Passion withIN US.

It’s what I call the fire within, which is a burning desire to fire up the hobby or work which we love to pursue every single day and every single minute. This is carried out exclusively through self motivation, devoid of any undue external force and done purely through our inner drive to fire up the grill of creativity. Without passion it is classified as just work. Without passion there is no life in us. The life within us is a gift. We need to use this gift wisely. Would you throw out a gift that is given to you? I would cherish it , love it and put my creativity into it. All of us have that inner drive within us. It is up to us to use it. Most don’t, some do and a very few Live it throughout their lives. When any work is done with pure passion, it’s not considered work anymore. For many who are passionate enough to pursue something they love, this may also help transform their hobby into a supplemental form of livelihood. Passion takes any work to a completely new level. It’s very hard to describe it in words. It can only be felt.


Most people get up in the morning, do their morning chores, rush towards the so called place of ‘work’. The same thing is followed through in the evening on their race back home, only to find that it is a circle and in our modern times , seems to be the circle of life or even called the rat race. This is a very monotonous activity followed by millions around the World every single second of each day. This includes people working round the clock in shifts, day workers and contract workers. The common attribute that binds all these people together is that they are trading their own lives for Money and it’s called work. It’s not because they love their work so much. It’s because they need money to pass through various stages in life. Without money they may not even pass through stage one. The line may just stop there. So we are forced to subconsciously conditioned to enter this monetary system, which is a system created to benefit a few and enslave billions. Of course, it’s artificial. Everything has a reason and the reason in this case is control, money and power. Welcome to the rat race. The race has just begun. Many of us have started running the race decades ago. Some very recently. If we stop running we sink. This is what it is designed to do. It’s a system within many systems.


Our life time is very minuscule in the geological time scale. If we are working 1/3 of our lives, and the other 1/3 we are sleeping and the rest 1/3 is for miscellaneous activities, when are we planning to LIVE LIFE. As Humans, we have to do something we love to keep our minds active and busy. A stray mind is a devil’s workshop. So keep doing something. If we do not pursue something worthwhile in life, we need to supplement it with some activity or hobby. We see seniors who retire and then stay on as couch potatoes watching TV all day, begin to see their health deteriorate rapidly unlike those who follow a passion such as golfing, painting, photography, socializing, travelling etc lead a healthy lifestyle.


Passion in whatever you do brings with it joy, dedication, fear of accomplishment, a sense of fulfillment, euphoria, spirit, warmth, excitement,eagerness and creativity to name a few. This also may lead to a long, happy and a fulfilled life well lived. The longer we live, we need to have a metric to measure it. What have we done? What have we accomplished so far? Have we given back? When passion is thrown into that pit of accomplishments, that list may feel much shorter in length. Passion fuels creativity, imagination and innovation. Every invention that ever happened, all had started off with an idea, a need, a requirement and was fueled by passion to bring it to market and thereby benefiting millions.


So keep your passion fire burning and your inner fire lit. We may see you on the other side as an innovator, a creator or even an entrepreneur. Remember, its never too late to start something in your life which you Love. The past is past, today is a present or a gift, that’s why its called a present and the future is unknown and is filled with mystery, surprises etc. Let’s make the most out of the present to make our future filled with accomplishments which we can be happy about. Let’s throw passion into the mix to add flavor and for the essence lets put in Love, efforts and dedication.

Looking forward to seeing you on the other side.




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