Supportive family or UN-supported Soul?

As individuals we are very unique and are as a matter of fact stand alone islands. Each with our own requirements, our emotions and in our overall makeup. We are social beings by nature and are not meant to be lonely. Nature has provided us with instincts in order to propagate the existence and sustainability of our species. For this to happen, social interaction is essential. As a result of which a family came into being. One thing led to an another and now we have 7 plus billion people roaming different faces of this Planet.


From the saying, ‘No man is an island” contradicts the previous statement. In deciphering that code we are able to make sense of it. Namely Each of us are individual islands but since we are social beings, we are designed to live in a community. This brings about bringing in new generations to populate the Planet. This also instills in us a sense of belonging, a sense of our acceptance in it and a virtual obligation to do the same for the community in which we live our lives. In fact this community is a family within a family. In a subset, our individual family is with whom we have created a new life biologically and who in return has helped us create an identity for ourselves within that vast external family.


For a family to be united on all fronts, it needs to be supported by each and every member of the family. Each of them need each other for the purpose of survival of their individual self. As an individual we may not have survived this long during the long evolutionary process of Mankind from the caveman to the Man we see today. United we stand, alone we fall. This still holds true today in all walks of life. We see this in any application we apply it to in life, even today. A family needs, love, care, emotional support, moral support and the likes of it. Without which a family may not exist and will drift in many different directions, ultimately ending in as stand alone islands of individuals


For an individual to succeed they may need help from their families either directly or indirectly. When an individual has that moral, financial and ethical support, he or she may sore much higher than as and when they act as solo individuals. This is where a family comes into the picture. The importance of family cannot be stressed enough. As we age, the need for a closer family takes shape. The next question is : Is our family bond together? or Are we drifting apart? Will they help you at times of need? Are they watching our backs? If so, its time to fly to the next level by spreading your wings. If not it’s time to create a team within your family who loves you, supports you, cherishes you for who you are and praises you for all your accomplishments in life. In some instances a true friend may be all whom you need for support. Many times we may not have the required timely uplift from family. This is where true friends fill in the gap and help us through that obstacle by holding our hands. TRUE Friends are in fact complete strangers who love us for who we are and who share with us their inner most feelings and secrets. TRUE Family has the same characteristics. They are also total strangers bonded through family and thus become part of our family. In the end, it does not matter who holds your hand at times of need, be it family or friend. He or she who holds your hand is THE supporting hand that may lift you up and help you soar high.

Who is holding your hand?


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