Do YOU know your neighbor?

Most of us live in cities, meaning we tend to live more likely in cramped up apartments or town homes rather than in single family homes. Whether it’s an apartment, single family home or a town home, we will most likely or definitely have someone living next to us. Unless we are living far away from civilization, this has become the norm of modern living. In most cases we are just separated by a wall. This may mean lack of privacy at times, the menace of noise pollution etc etc. Then we have good neighbors and bad neighbors. But how do you differentiate between the good and not so good. This cannot be an assumption, it has to be tried face to face by getting to know them first hand. In Life, we need to give everyone a chance. They are Human too just like you and me. They may become so close to you that someday you two may ultimately become close friends. Anything is possible. Unfortunately this scenario is very rare today. But we have to try and not assume that someone is good or bad. We cannot and should not judge a book by it’s cover.


Neighbors may watch your house while you are away, you may need the help of a neighbor in case you have an emergency, you could borrow staples in case you do not have it at that moment, their kids may play with your kids, you may have parties together, we may even learn from each other, share cooking secrets etc, etc. These are some of the pros. In some cases we do see the dark side of it where both parties do not get along well. Noise being the most common. Kids may jump up and down causing the floor above to vibrate, music blasting at full volume is another or home improvement noise from next door or even from underneath your feet. Here are just a few common scenarios that we see play out in most areas. Neighbors are very special people in many ways. Most of us look at neighbors as total strangers who happen to be living next door to us. We do not get to choose them. They just appear out of nowhere.


We are instinctively social beings. We are not designed to live alone as stand alone Islands. We look forward to communicating, socializing, touching and feeling. Without which we will in fact become an Island devoid of contact from civilization and thus end up being not Human. Today most of us do not know our neighbors at all because everyone is busy with their own lives . We spend more time commuting, working, paying the bills and putting food on the table, than to just say Hi once in  awhile. They are literally living right under our noses. Is this all there’s to Life? Work, commute and pay bills. Just talking to each other might help in opening up.


Everyone seems to minding their own business these days. If something adverse  happens within the same development, we may never know. Happy times are missed too such as block parties. Things may happen just a few houses down from us and we would never even get to know the happenings within our own development. It is a mini city within a city. We ought to watch out for each other. Each of us have the same exact issues to deal with. This is the World we have created for ourselves today. Trust has become a thing of the past.


So do you know your neighbor? I don’t think so. This trend seems so Universal and is seen most commonly in major cities. In small towns and villages, people still know each other by name, have known each other’s family for generations. They talk to each other on  a daily basis, help each other out with errands, kids play together, they celebrate festivals or Weddings together. That’s Life. This is what we are missing out on each and everyday trying to follow the money trail. In that process we are forgetting to Live Life. Even the basics of knowing our neighbor has become obsolete. When we go to school for the first time, don’t we introduce ourselves to each other and to our teacher? The same lesson can be learned from a first grader and applied to each of our own lives. This may help change a thing or two for the better.


In the end hopefully we are Human, will pass our lives as being Human and will stay that way. Good deeds done frequently over a lifetime do add up. May be helping a neighbor would start a conversation. In the process you may acquire a friend and a neighbor. It is much better to pass our lives living together and next to each other as friends rather than TOTAL strangers.

Comment your thoughts below.


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