Never heard of allergies before!

Growing up we have never heard of the word ‘allergy’ before. Fast forward to today, Allergies seem to be a common buzzword these days in schools, hospitals, restaurants and almost everywhere we go. Surprisingly, back then kids played in the dirt, got drenched in the rain, ate any food that they could lay their hands on, carried toads in their shirt pockets and almost never washed their hands. Those were the days before liquid soap and anti-bacterial lotions which have became commonplace today. Does this suggest that we are becoming too protective of ourselves. Today we see peanut allergy tables popping up in every school in every country, exclusively for kids who are severely allergic to peanuts. Their table is literally branded and isolated from other kids. What is happening to our next generation?  Have their bodies lost their immunity to fight? Are we to blame? What are we consuming as a society that’s making them sick? Is there something wrong with the air we breathe?Or Is it the food that we ingest? We have too many questions and no answers.

And none of us seem to be asking any questions nor do we seem to care. What is wrong with this picture?Are we going to accept it as status quo?


What are allergies and why are we getting it? Aren’t we supposed to be immune to allergens which we face on a daily basis? Why aren’t we immune to it? Allergy that we come across each day is a damaging immune response by our body to a substance, especially pollen, dust, different foods, or fur, to which it has become hypersensitive. That does not mean we are allergic to everything. We have allergens at home, work and in public places. In fact we ourselves carry many types of bacteria within us.  Also we do shed our skin on a daily basis. This itself is an allergen floating around our homes as dust. Without which we will cease to exist.  Many people are even allergic to dairy products. It may be life threatening in many cases when the airway starts closing up. Invisible allergens do lurk in our homes too.

Why do some get allergies and some don’t? May be it is our immune system reacting in different ways to combat the invading allergen. Genetics may be a predisposing factor as well. Besides the natural allergens, we also breeding our own allergens. Perfumes, noxious fumes, different Chemicals, paints, varnishes, makeups, lotions , soaps etc may induce an allergic response in some.


Allergies to dairy products are on the rise in every continent. Why is that? Are we supposed to consume milk, cheese and other dairy products as we have been led to believe its supposed health benefits. Dairy products are mass produced and creates exponential profits at the expense of domesticated animals. But scientifically speaking, don’t you think that the protein present within the composition of all dairy products contain a completely different protein when compared to the protein present in Human breast milk? Doesn’t it tell us something?

Note: We are the ONLY species on this planet that consumes milk from another species.

Why are we consuming dairy products on a daily basis while we are seeing an increase in allergic response all over the World? Is it because we have been conditioned by our parents and through decade long advertisements which say Milk, butter, cheese etc are good for us and that helps us in building strong bones and Healthy teeth? Or is it just a Habit we are indulging in subconsciously?


What about drug allergies, both legal and illegal ones? Who determines what is legal and what is illegal? Is it that our system dictates it?  There is an epidemic of both obesity and drug abuse seen unfolding across all societies Worldwide. What about the deaths that occur due to drug allergies that occur each and every year? We have drugs today that can stop any symptom which we do not desire. But isn’t a symptom our body’s way of telling us that something is wrong. So why are we focusing on masking the symptoms instead of curing the disease by way of getting to the root of the problem? Today we have fungicidals, bacteriocidals, virucidals, tuberculocidals and many more. Along with the pathogens we are also destroying the beneficial bacteria.

Allergic to plastics? Surprised. Yes, Many people are allergic to plastics as well. 

What are plastics and why are we using them? It is a synthetic material made from a wide range of organic polymers such as polyethylene, PVC, nylon, etc.which can be molded into different shapes while soft and then set into a rigid or in a slightly elastic form.They are most commonly derived from petrochemicals. There are bio-plastics as well but we are discussing the former here.

How it has found its way into our kitchens is very surprising. Food is what we consume. But why is plastic allowed to come in contact with food? They are not suppose to mix. Back then glass and ceramic containers were used to store food. Today we use plastics because they are convenient, unbreakable and durable. But it comes at a price. Usually it’s our health.


Are we losing the war against our body to fight itself? When are we going to treat our body as a sacred temple and take care of it by feeding ourselves with Healthy foods, flooding the markets with ONLY nutritious foods and not junk, breathing non polluted air, and having access to all natural spring water from the mountains (Not bottled water that is labelled ‘natural’?)

Probably never.

Food also has the ultimate power to alter our very cells that we are made of. It may even alter their function as well. Most processed foods have flavoring agents, coloring agents and tons of preservatives in them. These may have the ability to transform our very being. In the process of which may bring our natural immunity down. In the process what do you think may happen? When our immune system goes down, the pathogens take the upper hand. As a result we may see higher incidence of allergies and infections popping up. We may not see the effects immediately but probably decades from now.  Who knows, it may even affect future generations.We are what we consume. Garbage in, garbage out.

If we don’t pivot and change our ways by following the right path to healthy living, We will be surrendering our health to whatever is out there.


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