Our Journey Begins Together

Thanks for joining me on this fascinating journey called life! The title says it all. Our journey began from zero at conception. Together we have spread our wings to fly out in different directions and conquer this beautiful Planet. But we shouldn’t take our life for granted. It has to have a purpose.



Each of us have started this journey the same way like our fellow beings. From within our mothers womb. This is where the commonness ends among us. Each of us is an individual. Upon birth, our parents have given us a name, which is in fact an ID, so society can accept us as a fellow Human. Our man-made system takes us over from here.

Beyond which we have divided ourselves to the brim based on color, caste, creed, race, status in society and what not. It is our doing as a species when looking at both past and the present. Just look at our own History.  We have divided and conquered each other and are continuing to do so. For what? With the advent of man, man had fought for his or her own very existence. They had fought for food,clothing , shelter, land and mates. But today the basics of survival are taken care of, but nothing else has changed. Are we still fighting for the same exact things even today? Yes, it looks like it. Are we not learning from the past?

We are only renting this place. We have come in naked and we will be leaving naked. The rest is immaterial. We are literally living on space junk created out of the big bang. This is a small speck of dirt in the vast darkness of space. We are living on it and calling it our home.In a broader sense we are literally insignificant when we take into account the millions of galaxies around us with its own sun. On this tiny speck we are selling Real Estate, running economies, consuming anything & everything we make, traveling from one end of the dirt to another, polluting our backyard, fighting over petty things. In the end we leave with nothing in our hands. We end up in the same dirt along with its elements. Our body contain these same elements as Earth,may be even the same elements as the cosmos. Because our origins were in fact from outer space – from space debris. Think about it. That’s interesting.


Our chronically conditioned mindset is to be blamed for creating our own divisions since it was instilled in us when we were growing up. Each of us have our own path to travel during our lifetime. Each of us are indeed unique in our own ways filled with amazing talents, skills and aspirations for the future. We are also filled with LIFE which is very sacred. This gift is very unique. We should know that it is very unique. To know it’s uniqueness we need to ask ourselves these questions:Why are we here? Why are we given the privileged to be born and roam this Earth verses thousands who were denied this gift? Who gave us this gift of life? Is it our Mom and dad? or some supreme creator? What is the purpose of our existence? Why are we put on Earth and for what reason?What is our job description? When did we get hired and when will we get fired?Who monitors our performance?When will our retirement be? Who is controlling our life?


Each and every life on this Earth is precious. From the microscopic flora and fauna to the largest, life on Earth has taken on a new meaning spanning every square inch of this Planet both above and below the water level. Some life forms pass their entire lifetime lasting just a few hours whereas the others lasts over a hundred years. Even this long period of life is only a small blink in the geological time scale.

Our individual duty to ourselves is to live life to the fullest, in the best possible way which benefits us as individuals and at the same time helping everyone around us during our journey through life. Birth, childhood, youth, middle age, old age and death are the different faces or compartments of the same life. Here life or soul within oneself signifies a being. Each being has life within itself. Once this is taken away, we are just matter.

Helping oneself and helping others in a mutual symbiotic relationship does soften the path through life. If each of us do our part, life will be an easy and pleasant experience for all of us.The first step is always the hardest. It is entirely our decision to make our life easy or otherwise. It’s always easier to travel on leveled ground verses traveling uphill.

Each of us will face uncertainty. Our creator has given us this unique gift of life within us. Life also have to have a purpose. What is its purpose?What is life? How would you define it? This is a tough question for anyone to answer. But to protect a life we would do anything and everything. We do not have an answer to the question of what is life? nor did our forefathers have any idea what it was.

It is entirely up to us to trace our path through life to where we are heading. Hopefully we may have answers for this during our lifetime.There are no guarantees in life nor does the path of life come with an instruction manual. Today, society dictates the norm of what is acceptable and what is not. So in short we are not living our own lives for the sake of our individual self but to satisfy the expectations of us from the society. In short we are not living life in our terms.



We are traveling through life at a faster pace than ever before. Where are we running to?We get up in the morning, run to the office one way and in the evening we run back home the same way trying to beat the clock. Why are we walking over our own footsteps throughout life in a monotonous way? Did someone tell us to do so? Are we conditioned to follow the 9 to 5 routine routine throughout our lives 5 days a week. Who said we need to work 9 to 5. Who dictates to us the norm of taking vacations at a certain time of the year?Think about it. We are all in fact following the herd. We need to start thinking to look outside the box. Life is not about walking back and forth. There’s more to it than work and pay the bills in the artificial life we have created for ourselves.

Are we living life? Are you? What makes us think so? When was the last time you basked in the sunshine? Life is very fragile. One day we are here and then we vanish into thin air. Life is about living.

When people talk about the end of life scenarios it is often an unpleasant experience and a forbidden topic to talk about. Just like there is a start an end to everything, our life follows the same path. We plan for our Estate settlement, plan for the execution of our wishes upon our demise, select the option for our burial or cremation, prepay associated costs etc etc. But when we are alive we hardly plan for anything. We make impulse purchases and keep up our spending like there is no tomorrow. In the end we forget to live our own lives. We have learned to love products and use people. We have very much attached ourselves to technological gadgets, in fact they are passing fads.

In the wide realm of things, we have even forgotten to live life. Someone might ask how do you live life. Everyone has a different way of living life. Maybe they want to be cruising the World, Get stranded on an island, read books all day, live in a beachfront home and still others may want a home on a mountain having a room with a view.

Do you know how you are going to live your life?



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