HOME Cooked Food.

Nothing can beat Home cooked food especially our mother’s specialty recipes and our wife’s mouthwatering entrees. With home cooking we can be creative doers and fantastic eaters. Food is what brings us together as a family. It also has the power to bind cultures together. No function or festivities is celebrated without food. Food has been the fundamental foundation to Mankind and has been the source of energy to fight wars, create friendship and even to barter for goods and services since the ancient times. Food comes in all flavors, colors, sights and aromas. It can be blended to create fusion foods and even fashion foods. Each food that is created is given a fancy name by which it is recognized. This name catches on as time flies by. New foodie inventions lead to new blends, new presentation and brings on new business in the commercial arena. Commercial foods are designed, created and meant for the masses and is prepared with ONLY profit in mind. Forget about the quality of it’s ingredients.


Presentation is the key in displaying food to our guests at home, a posh restaurant or even at an official gathering. Food presentation brings out the artistry within us. Home foods, display a variety of colors, stimulates our senses by increasing our salivation, helps us enjoy the aroma which it emits and serves as a feast to our eyes, mind and our inner soul. Home food is made with great Love, in a caring manner, attention to detail is given importance, is chosen fresh, the right mix of ingredients are chosen and mixed, and finally the outcome is relished through its taste, colors and the smell that fills the room. When it touches our tongue, we close our eyes to enjoy its fullness in all its splendor.


Cleanliness is very essential to prevent cross contamination between food ingredients, between vegetarian and non-vegetarian items, allergen prone foods, and even clean cooking vessels is to be factored in. Even our hands, nails and the entire body need to be clean before heading to the kitchen. The cook should be spotlessly clean,  well groomed with nails and hair cut. He or she must have a shower before and after entering the kitchen. This is highly recommended. Beards not recommended and hair must be covered. General cleanliness of the kitchen area is very essential to keeping pests at bay including cockroach, flies etc. The kitchen and dining floors must be sanitized and cleaned daily to maximize cleanliness and to prevent pathogens from taking over. If not they end up in our foods as non-vegetarian side dishes. They also end up transmitting disease. Overall Hygiene cannot be stressed enough.


Nutrition plays a major part in Home cooked food. In fact this is the most important part we crave in this food category and this is the reason we actively seek it. We prefer this over hotel or restaurant food. Home food is packed with all the right ingredients required by us to sustain a healthy living. On the contrary commercially produced food is just food matter that takes up space in our stomach just to feel full. It is mostly devoid of any nutrition, may be packed with preservatives to extend shelf life, coloring agents to entice you, cheap ingredients to fill in, flavoring agents to help you come back for more and more. Dollar signs abound.


The mode of travel from plate to mouth is usually via our hand to mouth or via cutlery to our mouth. The utensils we cook with must be clean & maintained very well, our plates and cutlery must be spotless and very clean. Once we are happy with it and know very well that everything is clean, now we are ready to enjoy our meal. Home cooked food is know for its nutritional benefits, unadulterated nature, great efforts put in, made with love and also made specially for us. This is put together for us with Love. This stands to be very special for each of us at a personal level.


When we travel we are exposed to various food allergens, unsanitary conditions, contaminated foods, foods prepared in unhygienic environments etc. Do you know what’s happening behind the scenes in the kitchen of any restaurant? Is the chef wearing gloves while preparing your food? What about a mask? Has your food ever been touched by bare hands? Is the cutlery sterilized professionally to kill all bacteria? This is the same cutlery which you will be using to put food into your mouth. You expect it to be clean in your Doctor’s or your Dentist’s office. But what about in a restaurant? Most people seem to not care about putting the same fork or spoon which has been put into someones mouth, then washed with warm water and then when it comes to their table, they use it in their mouth without raising any questions and without hesitation. Why is that? Is it because bacteria is harmless? Is it because we are following the herd? Or Is it because we are afraid to ask?


But once we enter into our abode which we call home, we are showered with the most nutritious and the best healthy food which one can indulge in by digging their hands into, sinking their teeth in and drooling over it’s one and only taste. Doesn’t matter how many countries we have traveled to and how many different restaurants we have eaten in Worldwide, NOTHING can beat HOME cooked food.

Do you agree? I do. Because it is THE best food our family can offer us and most important of all is that it is made WITH LOVE.



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