What if our SUN sets Permanently?

Our sun is a ball of fire. How do we dissect and study fire? We all know that it cannot be done. But why not?  Sun being a fire ball is what we were taught in school during our early years, after which we never cared to know more about the Sun. Back then we did not pay much attention to the phrase” Sun being a ball of fire”. Even today that’s all we know. When the time for college approached, it was our turn to explore the World away from the books and dive into the World wide web of knowledge. At that juncture we were preparing ourselves to face life in the REAL World. In life we only learn the basic concepts from text books, but we are completely ill prepared to face the outside World as individuals by applying what we had learned. So we were trained ONLY to be book smart and not to be street smart. This holds good even today. Nothing has changed. Education ought to be learning through touch and feel, sights and sounds, positive and negative, and having exposure to different situations, learning from our experiences and also learning from others. Sun being the most important star for our very survival, surprisingly it’s also the least studied of all. 


We do not know much about the Sun at all. We use all sorts of waves to learn about the surface of our Earth, depth of our oceans, ocean currents, Gulf streams, Weather patterns, Doppler Radar studies, Thermal images, Flyby mapping, Geo-sensing locators, Sonar technology, etc etc. What technology do we currently have that helps us learn about the Sun from the Surface of the Earth? Does such technology exist? I would think so. But not so.


We have only touched upon the Sun. What we know is outdated material from textbooks. There’s more to learn. Do we know what’s inside it without physically going into it? Can we use impregnating laser beams / sound beams to study its topography? Can it be or can it not be done? What do we need to do to learn more of the unknown? Are we comfortable with what we know? Will that suffice? I don’t think so.

Sun is not a planet nor a natural satellite to which we can send our man-made satellites and study them by landing on it. It is literally out of bounds. It is a tangible mass of hot molten rock that’s untouchable. The size of the Earth in comparison to the Sun is just the size of a pinhead in terms of Dimensions. More over it is also unapproachable. No artificial or natural object in existence is capable of surviving the journey going into the Sun’s crust and coming out undamaged. The questions is will it ever comeback out. It may not even get close enough. It will vaporize without a trace. The next question that comes to mind is who created it? What force created it? Where did this enormous power come into being? What is going on in there? We now know that there are many galaxies out there with their own Suns. We can now appreciate how insignificant we are as Humans. If the Sun decides to crank up its power we are toast. If it decides to lower the power we would all freeze in an instant.


In a scientific standpoint, It is in fact an enormous nuclear reactor. Similar to the convection that is going on beneath our feet deep down, we know that there is also lot of churning going on within the sun. Excess energy is sent out into deep space known as Solar flares. This has the capacity to take out our entire electrical grid in nano seconds.

Now lets discuss the other side. Imagine a day when the sun completely dies down. With it comes total blackout. Darkness is defined by the absence of light. What would happen to our lives? How do we digest this situation? What would we do to overcome it? Would we start looking for alternative energy sources at that time? Where would our food come from? Will be be able to sustain our own lives? What about other life forms? How cold will it be? That’s too many questions. Let’s analyse it: when there is no fire, there is no heat meaning it will be really,  rea..lll..ly cold or we may not even be alive to see it. It may lead to the arrival of the deep freeze. It may be all over in an instant. Instant cold and instant death to all life forms. Plants will be done. Even if we live through this in an underground bunker and buy time, some day we will need to surface. With sub freezing cold temperature and no sunlight, this will be the deepest, harshest and the coldest winter man has ever faced. If we can survive this with the hope that another Sun may take its place or this Sun may start shining again, we may start off our new day with a grin on our faces. There is a high probability that we may be wrong. Can we start a fire under these extreme conditions. If so where do we collect the fuel to keep it burning for ever in order to sustain our life? We need both heat and light. We cannot live in total darkness. There is only so much we can do. What about food? Forget about it? With Plants and animals gone, the refrigerator would be empty with frozen food. With no fire to heat or to cook, we would succumb to the cold eventually.


As Humans, we are only renting this Planet. We are in fact highly insignificant beings. For example, Just try comparing our size to the entire Planet Earth. Now one scale up try comparing ourselves to our solar system with all the Planets, then our Galaxy and then outwards towards the dark Cosmos. It’s scaled at infinity. Now can we appreciate how tiny we are.


Now that we know how insignificant we are in the grand scheme of things, back on Earth we have divided ourselves in unimaginable and innumerable categories based on color of our skin, our race, our looks, our traditions, the religion we follow, politics, Finance, circle of friends, and social status to name a few. Really!!!!  Our body is just matter. It contains the same Earth Elements that we see in the periodic table. The rest of all what we see all around us (the materialism) is artificially created or man- made in short. The Desire to own an object or a material is instilled in us through various sources such as advertisements. Desire leads to acceptance by the person. Once accepted by self we become conditioned. Once conditioned to buy, we would do anything to own that product. Throughout life we are chasing money and materials. In the end we forget to live life. ALL materials have a shelf life and an expiration date. So do we.


Now that we know where we stand, its high time we recognize that we are ONLY renters and not home owners. So First, we need to recognize who we are ourselves. Without knowing ourselves inside and out, we cannot expect others to know us that well. Only after we know our deep self, can we look into others. This creates mutual respect. Respect creates cohesion and growth soon follows. We have ONLY one chance in life to earn respect and give respect. Life does not give us second chances. It also does not come with an instruction manual. So we need to create our own.

Our Sun is THE creator of life. Without which we would not even have had this chance to live life on this Planet. We need to respect it and it returns the favor by providing us with the Gift of Life. Ours.



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