our lives in the same demographic area where we were born. Humans are wired with curiosity and have a strong urge to know what lies beyond. This is what keeps us moving and exploring the unknown. This is why man has built ships to cross oceans, learned to fly and dived to the depths of oceans. All of these acts have one thing in common- Curiosity sparks innovation and exploration.

Imagine a frog within a well. The frog was born within the perimeter of the well and have lived all its life within the confines of the well. Does it know of anything that exists outside the well? It does not? Why? Because it cannot see it nor does it have the knowledge or inquisitiveness to look beyond its native domain. All it has been exposed to is all that happens within the confines of its World- the well.

By the same analogy, we need to explore far and wide beyond our own native domain to seek, see and learn to satisfy our inner curiosity. If we decide to stay within our capsule/our comfort zone, our vision becomes limited and our mind narrow. We need to be lifelong learners. This helps us in learning from each other, looking at thinks from a different angle, be open minded and enjoying the variety that life has to offer us.


Can we change our looks or skin color due to the fact that someone does not like the way we look? Definitely not. Likewise can that person do the same? Nature has created us the way we are for a purpose. Adaptation and survival. We can not satisfy everyone whom we come across in life. We are who we are. We did not choose it nor were we asked whom we wanted to be or what we wanted to be like. Again,We are who we are. Each of us have unique features which makes us unique indeed.This is what make us special also in our own ways. This is what nature has to offer. Variety.

We are a package or a bundle of love for our parents. We come in as a package dear. It is ‘as is’. No customization allowed. We have faced many odds of survival to be here at this juncture. Right from conception we have been fighting many battles for our  own survival. After birth it continues every single day till we take our last breath. In the jungle every type of life form is lucky to see another day, if it can make it though the night. Plants on the forest floor is short and the trees are tall. How does it survive? It has to grow tall or hold on to the tree for dear life and head for the sun. Or try to live in the shade against all odds. This is the difference we see all around us. This gives us the variety of plants and animals that we see all around us, each of which has a story to tell.


Why do you think nature has armored us with all sorts of physiological variations such as dark skin, curly hairs,squint eyes etc. In short it is for adaptation to the environment in which we live. For example, People in Africa are built to hunt. Their hair texture and skin color protects them from the tropical sun. The same person is not adapted for the cold. Eskimos are light skinned,with squint eyes. The light skin is reflective when compared to dark skin. The squint eye serves the same role as you would squint your eyes to bright light glaring towards you. Nature has programmed us well to adapt and survive.

People come in all forms big, thin, tall, short. Similarly their very many physiological variations narrate to us the same story of variety. In short our differences is what brings out the uniqueness in each of us.

Now would you want to see the World in different varieties filled with multiple colors, different sights and sounds or would you prefer to see it in the same old monotonous grey scale.

We need to look outside the box to admire our differences and learn to live life the way it is and not for what it is not.




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