Our HABITS: Will it make us or break us?

All of us have habits which we have created for ourselves and lined up for our everyday use. Most habits are in fact repetitions of the previous day. These are the activities that we do each and everyday subconsciously.  Most habits are acquired through learning such as picking up the tooth brush in the morning or shaving for example. There are many good and bad habits as well. Now what is the definition of a good vs a bad habit? It’s our mind that decides which is which. A daily habit of reading a book or a blog is a good one, because it gives us knowledge. In fact we are learning from each other. Many times even though we know that a habit is bad, we continue to do so because it makes us happy for that moment. Bad habits are in fact the ones that do us harm such as smoking, drugs, alcohol, Sin categories etc, etc. In a way it is a safe house for addiction. Do you have a safe house? Some do. Deep down everyone has their own dark secrets which only the landlord knows about. It may never surface during ones lifetime. Only they will ever know about it.


What determines the outcome is its usage by which it is beneficial or harmful to the user. This tells us if it’s a good or a bad habit. Habits also contribute to our individual identity and the perception of us within the society in which we live. For example if a person has a gambling problem or even alcoholism, the society would have by now branded him so. What does this tell us about any habit? The acceptance of a habit is a matter of what the individual wants to do that makes himself happy or if he chooses to make others happy with it. Take alcohol and smoking for example. Betting our house on it is another. We all know that these two entities have in fact poisoned our society and has been doing so for many generations. Our society has learned to accept both as the norm to be used unconditionally in a social setting such as parties, reunions and celebrations of all sorts. Why is that so?  No one has condoned it so far even though there are alcohol related fatalities happening each and every day all over the World and smoking related deaths that are happening everyday. Why are we turning a blind eye to these habits? Is it because there’s a lot of money at stake and the large inflow of taxes is supporting a community? At what cost are we continuing to do this? Why are we allowing it to take over our lives and also allowing it to destroy many families by the process of its continued use?


Society as a single unit has to make a decision on what is right and what is wrong. We cannot blame anyone for our actions but blame ourselves. It is us who continue to drink and smoke, not the manufacturer of these products. All they are doing is lining their pockets with money and making you poorer in the process. The brands are doing their part by providing us with the stuff because we the consumers are demanding it. When the demand is there, when the demand goes up, and when the consumer is willing to pay top dollar, why not manufacture in bulk and reap the massive profits. So we the society needs to blame ourselves. This is all our doing. Then there are the sin stocks. Why do we continue to buy them? Because it’s an industry that will survive, hold their ground both in good times and bad. Take Alcohol for example. In good times people drink to celebrate, but in bad times they drink even more. This maximizes profits for the few elite year round. For he masses, its all downhill from here.


We see advertisements for everything these days: Alcohol marketed being marketed using ties with celebrities and prescription drugs are marketed to us like candies. OTC (over the counter drugs) are available for the taking with no restrictions whatsoever. They are drugs too. Drug abuse and overdose is on the rise in many countries. Continued use of drugs both legal or illegal is also a habit. But we have been conditioned to think that prescription drugs are good for us. But drugs are there only to mask symptoms in most cases. Most drugs are not meant to cure. Give it some thought. Once we condition ourselves to be dependent on drugs to get the desired effect or the desired outcome, a person is meta morphing himself or herself into an addict. It’s mostly psychological. So drugs are not candies. They are to be used with caution.


So the question we need to ask ourselves is:

  1. Do we take any type of habitual substance?
  2. Our frequency of intake?
  3. Why are we taking it?
  4. Do we need to take it in the first place?
  5. What are it’s side effects?
  6. Will it harm us in any way?
  7. Can we avoid it?
  8. Is it addictive?
  9. Will it affect my daily life and if so, in what way?
  10. Can it or will it alter my body chemistry or even our genetic makeup?


Each substance that we use have its own adverse chemical makeup. WE many never know the truth of what’s inside it. Do you know what’s inside any package? All it says on the fancy outside cover is a set of ingredients with strange names which no one will ever understand. It’s just there for the formality or to please the so called regulators. As a layperson, we may never know what’s inside or even worse, we may never even question it. As a society we have taken everything for granted and have been taught to accept things as they are. So only one in a million may even rise to question anything. That person will be swished like a fly. He or she may stand no chance against the behemoth companies who have the right connections and tons of money at their disposal. This is life on the high streets. It’s time to get educated and be alert on what’s going on around us.


We never knew that there was so much money to be made in a commodity called coffee. Tea, coffee, cocoa, tobacco, alcohol, Marijuana etc are all drugs in the illegal sense. But our forefathers saw that money is there to be made on these products. So it was allowed to cross the line from the illegal side to the legal side and put into the legal category. Now it is sold openly in the open market. Many around the World are making a living out of it. Who is the one making the rules and also breaking the rules? The answer is Man. It’s he or she who has created the legal system in all countries. Rules do just that-RULE, but it only benefits a few. Whom are the rules made for?  You guessed it.


As a consumer,We may have no say in how each of our countries are run. But we have the power to decide and purchase what is good for us by knowing exactly what is harmful for us. We the consumers have the knowledge and the power to decide right from the wrong. This includes the good habits vs the bad habits.

In the end it’s our decision that counts. We are responsible for our own actions. This is not a blame game. We can blame no one but ourselves. It’s our habit. Make it a good one. In the end: It’s our habit that will either make us or break us.

Do you have any suggestions that all of us could learn from? Please comment below.



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