Knowledge,Vision and THE Human mind.

We have been bombarded with books throughout our lives. Back then we had to make a trip to the library and hope that the book we want was physically there. If not we needed to reserve it for the following week. Back then books were published in the billions and circulated among libraries, bookstores and educational institutions. Today with a few clicks we get what we want and fast. Now we are also facing a different form of information overload. Today we get the news from any corner of the globe in split seconds.


Do we need to gather all information that are thrown at us? Do we want it? Do we like to have it? Like it or not its free and so we do not have a choice in accepting it or rejecting it. It always finds its way into our e-mailbox. But we can always have it anytime, anyplace and anywhere. It is there for us. Is this information good or bad for us, helpful or harmful for us, useful or junk. The question is whether we want to use it or not and whether it is useful and beneficial to us. But it’s there for us, waiting.

Today social media and the internet itself has taken over the entire World. If we don’t use it, we may be losing out on valuable information when needed. It is good and bad, depending on what we use it for. We now have the never ending book of knowledge. This has never happened in the History of the Man. The internet has opened up open source knowledge for the most part for the masses and everyone benefits from it. Knowledge and information goes hand in hand. Today we can retrieve any information that we need with a few clicks on the keyboard or on our phones. Without electricity none of this would have been possible in the first place. Today everything runs on electricity. This includes our batteries that power our phones, laptops, headsets etc. Imagine a World filled with gadgets but no electricity. Our Human brain is very small and it is surprising to see that it has the power to build huge oil tankers, spacecrafts and other mega buildings. If put to good use our mind can make the impossible happy. This applies to us as individuals as well.


We have set notifications and reminders for ourselves to cover all information relevant to us or not, every second of each day. Why are we doing this to ourselves? Aren’t we pushing ourselves over the limit in terms of creating stress every second of the day. No one seems to talk to the person sitting next to him or her.Imagine this scenario. In a room full of people when a phone rings or beeps, it’s panic mode and everyone reach out to their phones. Technology comes at a cost. It has uplifted our society in terms of the flow of knowledge to everyone but we are working more than ever, that is beyond our 9-5 jobs. Our mind never sleeps. It is connected 24/7 to people who we know and to strangers whom we don’t know.

People have built up their lives from their humble beginnings as a result of knowledge acquired. Vast portions of Earth are still uninhabited. In many countries villages account for the major part of rural dwellings. This is where internet has opened up peoples mind and benefited them in the process. Now that they have the opportunity to know what lies beyond, they are no longer stuck to their older ways of making a living. They can explore far and wide.The entire World is their playground. They can achieve great heights and sky is the limit.


Knowledge is the ultimate power. When it is combined with the right time and when the right decision is made for it’s application, we may reap its rewards. Nothing is guaranteed. To see the outcome we need to start off with an idea, set the idea in motion, see it through execution by action and wait for the results to unfold. But it always starts with knowledge.

Vision is by definition seeing where we want to see ourselves 20 years from now. Foreseeing things with a different eye. All of us have visions for the future, but are we acting on it to bring it to fruition? Vision is just like an idea. If we don’t act on it , it stays exactly where we had left it.

Who is a visionary? That’s all of us. All of us have visions for our future. Without a vision we will be traveling with no destination. We are the captain of our ship. We need to command, plan and steer our ship to our destination of choice. Not someone else’s. But we are fully responsible for all the decisions that we make in our life and during our lifetime.



In the past million years during our Human History, the past 100 years has had the most developments than during the entire span of our evolution. Our brain has evolved over the centuries and developed from our Humble beginnings as a caveman. We have learned the art of  creating languages, reading, writing, speaking, building , manufacturing , agriculture, transportation and now technology.

What has future in store for us? Will we be flying to distant galaxies and back? Will will ever meet a being from a different and far off distant civilization? Will we survive this harsh Planet just like our ancestors did? Or will we just stop communicating face to face, use our smart phones, our smart gadgets, our smart cars and have robots take over different Life applications? In the process, will we start letting our mind go as a result of disuse atrophy and start the journey from the caveman to technology all over again?


We should be looking outside the box to satisfy our curiosity by learning and exploring. When we find the answers we move on to the next and then the next. We should be Lifelong learners. If we don’t learn we sink. We need to keep moving just like the sharks.

Mindpicker: Do you think there are people like us living 10 miles beneath Earth’s crust?  Is it possible? My  question is why not? How does a small shrimp live and survive at the depth of 29000 feet beneath the waves under enormous pressure? How does life manage to exist in total darkness 3 miles underground? Think about it.


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