7 Billion Strong: Money or Trees?

How strong are we collectively?  7 Billion strong with a BIG ‘B’. There is strength in numbers. Instead of rooting out poverty alone or planting 7 Billion trees alone, think about what we can accomplish when we collectively work together on it. Collectively, We can have a purpose in life to accomplish anything that we envision. There is no greater satisfaction than helping fellow Humans. We are by nature hardwired for it. This is why we see people volunteering and doing things that money cannot buy and doing things that helps satisfy their inner self.


Let’s start off with this scenario. If each of us plant just ONE tree today and see it to adulthood in just under 5 years, don’t you think that we will have 7 Billion trees plus at least two more saplings for each and every tree that each of us had planted just 5 years earlier. That’s 14 Billion trees more plus the current 7 Billion (for the purpose of discussion). If we continue to do so in the future years and teach the future generations to grow more each year, we may succeed at reversing the current trend towards our own extinction as a species.

Now just imagine a forest near your home. How does it sustain itself without Human intervention? Who waters it daily? Who fertilizes its soil, supply nourishment for its roots and nurture it from the elements? Nature takes care of itself. Unless man intervenes, nature will sustain itself for years, as it has done for centuries. Only when we stick our head into Nature’s abode, does things turn out for the worse.Like wise in the above scenario, we must just do our part and then back off. Nature will sustain itself. By doing so we can create micro-forests all over the World in every locale. This is Humanly possible and it is highly possible with all our individual efforts in the individual communities within which we live.

Trees, not money is the lifeblood of Human civilization. If trees are lost, we are done. Remember that Trees do not pay taxes, but buildings do.



On the other hand let’s look at the picture of money. The love of money is the root of all evil and not the money itself. The World monetary system is set up to benefit a few and is not designed for the masses. Most of us will continue to work till we die. People will do anything and everything to make money. Because Money can buy anything we desire. This is a breeding ground for Human exploitation, trafficking and enslavement.

Instead of us individually chasing money throughout our lives and becoming a slave to it, if we start to work collectively and help each other out as one big non- profit entity, we can root out poverty and everything else that comes with it. Like everything else in life, it starts with the first step.

The following is used as an example. If each of us pool in Just $1 a day (which does not even buy a cup of coffee), With 7 Billion people, that’s $7 Billion a day, times 30 days times 12 months, That amounts to $ 2520 Billion a year. When this money is distributed evenly to those in true need (99%), it may help solve the seemingly never ending daily problem of poverty and the fight for the basic survival for many people around the Planet.

What are your thoughts? Can we accomplish this? Can it be done? Will we do it?Ask yourself this question? Will YOU do it?



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Dr. Latha SUBRAMANIAN says:

    Yes Vaidy together we can achieve it.
    I totally agree with you.


    1. Thank you Dr.Latha for your valuable feedback. I appreciate it very much.


  2. Fareed says:

    Yes we can


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