THE 99% : Living THE Middleclass life.

The Classes as we know it have been around for centuries. Man has created these divisions to benefit himself. It’s basically a divide and rule strategy. Classes are marked to have a very clear distinction between the rich and the poor, the have’s and the have not’s, the ultra rich and the homeless. All these classes have been living on both ends of the spectrum miles apart since the dawn of civilization. This have been playing out over many decades to the level that we see today as vast income inequality and asset inequality. This income inequality is also growing by the minute in all countries all over the World. How did this come about and how is its progression affecting the rest of the society? The rich always grow richer and the poor always grow poorer. The rich invest to grow more and more of what they have whereas the poor are trying to save less and less of what they have. See the difference. What differentiates these classes is Money. Only money is in the equation and is the only dictating factor. Mankind has created a social structure where there should be no equality between the classes within the system. It was designed to exploit, enslave and profit from the system. If everyone were created equal, who would be exploiting whom and who would be profiting from whom? Think about it.


Today we see the divisions of rich, poor and the middle class, all of them drifting apart from each other at a very rapid pace. Why do we have some strata called the middle class and where did it come from? Middle class is a sandwich type situation. The rich is on the top, the poor is in the bottom and we the middle class are sandwiched in between two of those classes. With nowhere to go, we are been squeezed. At a time when the industrial age began people were looking for work in vast numbers. The poor have migrated upward to the middle class through their hard work serving and slaving under the upper class for many generations. They had managed to save their wages periodically and over many generations were able to graduate themselves into the middle class and achieve the middle class status that we know today.

Imagine if each and every one of us were rich, who would work for us. Since there would be no middle or lower classes, getting a person to work for you would be next to impossible. In fact we have been put in place where we belong for this reason. If we look outside the box and think about it, we would get the answers. I hope you have started the thought process.


So the middle class have no where to run but to maintain their current lifestyle. We are paying either directly or indirectly for everyone else but ourselves. It’s called a living from paycheck to paycheck existence. Welcome to the rat race. It is a daily struggle to beat the clock, trying to have family time, paying the bills, saving for college the middle class way, taking loans for everything and running back and forth to and from work. Is this the so called making a living? We are literally in the mud. As long as we are running within the wheel, the wheel rotates freely. If we try to start working too hard the wheel will be rotating faster and faster. If we try to break loose and go to the upper rung : The upper class, we may get thrown off  the wheel altogether to the bottom. It might even be a free fall. If we decide to stop working entirely, our life comes to a standstill due to lack of income. Then we will be branded as the lower class anyway. We are literally stuck in the rut and it is also called the daily grind. Just like the oil that lubricates a wheel, if we do not pour in our blood, sweat and tears the wheel will comes to a screeching halt. So we need to run like a well oiled machine to keep it going. In the end we will be running all our lives.


We have been told that retirement is the golden era to enjoy life. Is retirement a goal or a destination or both? What do you think? But what about the time from now to the so called golden years of retirement. Are we supposed to work ourselves to death, preventing us from ever reaching that goal or destination, as we may call it. Are you enjoying life now? If not, it’s time to get started. In many countries we see that the retirement age has continuously been pushed further away. How many people do you think will reach that finish line? Not many I assume. Today many seniors call it the rustic years and not the golden years as we were told.


The middle class pays the highest taxes in each and every country because they have to pay for everyone else. Most of the middle class comprises of employees and mom and pop store owners or small businesses. We have to fill in the void which the rich/ big corporations have created by not paying their fair share of taxes. Because legally they are entitled to the mega tax breaks unlike us, the middle class. We also have to support the poor with their food, clothing and shelter. If we don’t help out, no body else will. So we have been the chosen one for doing this good deed. We don’t have a say in it. We just have to follow through.

In the end it’s our life. Live it or waste it. Any Questions? Of course, there are no questions because we have been well conditioned not to ask any.




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