Missed TIME.

Our life revolves around Money and Time. Time is of the essence and is finite. Money can be compounded but not time. Hence time is much more valuable than the artificial currency which we have created called Money. This is in fact paper or cloth material. We have put an artificial value to it for purposes of commerce. Otherwise it would have no value at all.


Time is infinite in its journey but very finite in our eyes. Our life starts and stops with reference to this widely accepted unit of time. We start and end our day by following the clock. When did we start following an instrument that divides time into its components, seconds, minutes and hours? What did our ancestors follow before using this device? They followed nature and they followed the path of the sun, the stars and the moon by studying their movements and the path each of them took along this open book called our skies. Today we have lost this art of ‘sky reading’. Even with GPS that’s located every where, we still get lost. We have heard of airplanes missing from the skies, just like that. How is it possible even with GPS to get lost or even vanish without a trace? With Geo-coordinator we should be able to zero in on it’s exact location. We have also heard of time travel. There are many natural phenomenon which exists of which we do not know anything about it yet. Unless we experience it first hand we will not be opening that book any time soon or even to bring up the topic would be taboo.


Time is measured in seconds and this is by way how both our personal life and Commerce cycle works. Minutes and hours are just larger fractions of time. How do we measure the next outer circle?  Does it exist? Do we need it? Our markets shows us how we see time at play, where fortunes are lost in seconds or being made in real time. So timing is everything. Time equals money by our standard of measure. When we travel through time and space, the vast  distances that set them apart may be compressed drastically. This gives us an upper hand with an added benefit of zipped time travel. But how do we prove this theory of space travel. Our entire life is governed by the utilization of time. Imagine a long horizontal line that runs to infinity. It has no origin nor an end. When we are born we automatically jump into the space which is denoted by ‘X ‘which marks the spot.  Now this is our geological measure of time and this is the spot from where we start moving towards infinity. This ‘X’mark is indeed our entire lifetime from our birth to our grave. Have you ever given a thought of our ancestors who lived thousands of years ago? They were our family too. But the current family we have is THE family we have at this moment of time. Meaning at this juncture in the Geological time scale. Our entire Life- Time is only a blink in this timescale. With this reference of time is by which we call our current family, OUR family. But the only difference is that we have never seen our ancestors nor will we ever see them in the near future. In the distant future we will be gone. All the time we have now is THE time we have now at hand. We and everything we see around us is temporary. This is all we have got.


Life is like a conveyor belt. We get on the belt on one end and get off on the other, hopefully. The belt of time keeps moving towards infinity. It also moves in only one direction. There are no fast forward, rewind or pause buttons. The only thing we know for sure is that we may, stressing on may,  pass through different stages of life namely, birth, infant, youth, young adult, old age and death. The unknown key here is we do not know when we will be getting off the belt. So it is literally at any moment. Taking this into consideration and remembering this point, each of us must live life to the fullest. This does not mean partying till we drop. We need to appreciate the life that resides within us and being thankful for us being chosen to be the holder of this precious life. We also take time for granted. We waste it on everything wasteful. Are we respecting time? Remember the time line. Once time is gone it’s gone for ever. So we cannot remake time. Can we transform our self back to our childhood days. This is not Humanly possible. But we can re-live the memories we hold within us. What holds it is life in itself. This resides in us. We cannot see it, but its what keeps us alive.


Time management is of great importance in our so called modern living. We have no time for anything, not getting anything accomplished, we are multitasking and running around with no destination in mind. Where are we heading? Do we know how far we have traveled so far? Do we have a reference in time?Also, now came along different media outlets which was created to connect people thereby saving time. In reality it’s just doing the opposite- wasting time. We have also exposed ourselves to social media with no regard for privacy,  our time or someone else’s. People literally follow others through social media but do not follow their own family at all.  We waste so much time on different media streams that our life is literally cut drastically in terms of our allotted time. We spend nearly half of our lives sleeping, the other 3rd working and the rest on just living. But we need to ask ourselves this. Are we actually living life? What is Life? What is our allotted time? How long is our shelf life going to be and what is our expiration date?


Each morning the entire World population gets up, hops onto their cars for example, drive to work. In the evening the same exact habit is being repeated but in the opposite direction heading home to continue to do the same thing all over again the next day. Is this Life? Have we accepted to condition ourselves to perform this routine throughout our lives? Say we live 100 Years (100%). In fact we are living 50 years, if we take into account our sleep time (50%). Commute takes up at least 30 %, now we are down to 20%. With this 20% we are supposed to be living our so called lives or are we really living it. So, is our life span really 20 years? This is all we have got to work with. If this is the case, do we have enough time? Do we ?


To utilize this 20% to the max, we really need to be well organized right from birth. The path we need to take need to be well laid out in front of us. First we need to be born, grow up, education, work, retirement and death. You think we can accomplish all this within this time span of just 20 years. If we consider our daily commute, which is literally 30 years of life based on the above illustration, we are spending a lot of time on this wasteful activity. When we take into consideration the stress that goes with it, the time spent in that mobile box of ours, road rage, traffic jams, our individual contribution to pollution, accidents, traffic tickets etc, it may in reality shorten our lives even further. Now lets consider the time lost while we are commuting just 2 hours each way and equate that with that much time lost away from your family? Now total this travel time for our entire work life measured in years not in hours this time around. In the end our individual Life -time takes a hit.


People do micro-manage their spending, but fail to micro-manage their own individual Life-Time – Namely both their Life and their Time. Because no one reminds us to save time. But to save money, there are plenty of talk shows, magazines, books which shows you how to save money, but only after taking your money. To save time there may be only a handful of resources to refer to. Remember: Out LIFE-TIME can be managed only by us. If that time slot is taken, we need to move on. There’s no walking backward. Our Life and Time, Our Life time is also finite. We need to balance both our Life and our Time to make it work. If we ignore it, our society will take a bite out of our own Lifetime. Then we will have no one to blame but ourselves. Because it is your Life and It’s your Time. No one can manage it better than YOU.

Give it a thought because no one ELSE will.





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