ONLY 24 Hours?

All of us have 24 Hours each at our disposal every single day. Are we using it effectively to make our purpose in life effective? Why are we here and what is our purpose? We are not put on Earth just to procreate our next generation or to get up each morning and follow the  money trail.


Each of us have our own purpose in life. What is your purpose? Now that you know your purpose, Then what is time? Time is only a man made unit of measurement. The original time was calculated from dawn to dusk using the sun and then throughout the night the stars dominated the ancient clock. With the advent of the industrial age, the clock that we see today was invented to fraction time even to the nano second. Thus we have complicated ourselves. Once electricity was invented life went from bad to worse for a different reason. Back then people went about their daily lives by following the sun. When the sun rose they rose and vice versa. Today there is no need to follow the sun because we have electricity 24/7. In this process we have sacrificed our health. Our’s is also a chronically sleep deprived society. New diseases have popped up as a result. We have been trying to beat the clock ever since time was fractioned in the name of civilization and in the name of modern living.


So we have 24 hours at our disposal. What are we going to do with it? How do we plan to spend it? Or are we just going to waste it away? Each and everyone of us have a full 24 Hours each day. Meaning we need to fraction it to plan our day and make our purpose in life beneficial to mankind and to ourselves as Individuals. If not we will be just on the quest for money all our lives, and by doing so we will not be living life. Whether you are a billionaire or a pauper, both of you have the same exact 24 hours. There are many animal species who have very short lives which when compared to ours is very minute. Some insects just live for 24 hours while others last just a few hours. Their purpose is the eat, mate and then die.  But with our so called advanced brain, we should be able to do much better. While our lifetime is comparatively larger on a broader scale, we have plenty of time to be beneficial to ourselves and to society. But when we compare our lifetime to the geological time scale it is just a blink of an eye, maybe even less. During  our travel on the treadmill of life, we will have many experiences which culminate in wisdom as we age. When we reflect back then and open ourselves up, then analyse our life, we should be able to see the meaning within it and within ourselves. If we do not see any our life may be considered a waste. It’s not how long we live that makes the difference, but by the GOOD deeds we have done for ourselves, our family, our society and to all of Mankind.


In the end when it’s time to go, we should be able to close our eyes with the satisfaction of having lived a well lived life and with the happiness of leaving a legacy behind. People may not know your name, but they will surely remember how you made them feel and how you have helped them when you were alive. Remember, we have only 24 hours. I don’t think doing ONE good deed in 24 hours is impractical. If each of us do one in 24 hours, imagine what a difference it could make for all of us.

What have you done to leave a legacy behind? Are you planning to? Think about it.


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