Do Hobbies CREATE us or we CREATE them?

Hobbies are integral part of our creativity.  Hobbies come in all shapes, sizes, forms, formats, and configurations. We have a hobby club for anything these days.  So no one should be without a hobby. Without hobbies we would be traveling through live and be living it just to absorb all the pressures that life throws at us. In return we create negative energy and disperse it outward from within. It could often lead to burn out.


Hobbies are also know to extend our lives, enhance our happiness .Hobbies gives us a path to vent out our feelings. All of us are wired to be creative in one way or another, each of us equipped with our own set of skills, interests, aspirations and ambitions. A hobby is one which involves your full attention, your passion, your dedication, your sincerity, and your deep seated interests. This is one activity in which you would pursue this activity no matter what. Money is not even in the equation. Because this is your inner self, communicating with you in the creation of your own masterpiece using your own intrinsic passion to fuel it. Passion is the driving force which propels you forward in anything you do. Without passion any work which you do has no life in it. It’s called the inner drive. It’s also what I call ‘the fire within’. This inner drive is virtually minimal or even non existent in the absence of passion. The three P’s to achieving anything in life is – Passion, persistence and perseverance and in that order.


Without a hobby we may in fact become couch potatoes, passing time on our couches watching TV. How many hours or how many days do you think we can continue to watch TV continuously? Retirees today face the same exact dilemma. They have been used to the 9 to 5 job schedule for many decades and one day find themselves retired. Now they are totally lost. They were not prepared for it. Our society does not prepare us for important things in life but it does deviate our interests in unwanted and unnecessary matters. So It is in our best interest to prepare ourselves years ahead. Some want to Golf all day, others want to bask in the beach? You think you could do the same activity every single day? Even though you juggle different activities during the week, after a while it will seem monotonous, boredom will creep in and take over you. Retirement will feel amazing in the beginning  but after a few months, your circle of friends will start to disappear to do their own thing with their families and grand kids. Now you are totally paralyzed with fear. This is the time when hobbies play an important role in a persons life. It will pick you up from where you left off to continue your journey. Your passion will provide the energy in picking you up. Only you can pick yourselves up. No one else can.


So it will be wise to say hobbies do make us and gives us an individual identity by what we do. Hobbies are good to have at any age. Age no bar. Some are instilled in us at birth naturally and the rest are acquired. I started painting and photography when I was 4 years of age. Not that we were well off . My first paint set was a watercolor box received as a  gift. The colors started fascinated me and I started exploring life with colors. Then came the black and white film roll inside a camera. My dad would help me use it occasionally. I experimented with it over many years and learned the art of composition, shadows, depth of field, aperture,  ASA and shutter speed to name a few. No one had taught me these skills nor did I know these technical terms. If the photograph turned out good it meant success to me. Today with the internet we can access any information we need in a few seconds. Back then trial and error was the name of the game. We fell many times, we picked ourselves up and moved on with a quest to achieve our goal at all costs.

Nature does play tricks on us and tests us from time to time. WE do flunk most of the time but as we keep losing, we begin to build our inner strength, we push ourselves to get up and drive ourselves to conquer anything we please. It also makes us stronger, actually very strong. Hobbies help us do just that. Some days are better for us and some are not. But ultimately, it comes down to our mindset. Indulging in hobbies which you love are better then your indulgence in alcohol, drugs, smoking etc. It soothes your soul, carries you away to a different plane, and helps you forget your problems for a while. And there are no side effects to it. So hobbies can enhance our mindset using our creative side to benefit us. Similarly meditation takes us to a higher plane within which we transcend and morph into where we want to be.


Now that we know: Hobbies do create us. Lets look into the second part of the question, do we create hobbies. As a matter of fact, both questions have some validity in them and maybe both of them are even connected. This also depends on the angle in which we analyse them. Man has been painting on cave walls, on papyrus and clay tablets since the evolution of us began centuries ago. So in addition to our basic needs, we did explore and express ourselves in many ways including arts and crafts,  fashion, collectibles, designing weapons, creating new languages using new sounds, learning to write and learning to communicate. They might have done this during their spare time or family time. Most of their time might have been spent in search of food, socializing, defending themselves and searching for mates. Fast forward to today many of us have no hobbies to stick to.  Hobbies also help us open up, expand our network of friends who have a creative mind just like us. Today we see all sorts of clubs popping up each day. This brings people together. We see photography field trips, and nature clubs taking members  to different parts of the World  in order to experience for themselves their full potential and to bring our their individual creativity from within them , This will help each of them understand themselves. Mistakes are corrected. New techniques are conceived here. Constructive criticism breeds new techniques and provides them with room for improvement.


When we create art, a photograph, a sculpture, etc, we are able to able to bring to life a virtual thought from within us for others to enjoy. If that thought had stayed within your brain, it would just stay a thought for  a while and then may vanish without a trace. So the effort of an artist is required to elicit an action to bring that very thought into a tangible art form for others to experience and appreciate.


So spring up, express your thoughts and bring out your creative side for all of us to enjoy. Art and music in addition to other hobbies are meant to be expressed and to be displayed. For that to happen we need to express them unconditionally. If talents within us are locked up in a closet, in this case our brain and no one knows about it, it becomes a dead investment. Most people take this to their graves without passing their techniques to anyone. In the end their life becomes meaningless. In life we need to give more than what we take and we should not expect anything from anyone.  If we expect something in return, then it becomes a business. This includes the sharing of knowledge. We have been given the most powerful super computer, two hands and two feet to work with. We need to make the best of what we got. Knowledge is power. Sharing knowledge is a two way street. Don’t try to milk it from others before you do your part of sharing it.  Only then  both parties will benefit.

Hobbies are indeed an extension of ourselves to others and it is in itself the expression of our inner self  with the outside World. Go ahead. Come out into the light. The whole World is waiting.


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