Impressing one’s self

We are trying to impress everyone but ourselves throughout life. During every stage of life, we have been taught to impress others. We have left ourselves out of this satisfaction completely. Is it a survival tactic? or Is it an instinct or have we been conditioned to do so?

It all started with our mother. During our infancy we did everything cute to satisfy our mother and keep her happy. During youth, we had to impress our class mates, friends and our teachers. As an young adult, we needed to impress our friends, our boyfriend or girlfriend as the case maybe, our teachers and other figures of authority. Once we decide to get married we need to impress our fiancee and his or her family. At work we turn to impressing our colleagues, coworkers, staff and of course our boss.


In the end we have left ‘out’ impressing that someone special OUT. Do you know who it is that you had left OUT?  Like it or not, It is ourselves. We have left ourselves OUT in the dark both in the past and are continuing to do so even today. When was the last time you had treated yourselves with something you like?When was the last time you had looked yourself in the mirror and said to yourself- who is that handsome dude over there staring at me? or who is that beauty over there looking at me?

To impress others we have turned our attention to materialism and tons of debt.To top it off, we have conditioned ourselves to consume anything and everything around us called “stuff”. Then we take the stuff home and hoard our homes and offices. Any excess stuff goes to the basement or public storage facilities. In the process we have contributed heavily to pollution through consumption of anything and everything that you can throw money at. Utilization of natural resources and exploitation of fellow Humans for the sake of exponential profits holds good even today in the corporate World. There seem to be no end in sight.

When we consume more, we do pollute more, either directly or indirectly. Each of us do have a hand in it. Because someone somewhere is working on it day in and day out to make the product that we desire, using enormous energy in the process and its subsequent pollution. This is only one half of the equation. Then we need to have it transported to our address by ship, trucks or plane which are propelled by fossil fuels.


Our deep seated desire to consume is wrecking havoc on the environment as well. We clear forests to increase flat lands for purposes of cultivation and cattle breeding. Trees which are our filtration system are cleared by logging. In that process we are destroying many medicinal plants, taking lots of micro fauna and flora to extinction without even knowing it. Water is getting contaminated by fertilizer run offs. Diseases that were non existent before are showing up on our doorsteps. Then we create drugs to combat new diseases which in turn leads us to succumb to their side effects. Overall we have been  ignoring nature and continuing to do so..

We are the end consumers and we are born into a consumer driven society. It is our responsibility to find an answer as to what are we doing to ourselves and our environment. As consumers, That’s a lot of us, namely 7 Billion strong. Imagine that exponential number of consumer’s consumption habits each and every single day. That’s just one product. So you do the math.

We are to blame ourselves. We can order anything online these days and have it delivered anywhere in the World in a few days or even the same day in a few hours to our door step. In short we have our name on anything and everything we consume. Imagine that type of consumption which lasts a lifetime. Multiply that by each person on earth. Now add wasted disposal to the picture on a daily basis. Where are we dumping our waste? That’s right. Right in our backyard.


Few nations on earth have a recycling program or any regulations if any. It’s like keeping one room in your house spotless and the rest not so. At the same time the global currents contribute highly in carrying pollutants to all parts of the World including remote islands, deserts and even in dense forests via ocean currents and air currents. So it is a global phenomenon.  In short, low consumption equals low pollution. There is a vast difference between our needs and wants.  Food is a need whereas a diamond necklace is a want. So we need to prioritize our lives to simplify and enjoy life itself. Simpler the better, unless you want to complicate it. At the end of the day it is our individual decision that helps make change for the benefit of all and to our inner self.




The only person we need to impress is ourselves, but we are not doing that. But we turn to others for us to be accepted. Society has conditioned us to respect people for what they have and not for who they are. Many people are turning to a vegetarian or a vegan diet to stay healthy. Minimalism and frugality is also on the uptick.  People have started shedding off stuff and losing pounds off themselves and their lives.This trend is trying to tell us something. People are waking up and realizing that materialism is not the answer to inner happiness or inner peace. Nor is the path to impressing others to get accepted. Be who you are. Be original. Be authentic. Just BE YOU.

If we don’t impress ourselves no one else will. So be on an individual mission to impress yourself first. It doesn’t cost you a dime or a nickel. It can make your life, your own life much simpler with less headaches. We have learned to complicate ourselves. Lets keep it simple. REMEMBER that less is more.

But note that all of the above started off just to impress others.




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