LOST Villages.

When we Humans started off on the right foot way back then, there were no instruction manuals for anything. Our ancestors learned everything the hard way by way of trial and error. The time tested way. There was a time when we were scared of lightning and Thunder. As a result of this, mythological stories were fabricated to keep kids disciplined and in line. We were also new to this Planet. It was indeed a very strange place to live in. We had to learn our way out in order to survive as a species.


Since ancient times people lived together as tribes. At times they did at times have conflicts of interest when all hell broke loose. Living together as social beings gave us a sense of identity for ourselves as belonging to that particular tribe and being recognized as such. This led to self discovery and the subsequent creation of self identification. We then started developing as individuals within a society. This led to self preservation. To protect ourselves from others and from unknown forces we had to herd together to ensure the survival of our self. This may have started the creation of villages or hamlets.


Each village or a hamlet was a mini city in itself. It had people specialized in all skill sets such as goldsmith, locksmith, iron smith, farmer, carpenter, weapon maker, experts, scholars, astronomers, physicists, doctors, medicine man etc etc. within its walls. Just like any modern day city, it had to have a police to maintain law and order, a mail carrier and many more unique occupations that may have become extinct as time passed. To protect everyone living within its walls soldiers were stationed. In fact it may have looked like a mini country. Over time only the strong survived. Conquests between them may have led to their consolidation into bigger and bigger empires. As a city grows, so does the greed and the feeling to have more and more. This may have led to the demise of most major civilizations of which we only hear of today. So we started from nothing and ended with nothing. Then the cycle might have started all over again.


Now let’s fast forward to today. From the early times on, our origins were at the banks of all major rivers that trans versed each and every country. These enabled trade to take place through rivers, lakes and oceans. Those were also lined with many villages along its shores. As they developed over the years they have transformed themselves into cities that we see today situated along the river banks. So we have had traveled a very long path starting from the villages to our cities. But we do forget to see and learn from our past. Because they were indeed dark and thus no wonder we call them the dark ages. We now know that it was in fact the barbaric days of history.

Villages may have in fact protected our species from extinction. Collectively we could accomplish many thing than by living solo. Doing so we would not have survived for long. So grouping may have helped us learn together, work together and accomplish the task at hand. This is how we may have led ourselves in the creation of the languages, learned to read and write, and communicate with each other. We may have used codes to communicate between the same tribe so not one person from the other tribe would know what the codes meant.


In short, villages did help us survive by the process of grouping together. Back then there were so many villages. Why are there so many villages disappearing now? Along with it we see age old traditions, age old cultures, arts and crafts , age old rituals, ancient languages, different dialects etc disappearing along with it. Why is it so? Back then most villagers were farmers. As people were unable to make a living by farming, they made sure all their kids and grand kids were educated enough to get out of their villages and make money by working in the cities of today. This is a land far away from their home. This is the plight of villages that we see today. No one talks about it, so no one hears about it also. Thus we as modern Humans have decided to shun our roots, our ancestry, our culture, our tradition, our forefathers way of life etc to pursue our future in a strange far of city located in strange lands, all in search of the big pot of gold.


Since then as people moved out of villages into cities in vast numbers, the extinction of their villages started happening soon after. These people may never go back to spend the last moments of their ancestors nor to preserve their inbred traditions and culture. Ultimately that entire village dies. Today we see villages go to ruins as fast as a villager is moving out. This pace has been increasing year over year in every continent. So what will happen to our Lost villages? Only time will tell. It could be that some day someone might excavate one and add it to our national heritage site list. Is this where we are heading? Today excavation sites are popping up all over the place. We are totally lost on where to dig first. There are so many of them. Archeology does not pay handsomely when compared to most other Professions, as a result manpower is very limited and so are the financial backing to undertake such a huge task.


We also may lose our identity and of the tribe from which we came into being. Is this important to us? Are we doing a disservice to our forefathers who have sacrificed everything to help us pull through? Are our kids going to value our culture? I do not think so. We have crossed the threshold into modern living where the past will be forgotten and the future lies ahead, before us to be explored.

I don’t think any of us will be heading backward anytime soon. This may be the end to villages all over the World unless we step in to preserve cultures, traditions, music, sounds, rituals, arts and crafts etc that have carried our ancestors forward for generations towards the modern life with all its conveniences in which we are fortunate enough to live and experience. I wish they had a chance to experience the same with me. For they were the ones who have brought me here.




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