Pollution in our backyard.

Pollution and pollutants ? Who is responsible for it and who is to blame? All of us are. We cannot point our fingers at anyone else. Because no one else is causing it. We are all THE consumers of today and we do consume a lot, a lot indeed. Consumption always brings in waste along with it. And a lot of it, literally millions of tons of it on a daily basis all across the World in each and every continent. That’s for each day.

The more we consume, the more we pollute.


Each of us want ONLY our house and OUR neighborhoods in which we live to be clean and spotless but what about the rest of our neighbors and the rest of the World? Do we care? or why don’t we? They are also literally living in our backyard. We are sharing the same planet. The speck of dirt on which we all live and call it home, has both ocean currents and air currents.  These currents circumnavigate the World of ours constantly. For example, If we drop a bottle with a message in it from the U.S. shores, it may end up in India. This is the way by which the global temperature is regulated and plankton is distributed across the oceans which support marine life. Likewise, the air currents does the same. For example, a volcano eruption in Ecuador may have its ashes transported thousands of miles ending up in Australia.


The same holds good for all types of pollutants we dump into landfills, our oceans, rivers, streams and into the air on a daily basis. Just imagine that for a life time. What are we doing to our backyard? Many products which we consume on a daily basis is completely non biodegradable mainly plastics. Guess where it’s heading to. Right to our backyard. I use cotton totes which can be used over and over again and is 100 % biodegradable if tossed out. We need to do our part in curtailing pollution if we want the planet to help us sustain a healthy life. Plastics also do travel oceans like ship do. Today plastics are found in every part of the World and in every continent. All life forms are affected in one form or another. What does this say about us? Think for a minute. How come we are not growing naturally grown plants free of pesticides which are healthy for us? Why are we consuming processed food designed for the masses even though we know it is not healthy? Why are we consuming drugs for every occasion? Even with the vast amounts of drugs available in the market, the list of diseases keeps getting longer. Why is it so? What is the difference between legal and illegal drugs? Who says which drug is legal and what is illegal? Who is controlling the market? Are we poisoning our society and our citizens with processed foods, chemicals and dangerous drugs?What will happen to our species ? Foods are genetically modified. Are we modifying our genes indirectly which may affect future generations? Why are we not genetically modifying our genes to prevent further propagation of the defective genes through genetic engineering. For example, diabetes, hypertension, cancer etc may have a genetic predisposition. If we can isolate and replace that defective gene, patients may not have to endure taking the medications for a lifetime. Subsequently the future generations will be spared to be taking any medications.


What we eat is what shows. We are what we eat. Obesity and related disease have spiked all over the World and is seen in every country above the water line.

Agriculture in all its glory has killed many small farmers due to poverty. Mass production is the name of the game. Pesticide and insecticide use is growing day by day. Bees by the millions are disappearing and going into extinction. They had once upon a time helped us with pollination. Note that this is in the past tense. This is a high possibility. Without the bees we do not exist. Fertilizer runoffs in the river deltas all over the World is a major concern for environmentalists and us as consumers. The were breathing in chemicals indirectly, consuming tainted food, drinking polluted water. Directly or indirectly we are the cause of all pollution and it is our responsibility to clean up the mess we have created in the name of industrialization and in the name of our modern lifestyle.

Consume Less Pollute Less_black

Diseases are on the rise, many with strange and unknown names. The list keeps growing each and every year. Our consumption of prescription and over the counter drugs are increasing year over year. We have a drug available to mask any symptom. That’s right. Most Drugs are not meant to cure us. They only mask the symptoms in most cases. Then we have the illegal drugs causing havoc in all societies across the World. Once a drug is consumed in the body, once a portion is absorbed and the rest excreted. Once excreted it heads to filtration plants and then it is dumped into our oceans.Ultimately, we consume the fish we catch from the oceans. This completes the cycle.

We have not even talked about automotive waste, household detergents, sanitizers, soaps, tooth paste,mouthwash, insecticides, repellents, sunscreens, creams, lotions, shampoos, conditioners, dyes etc etc. We need to add this to our list for us to imagine the scale of pollutants that we have created for our use and use it every single day in our own homes.

Pollution control begins with us at home.

Consumerism and consumer spending accounts for much part of the GDP of any county. Why is this given priority over other parameters to judge the health of the economy? Because money is the pulse of any economy. Why is there no happiness scale?

Growth of any country should be measure not by the amount of money a country brings in from exports and imports but by the happiness index of it’s citizens. If the people are not happy, what’s the point. There should also be a pollution standard set and a pollution scale to measure and publicize the most and the least  polluting nations. An award must be given for to the least polluting nation. The prize money of say $100 Million given to that nation can be only used to further develop anti- pollution strategies. This must be reported first hand monthly to the public.This must be verified by an independent and approved agency. But this award does not exist. So what is the incentive for any nation to get involved? None.

How many of us are happy? Are you? What is your Happy index?Are you happy with your home’s pollution scale? What is your scale from 1 to 10?



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  1. ponlatha says:

    Nice write up and interesting too!


    1. Thank you very much for your valuable feedback.


  2. Lynn says:

    Thanks for reminding me it begins with me. Index can run anywhere from a 3 to an 8.


  3. The bottom line is to keep ourselves and our mouth in top shape.


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