Artificial WAVES and our Health.

There are many forms of waves which we are exposed to each and everyday. Some we can see and some we cannot. And many more which we cannot even feel or experience. We are able to see the ripples on a pond but we are unable to see sound waves or radio waves. But they are ever present around us. Waves do propagate in water, such as sound waves through water. Water has a density as well through which communication is possible using sound waves, that’s sonar. Marine animals such as the Whales and all species of dolphins communicate between their pods using that method. They use this technique to communicate within themselves for purposes of hunting, mating and to give out distress calls. Bats communicate using sounds, creating tracking using these waves called echolocation, to detect prey and to prevent themselves from bumping into each other and even cave walls. We also get cosmic waves from outer space which so far is of unknown origins. These are some of the natural sounds that exist and is there for us to explore. Then there are various types of lightwaves within the electromagnetic spectrum having many real life applications which are applicable to many industries in the field of Science and Technology.


Now lets look into the Artificial sounds that we have created to make our life even more complex than it actually is. Some sounds such as Ultrasounds are useful in Medical applications. Then we have the sounds that are emitted through amplifies, equalizers and speakers with larger and larger volume outputs. Long term exposure to these sound waves have been proven to cause permanent or temporary deafness. Back then speakers were getting larger and larger as the years progressed. If was also a passing fad to show off larger speakers in your car and at home.Today those same speaker specifications are well contained in smaller and smaller speaker housing that fits well within the palm of our hands. Radio waves are long distance waves used in astronomy to detect distant sounds within our galaxy and beyond using a receiver and a dish or antennae in addition to complex systems. Some day we may be able to communicate with live beings just like us from a distant galaxy. We would be naive to think that ours is the only planet within our galaxy that supports life. We also have very large radio telescopes used to decipher the code of our cosmos and deep space. These telescopes also provide with deep space imagery. These telescopes are getting larger and larger each year to enable us to go further and further deeper into space in the quest to satisfy our curiosity.


I assume all of us have the latest gadgets in our homes, in our cars and in our offices or in our place of work. How many hours do we spend on each of those daily ? We all know that X rays units emit radiation in very small doses due to its digital nature. This may be considered to be be of a much lower dose when compared to our exposure to the Sun. Did you know? We may be exposed to more cosmic radiation while flying at high altitudes? Read about it FYI. Sun do emit vast amounts of radiation. We have some protection from it due to the distance of the Earth from the Sun. What about our cell phones, our laptops, our blue rays, our DVD’s, Televisions etc etc.? Are they harmless to us and our bodies?


We are literally bombarded by radiation and what not from any or all of these gadgets every second of the day. What do you think are its implications on your body? Or do you not want to think about it by just ignoring it. There may be no studies that exists in studying its effects for obvious reasons. Consumerism and profits. So its time we start looking into it by looking outside the box.

We see many people carrying their cell phones in their left shirt pockets. Do you know where your heart is? Unless your heart is on the other side. Do you sense any possible connection. Cell phones may have very strong electromagnetic fields or radio waves connecting them to cell towers. The more distance we are away from a tower, the more powerful the effects may be due to its ability to try to capture signals from distant towers. This requires a ton of energy for it to function. I would think so.


Our heart is a muscle which has its own electrical impulses and has its own generator. This is what keeps our heart pumping. This is why when the heart stops we give it a jolt of electricity to wake it up. Now do you see the connection. Or you don’t want to know. WE also are known talkers. We talk for hours on end talking on our cell phones and also spend many more hours on our laptops. Some People have headphones on their heads all the time, does this have any possible effect on the brain of the person? We are all engaged through these gadgets 24/7 , that we have no time nor the interest to communicate face to face.There is not many hours left in the day to really live life. 24 Hours is not enough, at least it seems that way. What about microwaves? Does the food you heat lose its nutrition when it’s exposed to micro waves? Does it affect our heart or our pacemaker in any way? What about LED lights? As consumers do we ever question any of these? Do we want to ever know?


Most of us do not want to know and want to pass through life with as little information as possible. Today our society is also on information overload meaning no one wants to get another email, another advertisement, another flyer or even a visit from a salesperson. But we are all missing the point.What about magnetic interference from high tension overhead power lines used to power mega factories. How may this possibly affect our health? What about the effects of  long term exposure or chronic exposure? Do we know it and are not releasing the data? Is it harmful or harmless?


We may need to look into what may affect our health. This is your health we are talking about. Daily we are spending more and more time on the web reading junk, talking gossip on the phone, but we are willing to let go on the most important information that is needed to preserve our health and to learn about the possible effects of all these gadgets on our personal health, which we are using every day. Are we losing our health to its possible detrimental effects? Why is there such a high incidence of cancer popping up all over the place? Is it time to wake up? No one seem to care or do we.

Will we ever wake up?

It’s wise to get the answers we are seeking now than later.



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