FOMITES : The invisible transmitter.

Have we heard of the terminology: Fomites. We know what it is but we might have thought that there must be no name for it. But there is. The first thought which comes to mind when we hear the word fomites are public rest room faucets, door handles and toilet seats. All these are breeding ground for germs. These may include, clothing , footwear, utensils etc etc. Make a note of it. There were times when I had gone to public rest rooms in railway stations, airports, rest areas, bookstores, libraries etc and noticed that the door needed to be opened manually using the handle or a knob. But once I am in, everything becomes magically automatic. The toilets have sensors causing it to flush automatically, the faucets have sensors activating the flow of water and the air dryer starts blowing the minute it senses us. Now what about the door handle. Why is it on manual mode? It defeats the whole purpose of prevention and of our exposure to pathogens.


The market is flooded with anti-bacterials, antivirals, bacteriocidal, tuberculocidal, virucidal, fungicidal, soaps, rinses, lotions, creams, sanitizers etc etc. So the markets exists for the sole purpose of killing the germs on contact probably in the first few minutes. But if everything is made automatic, we would not need to touch anything in the first place. That’s the whole point. Then the questions that arise  will be, Why do we need these chemicals. why are we allowing it to walk into our homes and place of work so freely. We now take them to our bedroom, Then spray it. It feels homely by filling the room with the flavor of your choice, but we don’t seem to care that it is saturated with chemicals. We have a spray or a drug for anything these days. In case we get sick, for fever, we have fever reducer, for pain, we have analgesics, for cold , we have cough suppressor, for vomiting, we have anti-emetic drugs, for constipation we have drugs loaded with fiber, for diarrhea, we have anti-diarrheal, If heart beats too fast we have a drug to slow it down, if a heart beats too slow, we have a drug for that too. We also have anti bacterial wipes these days so the surface is cleaned constantly with toxic chemicals. Now the question for you is, is the naturally occurring bacteria harmful to us or is it the chemical which is detrimental to us?  Eventually, Either the bacteria may kill us or the artificially made chemical may kill. Which would be our choice? So in short we are a drugged up World.


Where would the bacteria go if all surfaces are contaminated with artificially manufactured chemicals which claims to kill 99.99% of all Life, this may include us. Just kidding. You be the decision maker. Neither did we know that Chemicals are big business. Marketing of these products have boosted up sales over the years. When was the last time you have NEVER seen an ad for a cleaner on any of the medias?


What does fever, headache, cold, pain etc signify? These are symptoms by which our body is trying to talk to us. This is the way by which they communicates with us. But in turn what do we do. We tell them to shut up by feeding our body with counter drugs in order to suppress the symptoms. Most drugs in the markets are designed to mask the symptoms and not to cure, with the exception of life saving drugs. If a drug is capable of curing a disease, who would be purchasing medications in bulk subscriptions. It will only be purchased probably once. But if we are told that there is no cure  for a particular disease, the alternative option is to keep taking these drugs like candies for rest of our lives. Either the drug may kill us or the disease will. Do you agree?


We have been suppressing pathogens for generations using natural products. Today our so called modern society has shunned nature aside. Instead, Today we are using chemicals to fight them. What is at stake here? Our health and our environment.

Next time you reach out to grab that door handle, make sure you carry some paper towel with you. Chemicals are not the solution to this age old problem. It’s our common sense. We need to use it.

When we know that something is not clean, why touch it in the first place.What do you think you would do? Comment below please.


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