Is Time on our side?

It’s an asset in own class which we seem to neglect when we are young. As we age this becomes our ONLY valuable asset and it seems to accelerate very fast. We can also make it our only trusted friend, by getting the most out of our day from dawn to dusk. Be productive to the maximum in what you wish to do every single day. Back then farmers all over the World capitalized efficiently by following the sun’s journey from sunrise to sunset. We should be doing the same. Early to bed and early to rise might have some health benefits.


The World has been in motion since the occurrence of the big bang from which our speck of dirt was born. Fraction of Time was in fact created by past great civilizations all over the World, notably one comes to mind- the Mayan calendar. Using nothing but their mind and with their knowledge learned from the stars, planetary positions, the tilt of the earth, our position relative to the cosmos, they were able to predict events and created calendars to coincide with natural events. Once the time clock came into being, it was easy to keep track of time. Today with advances in engineering and technology, we are able to precisely calculate time to the fraction of a second for use in various applications such as in racing, space exploration  and sports. Use time wisely. Because once it is lost, it is lost forever. We do not have much time left. Hurry.

I don’t think we are born to work like machines by always trying to beat the clock. Then one day it’s time to go. There is always a reason we do something. First we are trained from school to work towards college, get a degree and then find a job paying a six figure income. In real life the system is already set to have you ready to run the rat race and run till you drop.


Our biological clock is ticking from the time we are born, maybe even before it. We are designed to live and then die. But this fractional aspect of time itself, has indeed sped up the process of aging at a psychological level for each and everyone of us. Our body tells us this. We may be tending to age faster and faster. We are the ones following time and not the other way around. In essence we are using time as a baseline to get things done from dawn to dusk and beyond. Time is not on our side when we are forced to run faster and faster to earn our living.

On a daily basis we are conditioned to beat the clock. We wake up to an alarm. We drive fast. We seem to have no time for anyone, not even for ourselves. Where are we going and why are we in a hurry? Where are we we heading?Are we doing this to satisfy the economics of time that powers our so called civilization? Have you ever asked yourself this question- When does time stop? The answer is whether it is Geological time scale which is infinite or Human time scale which is finite.



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