Water: Are we USING it?

Without water we cannot and will not exist. Water in all its glory is found all around us including the air we breathe. Many living life forms including us is comprised mainly of water. Majority of our Planet Earth comprises of water in many forms and in different states of solid, liquid and gas. It is amazing to see an iceberg weighing many tons floating in liquid water effortlessly even though it is in a solid state . A ship displaces water to float whereas an iceberg is lighter when compared to the density of the liquid water in which it floats. That’s nature at its best. Water is stored in vast reservoirs right beneath our feet in some areas called aquifers. So we are living in a water saturated Planet. How lucky are we for having been born here than on Venus or Mars? (Besides the point of survival). Water is also found deep beneath deserts.


Our polar ice caps functions as a huge refrigerator spanning vast distances and it contributes enormously in maintaining the global temperature. The water and air currents circulate it around the World by doing their part in maintaining the temperature we experience every day in our neighborhood and also around the World. So how are we consuming this water for our daily use in terms of daily usage? We use it for our daily household chores including cooking, cleaning, bathing, brushing, washing clothes and flushing our toilets. Each of us also need to be hydrated daily in order to live. We can survive without food for days but without water we are done. We might shrivel up like raisins and die. We also use a river, stream, pond, lake or an ocean for our recreational purposes. Only a small fraction of water on earth is drinkable so it is very finite. But we are so spoiled on how we use water, which is relentless. Nearly a third of the World’s population does not have clean drinking water. The rest of us have taken water for granted because we get it immediately the minute we turn the tap on. This is not the case in many parts of the World. Many people die every single day due to contaminated, toxic or polluted water. People have to walk miles to fetch water from vast distances covering the distance on foot. This is only half the battle. Then they have to purify and get rid of the pathogens before it becomes drinkable.


So are we using water or are we abusing it? ‘Using’ can be used in many contexts here, one such as being ‘used’ as in abuse or are we using it in the right way? Every drop counts. Now many countries are developing technologies to capture water droplets from fog just like what some insects do. We have a lot to learn from nature. The water cycle which we had learned about in primary school is what keeps the water table up thus satisfying it’s availability for Human consumption.

Today we drink less and less water . But we are drinking more and more of bottled drinks with tons of sugar in it. Do you trust the quality of the water in these drinks? How do we know what’s inside? So we are not drinking ‘real’ water but we are trying to supplement it with other drinks, coffee, wine, tea etc. But still we need water and need lots of them every day to sustain our cellular and bodily functions. Mind you I said need and not want. We don’t drink enough water, but we spend so much money in beautifying our lawn with sprinklers so our house can look beautiful in the eyes of total strangers. How else are we planning to hydrate ourselves? We need to ask ourselves this question.


Where did we go wrong? Is it because water is cheap or are we putting ourselves at risk to impress others with our beautiful lawns? Of course we must have our car washed too.

We have contaminated our natural water resources right from our neighborhood streams to oceans through extensive pollution. We are definitely doing a fantastic job at it. We are also in the process of depleting our groundwater. So what’s our plan next? Are we going straight to the origin of rivers to cut off all vital water supply to the lower valleys?  Anything is possible these days because man is definitely getting better at depleting all resources that support him in his journey through life. We have even capitalized water by selling bottled water. Splendid. What are we going to capitalize on next? AIR? Maybe. Once the air is polluted and when the time comes when we cannot breathe at all, we can start selling oxygen tanks with masks to make money. Are we going to capitalize on desperate situations like this to make money? I bet you we will. This is what we have been doing all along.


In conclusion we are abusing water by not drinking enough for our own survival and wasting this precious resource on lawns and car washes, which are not relevant for our very existence. Don’t forget the pool.  Most of us will be inviting a lot of our friends this summer for a pool party. A gentle reminder: It’s close to summer. Oops. Did you forget to open the pool for the season? I did not. Because I do not have one. Each Pools does consume a lot of water. Multiply that by the number of pools across the World. Then start counting the gallons in them.

Are you water friendly? If so pass it on.

If not, Please help us in conserving water. Thank you.




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