Your Money or Your Health ?

Money is in the form of an artificial currency. Back then it started with bartering. Money serves us throughout our lives by taking us from point A to point B across the journey through life. Many of us think that success with lots of money equals life. Many equate it to a big bank balance, a flashy car or a big mansion. It depending on whom we ask. We work our entire lives pursuing this path to money to be satisfied with a big bank balance in the end..the so called retirement. I have heard many say: ‘We will wait till retirement to start enjoying life’.’We will wait till retirement to travel and see places all over the World’.  Now we should ask ourselves these questions. 1.Are we living our real or the desired life and 2. At which point did we start living or when will we start living life, if we haven’t started living already? 3. Are we living our life daily to the fullest?4. Are we enjoying our life?5. Why are we waiting till retirement to enjoy life? How do we know that we will be in good health to travel, let alone move from one room to the other. Everyone’s definition of success in life and enjoyment varies.


When was the last time you have gone outdoors or enjoyed nature? When was the last time you had basked in the sun? We are missing out on the beauty of nature. We are failing to relish what nature has already in store for us. But we have been looking the other way towards our bank accounts, looking for ways to fill them. So we can enjoy later on in life. When is that going to be? Also we must not forget that we have been aging each and everyday since birth. Before we know it it’s time to go. So live Life now and not postpone it for retirement. A Simple, frugal and modest life lived well in combination with minimal consumption of artificial products is the key to a happy and fulfilled life. This would be an ideal well lived life without any regrets. If we are not happy now, we will never be in the future. Every day is a new day and it’s a chance top correct our mistakes from the previous day and start a new life. If we are doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, that’s stupidity.


Happiness is a moving target. As we move towards it, It seems to move further away from us every day. Happiness is a feeling that comes from within us. It cannot be brought. The love of money takes this target even further away. The happiest people ion Earth are the people with the least amount of money but are rich at heart. They would give you anything to see you smile. On the other hand a rich person with tons of money stocked in a bank is unhappy at heart and is living a miserable life. Which of these scenario’s would you prefer to have:

1.Lots of Material wealth but No family – No happiness

2.Lots of family but No material wealth – Lot of happiness

I would choose the latter.

We are all conditioned to work till we retire. Do we know how many of us will make it to that age. Who is dictating our retirement? Is it you or someone else. We are taught to put money in retirement accounts and not touch it until retirement. My question is what is the use of this money if we get bedridden later on in life. We should be using that money when we are alive and well, so we can travel to places, see people and enjoy the experience of travel. I don’t think that is possible for most of us as we age.


How much money do we need? How much money will satisfy us? Once money comes in, then people start following power. After that what?

The answer is more personal to each and everyone and it varies from person to person. If we are in the habit of chasing money throughout our lives, one day we might realize that we may have forgotten to live life itself.

During our working years, we are literally trading our life (Time) for money.

Too much of anything is poison. That includes money and food among many others. You may add to this list. There is only so much food we can eat, there is only so much space we need to sleep on and how big of a house do we need to live in? So the more we have of anything it gets sickening. Self sufficiency, minimalism, simplicity and frugality are the keys.


Our desires are unlimited but our needs are not. Once our basic needs are fulfilled everything else is excess. Anytime our desires are not curtailed confusion arises. We have all seen many of our friends brake up, families split, couples divorced, children separated and entire lives turned upside down as a result of  improper money management and money problems as a result of it.

We were not taught about money back then in schools.The same holds good to this day. What are we doing to our kids and why are we not educating them the basics of society namely finance and economics?  FINANCIALLY ILLITERACY is an all time high.

What are we going to do about it?

The less the public knows about money, it is better for others to prowl upon. So the better educated we are, all of us can make well informed and logical decisions on how to  effectively use our money.  If  we don’t we are all up for grabs.

As sun rises we go into buildings called offices and once it sets we commute to another building called home. Our food comes in from sources miles away. Most of us in the Northern hemisphere suffer from Vitamin D deficiency. We sit in our desks 8  hours or more per day while our health is going downhill. Obesity is a global epidemic now. Prescription drug intake is an all time high. OTC drug abuse is over the top.Mental health issues are widespread.


People in the eastern hemisphere are trying to become westernized and follow the western culture. Meanwhile the people from industrialized nations on the western hemisphere who have experienced both lifestyles are beginning to choose a healthy vegetarian diet and follow eastern principles of life which have been followed by many for many many generations. it’s always seem to be green on the other side. No one is happy with themselves. Their looks etc. Plastic surgery is promising these folks something and they are willing to pay the price. It goes with the saying that money can buy anything, even happiness. I don’t think so. Maybe to a certain extent.

Simple living helps us in leading a life with less stress, less material possessions and doing everything in moderation. If we eat the right amount and the right food,that is all what is needed to keep us healthy. We do not have to gulp in vast quantities of food. What goes in has to be pristine and very healthy loaded with nutrients. If it has no nutritional value there is no reason to consume it.


Back in the hay days, when the sun went down people went to sleep. People did follow the sun and the stars to keep time, navigate, keep track of tides, plan their crops and plan their harvests. Today this art is extinct. Our homes are lit up artificially 24/7 and we are connected with strangers across the globe 24/7. We have few to no REAL friends but unlimited virtual friends. But try to answer this question.Will any of your virtual friends help you in times of need? If the answer is no, move on.We are in fact well connected globally but not connected at all on an individual basis. Technology has brought us closer together in many ways but have split families and society apart.



We are a severely sleep deprived society with our principal focused on money and productivity. This is capitalism. This has led us to having more money than our grand parents, less healthy, more sleep deprived and well connected but not connected at all to each other as individuals.

Remember those days when dad went to work, mom worked at home and kids did the chores.They were still happy and were able to provide for their kids. Today it is exactly opposite and we are heading against the traffic. Both parents work today to put food on the table, still we are unable to make it. This put stress on the entire family.

Man has always followed money and in the process sacrificed his health. Then he uses the same hard earned money to possibly get back to the healthy status where he was before he started following money in the first place. So it is full circle and back to the same starting point. So what’s the point. What have we accomplished? What have we sacrificed in that process? A lot indeed.

We have gone through life without actually living it. Does it make sense? It does not make sense in any way. Now what? We cannot turn the clock back. We can only move forward.

It’s your money or your health. Which one would you choose?


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