Uncharted Decisions.

Life gives us no guarantees. We are what we are today based on the decisions we had made back then many decades back. Some were good decisions which have filled us with happiness, joy, accomplishments etc and some not so which has filled us with regrets, failures, sacrifices, unhappiness, stress etc. Just like in life, we see a mix of both in what ever fields we have chosen to pursue. In life, decisions have to be made at some point to execute any forthcoming opportunities.  We may choose to continue based on our analysis of the situation. In other cases we may let it pass. Sometimes there comes a time when we have to blindly jump in. We may even be jumping into quick sand. These are uncharted waters and life is full of them. One false move and we are done. In most cases Life gives us many more opportunities and second chances. We may fall many times. But we have to get up, learn from our mistakes and move on. If we fail to get up we will sink to the bottom and never recoup.


Never ever give up. Keep Pursuing Life with passion, persistence and perseverance. These keys will help you unlock your true potential.

We have to make important decisions every day just to survive and see another day. This is very true for all animals. They have to survive the night to beat all odds for survival and to procreated their own species. Each of us are decision makers. We get to choose who our friends are, where we work and play, where we travel to, what food we eat, what blogs we like etc. So every second of each day our brain is firing on all cylinders to keep us alive. We have learned to differentiate. Safety from danger, life and death etc for our own survival. Without which we will not make it. If you tell a kid not to touch fire because it will burn. Curiosity takes over at this instance. Now when that baby touches the fire and gets burnt, he or she may not go near it in the future. So we are conditioned to learn. This is called Life experiences. Only experience gives us the chance to make well informed decisions in life, that is throughout life. Without many failures, we Cannot become successful. We need to know what failures are to know success. Failures are the stepping stones to success. No doubt about it. Failure pulls us to the bottom. We have to fight back against the current to surface. If we do not fight back, we will sink permanently. So keep your eyes open and your inner fire lit up to pursue what ever you want in life.


Nothing is impossible to achieve, but it must be acted upon to achieve the desired results. Say you are travelling to a new country. Would you like to follow the touristy areas or the off beaten path? I personally, I love to venture out on my own by creating my own path. I Love uncharted territory. This scenic route gives us the best experiences, the bests sights and sounds and even gives us more bang for the buck. Because it is always cheaper far away from tourist camps and its hustle and bustle. In life we should stop following the herd, commonly called the herd mentality. Standing alone takes you to places where most people have never been to. That’s uncharted waters. This requires experience, courage, foresight and preparation. It may be dangerous but it is worth it for me. I love to see authentic sites, untouched nature, eat native food, enjoy different cultures, hear new music and even indulge in new traditions. This is what makes life interesting. Off the beaten path may throw challenges at us, but we do learn a lot striking it alone in an open landscape filled with greenery, fresh air, beautiful scenes, and plentiful bounty to explore. When we travel, we need to have a map, a compass, food, tents, water, a plan etc. We are taught to plan for camping , but not for life. What is wrong here? Why are we not taught about money? BUT, In life we do not plan or nor were we taught how to plan different stages of our lives and execute those plans as we move forward through life. WHY ???


When success is at our doorstep based on our past decisions we rejoice and try to multiply that success by replicating it. This is what we see in franchises. What works for one many not work for another. Also what worked back then may not work now. We need to factor in anything and everything before making a final decision to pursue or abandon our decision.

Decisions can either make us or break us. Ultimately we will be the one to enjoy the success or regret the failure as the case may be. But we need to dive in based on decisions made based on our individual or collective analysis based on facts and probability of success.


Swimming and life have something in common. To start swimming,  first we need to gather the courage to come close to the water, then dip our toes in, then come to ankle height, then to chest and then to neck deep.Then we just need to learn to float and propel ourselves forward. Each step carries with it a decision making process. Our mind is working very hard to make the right decisions to keep us alive. The minute we feel that there is no bottom, we start panicking and head back to shore. We should learn to start making our own decisions that are good for us. We will definitely make mistakes along the way. Without learning we do not make mistakes. Without making mistakes we do not learn. Without applying what we have learned, we will never learn or grow. Without growing, we will be like stagnant water infested with mosquitoes. To have a healthy body of water, the water has to be constantly flowing. In life, decisions have to made continuously.

It’s a swim or sink situation. It’s our individual decision.

What’s yours?





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