Personal Hygiene and OUR health.

We were taught by our parents to brush our teeth, floss our teeth, take a shower, shorten our nails, comb our hair, trim our beard and have our hair cut as they grow longer. Why do we need to groom ourselves and spend that much time each and everyday on ourselves? We do all these without even thinking  like strapping your watch on or tying your shoes. In fact it has become a daily habit. Why bother?

Woman on Gray Concrete Bath Tub

A healthy mind in a healthy body can do wonders to our inner well being. It cannot be stressed enough. The Human mind is amazing  and it works in unimaginable ways. To keep it fully functional we need to keep it healthy as well and we need to do our part. While we are asleep our brain is fully functional and it is what controls all our vital organs including our cardiac and respiratory functions. Overall our body is well connected within itself.

We lose hair and skin cells everyday. From the minute we are conceived we have started the aging process. So age expressed as a number is relative to one another. Our skin is the largest organ in the body. With millions of skin cells that are shed each day it is vital to keep it healthy. Skin is waterproof, helps us in regulating the body temperature and protects us from natural and artificial elements. Today we use many products to beautify ourselves with unknown chemicals that are found in creams, lotions and makeups.

Don’t you think it harms the skin in some way? First of all it clogs up the pores which helps us in heat exchange, sweating and thereby regulating body temperature. Secondly the chemical does its job of what chemicals do. All of us are naturally beautiful both inside and outside. It’s our job to keep both our outside and our insides clean. Our body will do the rest and take care of us.


A clean teeth, a groomed face, a healthy breakfast and a morning shower is all it takes to start the day fresh. For the upkeep eat only healthy and nutritionally loaded meals. What we feed in is what we get. If junk food is all that we are feeding ourselves with, our body will reciprocate. Obesity is on the rise Worldwide. What are we doing to our bodies?

Did you know that transmission of harmful Oral bacteria from the mouth to the heart through the blood stream is directly linked to heart disease based on clinical research papers? It has been scientifically proven. So make sure to brush your teeth right, floss daily, and rinse with copious amount of water after each meal. And definitely see your Dentist at least every six months. Every three months would be even better, considering the amount of junk we consume each day times the number of times a day we eat.Your teeth may thank you for it. Also be sure to get your annual medical check up for your overall health. Remember, prevention is always better than searching for a cure.

How many of us do brush our teeth two times daily, floss one time daily, rinse with water after each meal and see the dentist every three months? May be one third of our population does. Maybe even less. In life prioritizing your oral health matters. Because it’s your body and it’s your health. If you don’t take care of it no one else will.

Wearing clean clothes daily also gives us a sense of euphoria. Does not have to be new clothes everyday, but it has to be clean, smelling good and well ironed. Dressing well says a lot about you and conveys a lot, especially in the business World. It’s a language in itself and it’s a silent one. Perfumes optional but not recommended. Less is more. keep it simple.


When we shower early in the morning, these water droplets does something magical. These little guys literally stimulate our nerve endings and awakens it. These guys also massage our skin to increase its blood supply. It’s a free everyday massage. It’s free. so get it done. To top it off we feel refreshed, awake, and energetic to take on any task. Morning showers are always better. Use of toxic or harsh chemicals on the skin is not recommended. Showering in the evening helps us feel clean after a hard days work, and helps us wind down our day. We may even get a sound sleep.

You never know until you try it. I have.



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