Real doctors have put in their time and their efforts into becoming a Doctor to serve you and your family. They are doing this not to have a fancy title behind their name. If this was the case they would have been a CEO of their own  corporation reaping their millions. Instead they chose to serve you. While you were partying they were studying. Why become a doctor in the first place? The driving force is inner passion with the natural instinct to care. The reason for many who are entering the Profession is to take care of you at times of need. When your car breaks down you go to a mechanic, when a faucet leaks you call a plumber, and when your furniture breaks down you call a carpenter. All these do not come cheap. Now when YOU breakdown, who is going to fix you? Whom do you call? This is where the doctor comes in.


Do you remember when have purchased a warranty for each of the gadgets or furniture that you have for your home or office? You have also purchased insurances for all items that you own which may include your jewelry? Also you have paid for and are paying for your own life insurance as well as for your Health insurance? You have insurances for your cars, your ATV, your mobile home, your RV, fifth home and everything in between. You get the point. All of these are virtual insurance products which are sold to you as consumer products. They are virtual and made out of thin air. There is nothing in there. Nada. Zero. These do not cost them a penny to make due to the fact that it’s virtual. What about the mail-in rebates which you are supposed to mail in along with a ton of paperwork. In fact you have already paid them that money upfront and to get your own money back you need to slog yourself to do the paperwork before mailing it back. Then the wait begins. Don’t you think this is ridiculous? You doing all that work to get your own money back. They are in fact betting that 90% of the consumers do not send it back in time or lose their original documents. Think about it. This is free money we are talking about.


People have no problem paying for all these virtual products and then some. The surprising part is that no one even raises a question. Now lets look at the example of a doctor. He makes his living treating patients all his life. He or she has sacrificed his or her youth studying, stayed away from socializing during college days, sacrificed his family time to treat you as his patient literally 7 days a week. You do expect to see him when ever you want and at what ever time of the day or night it is. In short we do not want them to have a life. He is also a Human just like you and me. For him or her you come first, then comes his family. But you as his patient are reluctant to have him get paid for his services nor are allowing him to make a decent living by paying him on time. Now if you hire a contractor, they would require 50 % down and 50 % on completion. If doctors were to do the same, imagine what would happen to a patient in an emergency room who is literally dying. Sometimes doctors do not get paid for services rendered. Why? Don’t they deserve to get paid. It’s a job like any other job, but with much more specialized skills needing many more years of education and many more years of sacrifice. We as patients do not seem to care. Also we do not see that side. They are concerned about us, our health and our family. But we fail to reciprocate in the same manner.


Doctors are also Human. They are capable of making mistakes like we all do. This is what makes us Human. If we do not want any mistakes, the only way its possible is to program a robot capable of doing exactly one job repeatedly and programmed to do nothing else. Today we see fatalities resulting from drug over dose, wrong medications, wrong dose, medial mistakes etc. Just 100 years back the average life span for a Human was 45 Years. Today many have hit the century mark. Whom do we need to thank this for? Today the insurance industry has taken over the entire Healthcare system in many countries. They often dictate the course of your treatment. The patient nor the doctor may have any say in it. But it seems like that’s OK with us, as patients. We seem to accept it. So it must be OK with you too. So be it. People are looking for their insurance carriers to pick up the tab for the services that are medically necessary and for the services which are performed on them. But these companies are in existence to make money, not to pay them out. Are we expecting a lot?


The internet has enabled us to access any information at any given time, any place and any where. It also helps us to be current. Little knowledge about anything is too dangerous. Today many patients are in fact becoming doctors themselves and treating their own ailments. This is not good. Your health is not a product. In the past many years, Some Patients do read things on the internet, look at the photos, read about their symptoms online, then call the doctor to question his or her treatment path. This is something doctors had not anticipated. We wouldn’t treat ourselves by watching a video on the internet. Would we? Somethings are meant to be done by Professionals. Let them do their thing and let us do ours : Be a patient, be patient and work with our doctor as a team player. In the end, It’s OUR Health. If everyone becomes a doctor, who would be the patient? It’s anyone’s guess.


Imagine a World with NO doctors? Guess what would happen. Mortality would increase multi fold. People would be dropping dead like flies. Hospitals wouldn’t exist. Why would a hospital be open without doctors? All auxiliary and support staff including nurses, Phlebotomist, radiologist, pathologists, technicians, transcription dept, billing department, finance department etc will cease to exist.  Ambulances and people transport would be gone. In the end we as patients will be stuck and will need to fend for ourselves, treating each other like the good old times. Now Imagine a World without a Dentist. People may die of a simple abscess or even a simple cavity.  Gum disease is very rampant and is present in everyone’s mouth. We choose to ignore it because it does not hurt us NOW, until it’s too late. Let’s not take our doctors and their services for granted. We will need them some day.

Also let’s stop playing doctor and let them do what they know best- Doctoring.


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