Is shaking hands HYGIENIC ?

Hand shakes are a business gesture. It also signifies trust between two parties. Back then deals were made on handshakes. Today,  That’s a thing of the past. Today trust is still around, but we need to know where to look for it. It has become a very rare virtue. This has led to piles of paperwork and a boat load of signatures before a deal can be finalized. This is applicable in anything we do as a Human being. This may include purchasing a property, borrowing from a lender, cosigning a loan, refinancing a house etc etc. The list goes on and on. Since no one trusts no one, its strictly business and everything must be written, documented and on the record.


When you are walking on the street, the only person you need to be scared about is another Human being. This has become a fact of life. When you go into business with another Human being, the only person we choose not to trust is that Human being. This has become commonplace. Why is it so? We may even trust a lion but not trust another fellow Human. In all aspects he or she is just like you and me. The same thing applies when we travel to other countries or even while traveling within our own countries.


Is this because we have the seventh or the eights sense which other animals do not possess?What ever sense it is, we do not have any sense at all if we do not even trust our own species. What’s the purpose of calling ourselves technologically advanced, well civilized society,  etc etc when we do not even have the basic virtue of trust that may or may not exist between us.  This applies to mutual respect as well. Lack of trust is the reason we have something called “receipts”. This so called document has been in place for ever. This is a simple piece of paper which is considered to have much more value than the trust that does not exist between two parties.Today handshakes have become just a formality for purposes of  introducing two people to each other or people within a group. Other than that it does not seem to have any meaning at all.


With respect to Hygiene, most people do not like to handshakes but are forced to in order to maintain a business relationship or in order to conduct business between themselves. I am sure that both parties do not like it but they do it anyway. Nowadays, people are self conscious of bacterial transfer that may be taking place when we are in contact with each other. The most common being handshakes.We socially accept animal to Human contact such as with pets, but we still have adverse reaction to Human to Human contact. We are more apt to accept pets. We cuddle them, kiss them in the mouth, eat their food and even pet them lovingly. With Humans other than family we are reluctant even to have a hand shake for fear of exposure to the unknown. Superficially we do not think about it much, but somewhere in our mind this thought still exists at a subconscious level. Who knows where that hand has been to, what has that hand done or what has it touched? Has that hands been washed right after that deed or has it never been washed at all? We are exposed to all sorts of pathogens every single day. But our body is a super fortress that it fights of 99.99% of them . When our host defenses are deep down due to illness etc, that’s when the pathogens take over our body and cause disease, suffering and brings us to the subject of death.


So is it Hygienic to shake hands? Guess not. But still we continue to do so to this day. In a way a fist bump or the touch of the elbow is much more hygienic in my point of view than a hand shake or a hi fi.

I think it would be wise to keep our hands to ourselves and find another method to connect or introduce ourselves in a business or social setting. What do you think?


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