Comparing ourselves to others.

I am not you and you are not me. Neither do both of us know each other in the first place. We are walking in different shoes. You do not know my situation and I do not know yours. You do not know what I am going through in my life, neither do I know what is going on in yours. In short, we are walking or running our own race in our respective path, which we have created for ourselves. We should never be comparing ourselves to others, ever. We should stop judging a book by it’s cover. Also we should stop assuming that someone is very well off, for example. It’s their life. We should be minding our own business. What they do with their life is their wish. Assumption is purely used for gossip. Gossip and pep talk takes us no where. It is wasted time and benefits no one.


Each of us are different in our genetic makeup, our social upbringing, financial circumstances, demography, geography, our skills, our talents and our respective culture to name a few. But all of have something in common. We are all Human with identical feelings, anatomy and basic needs. Like a child we tend to compare ourselves to others and are conditioned / taught by society to compare ourselves with others from early on for class grades, for mates, for Real Estate etc. Is it a question of the survival of the fittest or is it inherent in our DNA to fight for our own individual survival?

We see parents comparing kids to the activities that each of their children are involved in and we see kids competing for grades too. It is good to compare to set a healthy baseline for ourselves and for others, but it gets ugly when the competition is unhealthy or unfair to those involved. We need to use this a s a reference line only. Is this a healthy environment for a child to grow up  or are we expecting most out of our kids by squeezing them to do more and more? What are we doing and where are we heading?

Never compare yourself with anyone. Just be you. Because it is your life and you are unique. Be authentic.

And NEVER ever give up.

Comparing ourselves to others brings out negative energy in us and does not help anyone in anyway. It only makes us feel miserable and breeds bad emotions. We compare and compete everyday in our life for our own existence and sustainability whether it be studying, betting, gambling or racing.


Competition with a good spirit is good for all of us because it takes us to new heights, challenges us and is constructive in nature. Comparing ourselves to others demotes our very existence,  brings down moral ethics, our spirits, and our very existence. In fact we are putting ourselves down.

In other words do not follow the crowd if you want to seek what you are looking for. If you intend in following the crowd, you will be part of the crowd. But if you have a clear vision of doing it alone, no one can stop you. Create your own path and move forward till you achieve your goals. If you fail, Don’t despair. You have learned a valuable lesson not found in textbooks and now you know what not to do. The second time around along the same beaten path it’s smooth sail. Also note that there is no competition here. In other words this is called Life experience.

Create your own path and succeed at it. It’s you life. It’s your path. It’s your destination.



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