ME and MY : Are we selfish beings?

These are the two most widely used words in the World today on a day to day basis. No one ever fails to mention this during any of their verbal conversations or in their written texts. Is it all about me and my? Is that all there is to life?  My Life … From the day we are born till the day we die, we might have used it millions of times. Since every Human is an individual island, he or she considers himself or herself to be of utmost importance. Is this because we consider ourselves superior to others?  From cradle to the grave we have come in the same way and we leave this Planet the exact same way. The rest is immaterial to even consider in our very short lifespan. Because the rest is artificial. So who are we and what do Me and My represent? It represents our inner self, sort of an inflated ego of ourselves. This could be a survival trait instilled upon us for our own self preservation. So I think it would be safe to assume that each and everyone of us is selfish in someway for that reason. Do you think so?


From the days of our first day at school to college to employment, we are fighting our own battles to keep our head above the water of Humanity. Its basic survival at its best. Without this we might have succumbed by now. For the first time in Human History, we have learned to connect ourselves more and more to materialistic things. We have all heard these, My car, My house, My phone, My computer, My password, My bank account, My Girlfriend, My wife, My pen etc. etc, It’s all My, My, My, My……..My World too. Do we not consider anyone else besides us. Should we consider anyone else? This is where all the problems arise. me and My can be used interchangeably in many ways and under different circumstances.


We have also started loving products and using people. People are being exploited Worldwide for many reasons daily to satisfy the MY or the ME in the exploiter. It may be financial or otherwise. People are being treated as commodities in many places across the World. The Money hungry and the power hungry go hand in hand to create a MY team. They together may form the WE Empire to reap its rewards. Once the WE crumble it may return to the MY again. So in short we are all looking out for ourselves and trying to save the ME and MY in us. As per the point of individual survival, if the ME or the MY is protected, our survival may be rest assured. If ME and the MY are affected in some way due to a myriad of reasons, we will lose our identity of ME and MY. So in this context, our individual selfishness may protect us from harm by preserving our individual identity.


There is nothing wrong with protecting our own individual ME and MY for purposes of self preservation But we should also give a helping hand to US or even THEM who in turn may save you or even help you at times of need. Because if it is only ME and MY left and there is NO US or THEM, we will be living lonely lives and no one to seek help from at times of need. Because if they do not exist, they may not be there to help you with your own ME and MY. At this juncture with no help from THEM, we will be lost to oblivion. SO will our individual identity of ME and MY.


Imagine you are stranded on an island or lost in a hiking trail? Who is going to rescue you? ME and MY cannot help. ONLY US or THEM can help. But only if they feel like. So without a support network, no person on Earth can survive on his or her own throughout life. We need each other. We will at some point seek help from some one. Say we get injured and cannot move or we get stuck in a snow blizzard with no one around. Our journey through life comes with full of unexpected turns with high mountains and deep valleys. We never know when it will be the end of our line. You get the point.

We should take this opportunity to Thank all our firefighters, Law enforcement officers, EMT’s, rescue personnel and others who help us at times of need. They put their lives on the line to save ours. They always put their ME and MY behind them to put our ME and MY first and EVEN ahead of their own and their family’s.

So what’s your take on this ? Would you add US or THEM to your life instead of all ME and MY? This may even sweeten up your life a bit.





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