Vegetarian MUSCLE!

This title might have puzzled you. When I thought about it, it did intrigue me. Then it occurred to me that it would be the perfect title for a vegetarian like article pertaining to Lifeforms like us. It may also apply to whom ever among us are strict vegetarians. This may also cover the wilder aspect of nature like Buffaloes, Giraffes, Elephants, Hippos, Cows, Rhinos, Camels, Bison, moose, etc etc. It’s all good news. So what is so special about being on a vegetarian diet. As we all know, our body is home to millions of beneficial and harmful bacteria. On top of that when we ingest meat, possibility of cross contamination do exist. We see this almost every day in the news. This issue becomes virtually non existent in a diet rich in vegetables and fruits. Nature has been giving us fresh produce for centuries. We in turn try to grab what ever we can from her. Fresh, natural produce has become a thing of the past. Anytime we interfere with nature through genetic modification of nature itself, we are asking for trouble. The outcome may last generations.


Lions, tigers, Hyenas, leopards, panthers, cheetahs etc are carnivorous by nature. So we assume that they must be much stronger than their counterpart, the vegetarians. In fact it is to the contrary. Herbivores such as the Elephants, Hippos etc are much more stronger. How do we explain this? We were taught as children to eat more eggs, drink milk, and consume meat to supposedly help build strong bones, healthy teeth and strong muscles. Instead we are faced with food allergies that we see today. Look at childhood obesity and all the foods that are making our society sick. Dairy products may contain a completely different animal protein unlike that found in Human milk. This may be the reason we are seeing so many allergic reactions to dairy products, some life threatening. Does this make any sense? What we were taught back then and what is being currently taught in schools with respect to meat and diary consumption does not seem to connect the dots. Fresh, natural, and untainted, fresh produce does not exist. When we modify foods we are in fact modifying ourselves at a genetic level.


We are the only species on this planet that drinks the milk from another species.

Many of the carnivores are apex predators and some are scavengers. Once a kill is made, bacteria start attacking the carcass as designed by nature. That’s their job. Some of these prey animals carry pathogens as well. This may get transmitted between the predator and prey leading to a symbiotic relationship for the bacteria. Also carnivores burn in a lot of energy during the hunt. Have you ever seen an Elephant chasing a tree to feed? We see them feeding on the leaves at their leisure usually standing on just one spot or grazing very slowly. This may explain one aspect of it. They are in fact saving a lot of energy from what goes in as food. Their energy consumption may be well curtailed. We all know that the Cheetah has enormous burst of energy in short distances, but they heat up so easily that they cannot sustain the speed of a gazelle. They have powerful muscles but they use up so much oxygen that they run out of steam fast. So their calculations have to be precise. This makes the brain function in overdrive.Also this brain may take up too much energy to function and make split second decisions.


With the same analogy in mind, Humans were not designed to hunt, kill and eat another animal. Most likely, we may have been forced to hunt due to food scarcity back in the early days of our evolution. Based on the situation we may have had the incredible urge to survive beating all odds to survival. In short, we had to do what we had to do to survive and carry our genes. That is we literally had to do anything and everything.


Our body was in fact designed to be vegetarian based. Carnivores have very concentrated stomach acids that even digest bones. Do we have it? No. Our stomach is so small in comparison. We can only each so much at one time. But with carnivores, they never know when their next meal is going to be or where it is going to come from. So they have a larger belly to accommodate a full tank of gas. Does this make sense? I think so that it does. Ultimately we ended up with agriculture and have survived to this day doing so. Today eating meat is optional for all of us. Anything in moderation is good. That includes, food, wine and money. Too much of anything is poison.


Vegetarian diet or a plant based diet is definitely much healthier than a non vegetarian one. First of all there is no killing involved. Herbivores eat only plants and as a vegetarian and nature lover, I think we should follow suit. Nature is telling us something here. But in case of a non vegetarian, we need to look for the meal, track it down, use our hunting skills and hopefully we catch the meal. This is only half the battle. Then we need fire to cook. These many steps can be avoided by just eating raw vegetables and fruits. It still fills the stomach the same way, but with much more nutrition and a whole lot less effort.

Looking at both scenarios, I would pick the vegetarian route. It’s lot easier, healthier, faster, nutritious and digests very easily. No hunting experience needed.


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