Life in OUR nutty nutshell.

On the way out during birth, we have endured severe stresses, complications and even close to death scenarios.  Even during that fragile state as a little Human being, nature shows no mercy. Either we do make it or we do not. There is nothing in between. Fast forward to today, we are THE fortunate ones to walk this planet and utilize all its wonderful resources. We have in fact beaten all the odds of survival. Looking back many others did not even have a chance to make it to the first few hours of life. Life is very precious.

All of us have just one chance from cradle to the grave to make a difference in our lives and in the lives of others around us. Does not matter if it is family, friends, colleagues or even strangers. As Humans all of us have the same  exact innate feelings of nurturing and caring. It is an instinct. We are hard wired with emotions throughout life.


All of us were born the same way but sometimes under different circumstances. But life still goes on. The sun still shines every single day sometimes above the clouds and most of the times it enlightens us by breaking through the clouds.

When we travel the World we see people around us everywhere. But did you ever ponder of the many births and deaths that occur every single day in which we do not have the opportunity to see any one of them even for a second or even in our lifetime. We are tied to this rat race with this invisible leash that we forget to connect physically face to face and are in the monotones race to working and paying the bills to maintain our so called status in society and continue with our artificially created lifestyle.

What is Life? Why are we here? What is the purpose of our existence? What is the purpose of us having been given this chance to exist? Are we going to make use of this opportunity in life or are we going to waste it away? Why were we chosen to live and someone else let go? What is the purpose of birth and death cycles? Are you in control of your life or is someone controlling you as to how you live your life? Each of us need to be asking ourselves these questions. Life is not about getting up in the morning and running out of the house each morning to make money and pay bills. There’s more to it. If you take money out of the equation what is your answer to the above questions? These questions are which you need answered before your embark on your search to what you are looking for.


When we get up in the morning, what is the first activity that we perform? In today’s fast paced World and in a typical family, we head straight to our e-media room and spend more time with our gadgets than connect with our immediate family. Verbal communication and writing has come to a standstill.  Verbal Speaking and hand writing with a pen has become extinct. In the caveman times, man had tried to communicate through cave drawings, then came languages. This led to reading and writing. This must have been a faster way to communicate back then. Mannerism has taken the back seat.

Now we have texting and short hand which has indeed changed the English language spelling. We have forgotten the English which we had learned taught in schools many many years back. It all began with a chalk and a black board.Then there was typing, creative writing, scripts, grammar etc.Remember the days when we had to fill our pens with ink. Gone are those days. Change is good sometimes.

Today all of us spend most of our waking hours with our neck down looking at all those smart gadgets that makes us not so smart unless we use it wisely. I may be anticipating a boost in Chiropractic practice in the next decade or so to treat all ailments related to poor posture. All gadgets have become smarter and comes with the title of smart phones, smart refrigerators and smart cars. But what about us? What about all the related accidents such as bumping into light poles or walking into traffic with our head glued to our screens.


With all the many electronic gadgets we purchase each year for our use and with the ample types of technology that connects and binds us, how many of those do you think is harmful to our health. We have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc etc. Since there are no long term studies on its effects on Human health, we the public have decided to move on. Because we want to enjoy the technology and not give up our comforts for the moment. We will worry about the ill effects later on because sooner or later they may surface.

We are supersaturated with loads of information coming in every second from different directions. This is from all over the World. Just 60 years back snail mail was the norm and the fastest. Before that was the horse and the runners. Today we are getting information transmitted to us faster and faster to the millisecond.

Can our brain handle this information overload?

We also have our phones by our bedside. At a subconscious level, are we awake or asleep? Is your mind conscious at that subconscious level waiting for that phone to ring or get a notification. Mind you this is the subconscious state of mind.

We spend 50% of our life working and the other 50% sleeping in our bed. When are we going to live life? Sleep is essential for our very survival.  Today most bedrooms have a TV, our phone, an alarm, nightlight, a clock, a TV and side lamps on the side tables. Our brain and heart do generate electrical pulses. Can these interfere with our physiology?At night our mind and body is completely at rest with the vital organs taking over doing the night shift. Can these gadgets affect our sleep rhythm or the sleep cycle? What are these gadgets doing in our bedroom during sleep? We do not have an answer to any of these questions.



As we age we are look to have friends who can comfort and support us. But most of them have passed. Our senior population is growing day by day. Many years ago an average life expectancy was 45 Years of age. Today it is in the mid sixties. We may never know of how long we will be living in the future?

But life as we know it will continue to move on forward, time will never cease to exist, our populations exploding  and our manufacturers continuing to produce the products which we crave for. But even though we are a consumer driven society and the society is getting all it’s wants, are we as individuals living life and are we living it to the fullest each and every day.  How about you?



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