The LANGUAGE of ANIMALS: Will we ever learn them?

Humans have evolved to be on the top of the animal World. What sets us apart from the rest is our intellectual capability. Animals have the main purpose in their lives to feed and breed, thereby contributing to the procreation of their species. We assume that it is all there is to the animals lives. But it’s much more than that. Animals communicate to each other using verbal sounds, chemical scents, bodily odor, displaying dances and some even communicate by singing. But we have not mastered that technique of recognizing those sounds or communication styles. In a way nature has given them their own way of expressing themselves and helps them in communicating with each other. But in the case of man, since we are supposed to have a brain with high IQ we were just let out in the open to explore the World for ourselves and create our own set of languages to communicate between ourselves.


Isn’t it surprising to see that we have created in essence so many languages, which have evolved from each and every corner of the Globe. Many more dialects that attach themselves to these languages bring in much more flavor and taste to these languages. Our mind is capable of doing anything. Some good and other’s not so. But we are built to create. We have opened the communication channels to facilitate communication between two people or even to masses. Today it’s much easier to communicate with millions of people electronically than to get hold of a person by phone, text or email. All with the click of a few buttons and within a few seconds. Literally each of us have the entire World in the palm of our hands. Ease of communication has made this possible.


The next question is why do we have so many languages? How did we learn to create them, write them down and ultimately learn to use verbal communication? Why do we need to complicate ourselves with so many different languages and dialects? Why not just have one language for the entire World. It would have been easy for all of us. The reason is that when Mankind evolved we were all very scattered beings. We were literally scattered in every corner of the World, in different climatic conditions, different latitudes, some closer to the equator and some at the poles. This started the evolutionary process of how we look, our skin color, our hair color, texture, the configuration of our eyes, the languages we spoke, the way of dressing, the foods we eat, unique rituals, cultures and traditions etc, etc, etc. This is how languages have come into being. Now that we have the luxury of travelling rapidly between countries, we are able to learn about each other at that same speed. With the advent of the internet age things did speed up much more. Information was being shared at a faster speed than the year before. As speed increased in the arena of communication, the faster and faster things got done. This is our story. Now lets look at the story of animal languages.


Do animals have a language similar to us. Of course, not. They did not create their languages nor did they write them down. The only way they knew to communicate was instinctively though sounds. This was gifted to them by nature. There is no way to prove how and when these sounds evolved. Our language skills may have started only a few hundred thousand years back. A blink of the eye in Geological terms. When we look at the time line for animals, it might have been billions of years before us. I think that since our languages were created, learned and then propagated, referencing the Geological time calendar it is really pretty recent. When we compare that with animals, it is highly possible that their languages evolved well before time itself when the animals first appeared. May be we are just a branch of the same tree from which all animals had evolved and we may have behaved just like the animals of today. The fork in the road might have been when we might have started using our brains to create new and complex things.


Say we have a cat, a dog or any other pet for that matter, we are able to read their body language and recognize their various sounds. We are in fact reading their language. When faced with the situation of face off with a wild animal in the wild, we look for the same set of signs and sounds. This is language at work. We are still unable to read an animals mind and assess its thinking path. Will we ever be able to that? I think so. But we need to put in the effort with the hope to accomplish what we are looking for. Today we are able to mimic animal sounds in order to learn to communicate with them, but we still do not know what we are doing. To know better, we need to get into the mind of the subject. Brain do generate brain waves. Will this tell us something? Will this help us decipher the code to their language?


In a doctor-patient relationship, even today we are taught to ask leading questions. The primary purpose is to frame a picture of what’s happening to the patient. By asking these questions we are able to elicit a response to what they are feeling deep inside such as the nature, intensity and character of the pain they are experiencing for example. Wouldn’t it be much easier for a doctor to read the patients brain waves by connecting both their waves together and have the doctor feel exactly what the patient is feeling? Is this possible? I think so because pain transmission through our nervous system could be diverted onto another network. Meaning we could connect our nerve transmissions with the doctors and vice versa. This will help avoid misinterpretation of communication between the doctor and the patient. In short both of them will be on the same page. The pain transmission pathway will be the same and the message received by both brains will be exactly the same.


We have come this far and it’s not a bad progress for a caveman who started his evolution by trying to feed himself and his family in order to survive. It has been a long journey. Hope some day, I will be able to read your mind and You will be able to read mine. It does not seem far fetched.

This may help share our feelings better, help avoid misunderstandings and help us pass through LIFE with a feeling of having lived Life Well. Most importantly, that too with NO REGRETS.


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