OUR EGO : The Enemy within.

An Enemy by definition in the simplest terms is someone whom we do not like for what ever reason. He or she is a person just like you and me, but another Human being or an individual. It’s not their fault or ours. We have not connected mentally. Probably that person did not like this persons appearance or his or her behavior, for example. But each and everyone of us has at some point in our lives have given refuge to a previously unknown enemy to reside within us. It’s name is “Ego”. We are allowing it to reside within us at no charge and to live within us rent free. What a deal for “it”. We even feed it with negative emotions on a daily basis. As a result of this it is fed well, looked after well and after a stay lasting these many years, it may refuse to vacate the place. This is a very chronic situation where eviction is nearly impossible. Now how do you deal with Ego? We will need to forcefully evict it. This is the easy part. Now comes the hard part. To prevent it back from coming back into our lives again.


We are all very emotional people. We all have our ups and downs in Life. Of all the emotions this is the worst. It is the silent killer. It kills the host from within. This is the ultimate parasite. Ego never talks. It has a problem socializing. It does not confront either. Ego does not let go nor try to resolve the problem at hand. Ultimately this ends up as a problem with no solution in sight.


Any problem can be solved by remaining transparent and opening up. ALL we have to do is talk. If we do not talk about it and choose to remain silent, nothing can get accomplished other than the situation being taken deeper down the hole. But when you have one party here that is hard and fast on not giving up, it goes on to a downward death spiral. In the end both parties lose big time. We see many situations everyday, where close friendships have broken up, relatives drifting apart and close family split as a result of simple misunderstandings. The solution: JUST TALK about the problem with each other. This may mend long lost relations, bring back friendships or even help each party get back on their feet. But most people do just the opposite. They prefer to keep the grudge within themselves and take it to their own grave.


My question is how difficult is it to talk openly? If there is a problem talk to me. Talk to each other by meeting in a social setting, Hint: Not a bar, but a public place. The ambiance itself may calm things down. Just a hug may do the trick. Life is too short to hold grudges. Many people transverse through life holding grudges for Life. What are they accomplishing?  Literally NOTHING.  Are’nt their actions affecting everyone around them? Yes it does. It’s also affecting them.

If Ego is good, please do keep it inside you. No one is going to mind about you doing so. If there is a problem talk about it with a trusted friend on how to resolve it as quickly as it came into that persons life. Ego must be nipped in the bud at the sight of it’s first appearance. If not they grow and they multiply very fast. They are like weeds. If not controlled it may take over our entire body. Using it’s deep roots it penetrates deep within us sucking the life and energy out of us.


Ego does destroy a person from within and everyone on the outside within a certain range, probably even beyond it. It is in itself a disease. We are yet to name it with some strange name. The person involved also ends up being lonely. In the long run it kills. Let go and be free. Live you Life and let others live theirs. Because there is only one chance in our Lifetime to live out our Life. That’s why its called a LIFE-TIME Because BOTH life AND time are intertwined.

Is it worth keeping your EGO? What are your thoughts?

Tid Bits:

1. If you have a problem, talk it out privately. But you must talk. This may help you hear both sides of the story. Be polite. Be courteous. Be respectful. Transparency from both parties is the key here.

2. All problems must be nipped in the bud stage.

3.. Resolve the problem as rapidly as you can. Must not prolong.

4. Do not let the problem in again.

5.Stay away from it in the future.

6.If someone does not like someone, do not follow.

7. We need to have self respect and have respect for others as well.

8. Both parties must try to resolve it with equal effort.

9. Both parties must be willing to have it resolved.

10. People are materialistic these days. You know what I am getting at. It may or may not work.


At the end of the day, people are people. We cannot change anyone’s mindset. We cannot force them to do anything which they do not want to do. All we have is ourselves. We can only change ourselves and we can also change one more thing- OUR LIFE.

And that starts now.


What do you do with a person who do not want any part of it or does not even want to try to resolve the situation or even worse- does not want to talk at all? The answer is nothing. All the time that we have is the time we have been allotted in this journey which begins in the cradle and ends up in the grave. This is it. At that juncture everything else becomes meaningless.

We may never be able to help that person who does not want to throw in the towel. We can only help ourselves by changing our path and moving onward in our journey through Life. When it’s time to go, it’s time to go. That’s the end of the line.

With Ego, our life would be a lot harder. Without Ego, it becomes much Lighter indeed. I feel Lighter already. What about you?




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