Excess Baggage, Happiness and Friends.

Are gadgets and technology drifting us away from our families? We have more virtual friends than real friends. Are we all transforming into having our own lonely islands? Are we surrendering ourselves to social media and giving up our privacy entirely? Are we getting envious of friends going on vacations while we are working? Many people post photos of themselves in exotic spots around the World. Does this breed negative emotions?Privacy has become a thing of the past. In the past few decades the incidence of depression, loneliness and other mental illness have skyrocketed across the globe in each and every continent. Take a look at the statistics. it’s shocking. We do not even know our neighbors nor have we even tried to communicate. Each of us are living within our own cocoon whether it be at home or at work.  This is called starvation amidst plenty. Most of us Humans are lonely even though most of our species live in huge cities. The reason : Non existence of mutual trust. Trust has become a thing of the past.


In the World today we do not even trust any person within our circle of family or friends, but we are more apt to and are willing to trust reviews put out by complete strangers. What are we doing to ourselves? Why do we not trust anyone?Have we got hurt by someone in the past? Do we have battle-scars to prove our past bad experiences with other humans?Are we repeating history all over again? Have we not learned anything from the past experiences? Can something  be changed to make it better?What can we do as individuals to help make change this? Have we positioned ourselves in a situation where we have no trust at all and lost all trust. Trust is the basis of any relationship.

When trust is lost everything is lost.

In general, we have learned NOT to trust another Human being. When we travel, another Human is whom we are scared for. What does these scenarios say about us as Humans?


Then comes the ultimate question.Are we all civilized yet? With many civilizations that have gone past us many years back, are we civilized yet?If not what is wrong with us? Why are we putting off being civilized? I do not have an answer to this.

Each of us have imaginary concentric circles around us. Each circle has a special meaning to us and is categorized based on the closeness to self, such as family, friends or acquaintances. The concentric circles move outward and away from you, as seen in a ripple in a pond.  The circle closest to you embraces your family, friends and relatives. This is where hugs, emotions and kisses are shared. The next circle is business related. Here comes our colleagues, associates, vendors etc where business is done with a handshake from a distance and through contracts. It’s all business and nothing else. There are no emotions attached and it is all about profits. The outer circle is everyone else who are total strangers. In this dark arena anything goes, trust does not exist and it’s open source real World. Book smart does not help us here, but street smartness may help you keep your shirt on. Maybe.

Friends are special people who come into our lives for a reason. Then there are fake friends and real friends and lately virtual friends. Friendship is very sacred. I value it to the highest. Some people may have a lot of friends, others a handful and many others none. That’s OK. This is life. I handpick my friends. Few True friends are much better than having a lot of fake friends. Even among friends, some may love us and some may hate us. Not so openly of course. Sometimes it is best to have no friends at all then have all the emotional conflicts and politics that happen between friends.  True friendship with no strings attached is very rare but it does happen. Humans are indeed very strange social beings. Friendship is a two way street and is built completely based on trust, I mean completely from the foundation on. Trust binds the friendship. It’s an invisible bond which can last a lifetime. Sadly in most cases it does not.We are sharing our innermost thoughts with a trusted friend. If the relationship is always one way it will not work. Sometimes Trust does backfire too especially with strangers. Be mindful and trust your instincts to avoid sour friendships later on.

The Human mind is very unpredictable.

Key to Happiness Circles_black.png

Our brain weighs a mere three pounds or less. But look into the power of this supercomputer and we can see that it has the capacity to do anything it desires. It is in fact THE supercomputer, which has the capacity to create the impossible or destroy everything. For answers to all this, all we have to do is look back into our own Human history . Back way when we came into being, our ancestors have survived multiple calamities, weathered the elements, fought hunger, sheltered themselves, and did what they needed to survive in a barren land. Back then they even fought for food, clothing, shelter, land and mates. Today we have our basics covered, still we are fighting for exactly the same. What is wrong with this picture? Is it that we are not content with what we have and are wanting to have more and more? This question has intrigued me more and more than any other topic. We see people prioritizing money over relationship and are willing to lose decades long friendship or relationship over a few pennies or dollars.

Our family ALWAYS comes first and is THE main part of our lives. Without family we will lose our identity.

One thing is for sure. We are not taking anything with us. Our body contains the same Earth elements. When its time to depart, we return the same Earth elements that we are made of, back to Earth.  What is left is nothing. When a person is alive people do not pay him or her a visit due to the excess baggage they are carrying, but when the pass away, a trip to the grave site is all people can do. Life long emotions are bundled up and left here.

We only get one chance in life to get things straight. There are no re-tests.

When we are alive, each of us carry unnecessary excess baggage on our backs and on our minds on a daily basis. This lasts sometimes throughout our lives. This is indeed EXCESS BAGGAGE. This includes, hatred, jealousy, ego, greed, pride and the likes of it.

Excess Baggage_black.png

We are allowing it to reside within our bodies and in our minds Rent-Free. This also may ultimately consume us in the long run health-wise. We need to get rid of this from within us to enjoy a fruitful and blissful journey through life. All of us have seen people who have lived a well lived life by living within their means, helping others, traveling the World, respecting others, learning about cultures and passing away peacefully in their sleep. We have seen the other side as well.

Would you like to carry 10 bags on your travels or like to travel light with just one little bag?

It’s the same exact analogy. You be the judge. It’s your call to do what is right for you. After all it is your life.

Lighten up and unload the extra weight from your within and you well see the amazing results of your shedding a lot of pounds of unwanted virtual junk and dangerous emotions from within you.

Let go and live life. Live life neither for the sake of living it nor to brag that you have crossed the 100 mark, but for having the satisfaction of having lived your life to the best of what you wanted in life.  It’s your life and it’s your call.



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