OUR Character says it all.

Before we even speak a work, we are able to judge a person outwardly based on our assumptions, beliefs and our outlook in life. But how can you judge a book by its cover? Is it fair for the person whom we are assuming to be someone who they are not? A well dressed man displaying his wealth may in fact be struggling in life. Likewise a man dressed in shabby clothes may be worth millions in monetary terms. So looks are deceptive. Today we see criminals all across the World in various justice systems and jurisdictions. At one point all of them were innocent kids just like we were. What had made them choose this path? Is it financial hardships? Is it broken childhood? Society judges a person who has money and punishes the poor.


A bank rewards the rich with dividends, or interests and treats the poor with penalties, or late payments etc. Is this the type of society we live in where a persons character doesn’t matter any more. What about honesty, other virtues and integrity for that matter? Does no one care about it anymore and is it all ABOUT money?

Our Character is who we are deep within us. Since we are individual beings, Only we know who we are within our inner core. Everyone has two faces like a coin. May be there is a dark side too. But the Dirt always surfaces at some point. Our Character says a lot about us as an individuals. It also represents us as Humans. We are Humans first, Individuals second. Character is inbuilt at birth, not fabricated later on in life. So deep inside we are who we are.


If we lose our Human nature and we lose sight of our individual character, we are pretty much a lost Human soul. To be Human, we need to gather our feelings and Be Human again. We are filled with emotions and we are programmed to show love, display affection and care for one another. Character shapes us to be who we want to be, who we are and where we want to be in the future. Men hide their emotions where as Women display them. These days we see kids and adults alike saturated with stress. Most do not display or show off their emotional states. But when it becomes packed away for a very long time within that person, there is always a breaking point at some point down the line. Society also has a part to play in molding the character of a person. But it all starts at home. Just like a potter shapes a pack of clay into pottery, we are shaped from the very beginning by family, friends, teachers, professors, colleagues, pen pals etc, maybe even virtual friends, to be who we are today. Today we have shaped ourselves to be comfortable in the social media arena to a certain degree in which we have opened up ourselves and share our private lives to the public. We are OK with posting photos, showing off our vacations, and even our dog. What does this tell us as an individual whom we are?  Are we not happy with our lives that we are seeking the approval of family and friends to be accepted in that circle? Hope not.


We need to preserve our own individual Character for who we are. We cannot change for no one. Each of us are unique in our own ways. We should stay unique to preserve who we are and also preserve our individual identity. If we try to copy someone such as a celebrity, what it tells us is that we are willing to lose our identity and take on a new identity or an avatar. Why are we doing this? Are we willing to give up our identity which we have had since birth? That celebrity is also an individual lie you and me. He or she is a Human too. Our identity is unique to us. We cannot be copied. We are we. Our base character stays with us throughout our lives. Because this is what we are comprised of. Character is a virtue that only we can own our own character. So be you. Be yourself and make the best of what life has to offer. Don’t give it away.

My character has been my buddy all my life. It has stayed with me all these years. I intend to keep it close to me. What about yours? Keep it for life and be very proud of it. Because there is only one. And there is only one of you.



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