OUR Body and OUR Health.

Would you love to have a beautiful body, a healthy body or both? Most people would vote for being beautiful as their priority. In my view a healthy body is beautiful both inside and outside. Beauty as perceived by the admirer signifies external beauty.

A beautiful and a healthy body in itself starts with a well balanced and healthy diet, free of processed and sugary foods, an active exercise regiment, fresh air and water intake, adequate bowel movement and overall satisfaction in life. The rest comes naturally. A beautiful mind that is housed within a healthy body does wonders.


We are bombarded 24/7 with advertising targeted at making us look beautiful from the outside. Many even claim to defy the natural aging process. Each and every one of us are born beautiful both inside and out. The rest is public perception and depends on the the definition of beauty. If YOU feel good about yourself, your looks, your lifestyle, the way you dress and what not, it is all that matters. The rest is immaterial or irrelevant.

People spend a lot of money in clothing trying to fill their wardrobe in every color and texture imaginable and to have a collection for every occasion.  People pamper themselves with beauty products that are laden with chemicals in order to create artificial beauty and to imitate nature. Most processed  foods we consume is tainted with preservatives, coloring agents, flavoring agents, a boat load of hard to spell chemicals.

In fact it is of little nutritional value to both the inner and outer beauty. But the inner beauty and character in a person is all that is required to stand out. As long as we maintain our bodies by following the basic healthy principles such as maintaining a clean body, the mind will follow suit. Our life will be a breeze to zip through.

Outer beauty is for others to perceive and is short lived. Inner beauty lasts a life time, if put to good use and when it is free of excess baggage.



When was the last time we paid attention to our bodies? When was the last time your physician had a talk with you in depth regarding a diet which is customized to fit your needs? When was the last time your Dentist has stressed prevention over major procedures which includes daily flossing? When was the last time you have had your physical or made an appointment with your dentist for a preventive and maintenance examination? I thought so.

Most people DO NOT care about their health until their body starts telling them something. Our health comes first. Imagine that you have all the material possessions that money can buy including a private jet, a mansion etc,etc. Now if you get sick or injured, all that money cannot be used to bring you back to health, but all that health could bring back those very possessions multi fold plus more, if you had lost it.

The point is Health prevails. If we don’t care for our health, no one else will. Nor will our body respond to our need nor will it take care of us when the need arises. Today we see people spending money on the latest car, the latest phone, exotic vacations, expensive food etc, but are highly reluctant to maintain their health nor pay for these services which are geared to maintain health. We get only one chance in life to sustain and maintain our bodies.

As a society, We have been unconditionally learned to accept the intake of  processed foods laden with preservatives, drink water from plastic bottles, and breathe polluted air. No one seems to question this. Nor do we seem to care about the health implications of its use on us.  Nature has provided us with food, water and air. But we have polluted them all to the core and still continue to do so with no intent of stopping.

Food_Junk_black (1).png

When we go to any supermarket, majority of what we see inside is non food such as snacks, soft drinks, chips etc with a tiny space marked for food and an even smaller portion marked as Organic – in other words untainted food. Why is it so? Is it because we have no other choice as consumers? If that’s the case , there is a market in real need for Real untainted food. Why are so few people prepared to pay exorbitant rates for real natural food and why are the masses attracted towards mass produced processed foods?It ultimately comes down to economics of scale and the cost. Mass produced food is always cheap. Welcome to the industrial era and unhealthy food designed for mass production.

The fascinating fact about our body is that in spite consuming a very unhealthy and an unbalanced diet, our body is still able to adapt and survive any situation. One common attribute we all have is that we have the exact same anatomical structure just beneath our skin with the anatomical exception of our reproductive system. We are also comprised of a complex network of highways involved in transporting blood, complex nervous pathways, and many more systems. Each of those systems are performing a specific given function round the clock to sustain our life. Our body systems work in amazing ways. They work 24/7 silently without raising any questions to keep us alive. Without which our lights will be shut off day 1. We are built to survive and we see this in the very intricate systems we are made up of. Most of us are abusing our bodies with the ever increased consumption of processed foods, drugs, alcohol, sugar etc and surprisingly we have still managed to maintain our bodies and live. This is where we see the wonders of our body at work.



It’s high time that we listen to our body and learn the signals which it is trying to communicate to us. By learning to decipher the signals we would learn much more about our body. prevention is better than cure. See you Dentist and physician regularly for regular maintenance and preventative care.

Would you choose between prevention of disease or waiting for a cure? I would choose the former.



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