Our THUMB and Our BIG TOE. Why we need them?

We have learned to take our hands and our feet for granted. Imagine having no toes or fingers. Our hands and legs would be just stumps. How would we stand up or even grasp things? How would we eat and dress ourselves? How will we transport ourselves from point A to point B ?  You get the point. Our evolution has brought us from walking on all fours to walking on two’s. So back then our thumbs might have had some other functions to perform as well. That is maybe to have supported our huge frame. Back then we were much bigger, heavier and matched with a much larger skull than which we have today.


Our hands, feet and our entire body is connected by an intricate and vast network of muscles, nerves, blood vessels, lymphatics, blood cells, bones, tendons etc etc. which extend miles on end with precise functions to fulfill. Also it has to be coordinated to function in sync. Who controls them? We. Our Brain controls both our voluntary and involuntary functions. It’s actually the CPU of the body without which we may not live to see another day. Voluntary functions are our motor skills suck as moving arms, legs etc. Involuntary functions are the maintenance of our respiration, circulatory, and cardiac functions. Just imagine that during  sleep if our respiration ceases or our heart stops. Blame it on the brain because it had also gone to sleep.  That would be a very long sleep indeed for eternity. When we sleep, we are in fact a ‘dead body’. The only difference is that our vital functions continue to do their part and continue working. While awake our bodily functions are functioning full speed ahead. During sleep they slow down significantly just to sustain life. This is when we recharge our cells to continue on to see the next day.


If you look at the fingers of our closest living cousins, monkeys, the gorilla, chimpanzees, orangutans and the like, we notice drastically amazing similarities between our digits, our thumb, on how it functions etc when compared to theirs. They are able to use tools just like us: For example: they use stones to break open nuts, they throw coconuts to open them up, they can use straw to feast on termites etc. etc. Certain monkeys have been document to walk bipedally, on their two’s. All the above requires the use of their toes and their thumb. Like wise we cannot live or function with out these two.


Now lets analyze the Thumb. All the other four fingers are aligned well in a row but at different heights. When you look at your palm, why is the thumb way out of alignment and why is it placed way down? It does not make sense. But it does. Now try to close your fingers together. They always meet at a point. It also mimics nature by way imitating a flower that opens and closes. This is by which we clasp objects. The thumb is the most important player here. Now take you thumb out of that equation and see for your self how you will be clasping an object. It will seem very odd and difficult to do daily tasks. How would you tie your shoe lace, for example or tie your tie? It will be next to impossible. So consider your thumb and take care of it when you throw a ball or even when holding that spoon in your hands.


Analyzing the Big toe of your feet. We do know even know that it exists. That’s right. It’s not a misprint. We hardly even notice it nor do we even know its significance. Our BIG toe is the one which helps us stand, turn etc. Without which the simple act of standing would be impossible. Think about it. It’s highly innervated, supported well by bone and tendons to do its function. Due to its location, the toe muscle plays a major role in our day today lives. Now we have two of them, one in each feet. How does it function well by communicating with each other? How does one know what the other one is going to do? How does it act accordingly to keep us in balance? How do they anticipate each others movements?


Now that you know the significance of these two, don’t lose sight of it. Be aware of it, and be happy that you have them. Because there are many people in this World devoid of  feet,  hands or even both.We have been following materialism all these years and have lost touch with our self. All we care today is money. When was the last time you looked at your own body and self explored it for any bumps or bruises, any imperfections, any pathology or even just took care of it. Today we abuse our body in many ways For example, wearing high heels that we know have detrimental effects to the feet, carrying heavy weights, wearing footwear in the name of fashion. Today we make more trips to our podiatrist than to our supermarket. Also we take care of our car much more than our body. We pay much more attention to any scratch on the car body than our own bodies. Have we become a loyal consumer who is so immersed in materialism that we have learned to even ignore the status of our own bodies?


Today technology has invaded our cars, homes and everything in between. We are able to do diagnostics on any appliances remotely from any part of the World. But when it comes to our own bodies, there is no remote operation or service available. Why is that? We still make our trips to the Physician or the Dentist the old fashioned way. The stethoscope is still in use today 300 years later. What is wrong with this picture? We take pride in our material possessions and not in our own bodies.

Were you aware of your toe and your thumb until now? Hope this article helped you open your mind and explore yourself moving forward.




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