FROG in the well: Are you IN or OUT ?

Internet surely has opened up our minds. But our mind is a very complex organ, so are its owners. Peoples mindset makes up for who they are. Either we are narrow minded or broadminded. Either way the thought process comes from within us based on our individual Life experiences and by learning from others. Most of us are usually stuck to our own thinking process and hardly ever budge to outside thoughts. Thus we have become thick skulled in many aspects of our lives. Life as we know it has been made more complex than it needs to be.


We have caused it and have been willing to go down that path. In essence, we are living Life based on those very principles. Also change is very hard. We have been living within our comfort zone all our lives. But when an opportunity to change (for the better) comes our way, we tend to shun it because change takes effort, adaptation, hard work, dedication, sacrifice and giving away our freedom which we had previously enjoyed. Fear is also one of its components that may affect our inner feeling of security.


Travelling is educational in many aspects. The more we travel, the more well versed we will be in what we do because our travels takes us through unfamiliar areas and into uncharted waters where survival is the name of the game. When we travel we develop the sixth sense of alertness around us, all red flags come up, and with it comes very keen observation skills. When the environment is filled with different sights, sounds and colors, we are able to feast our eyes and our palate on what this new place has to offer. This is why each place that we visit is unique in their own ways. So are it’s people. Our mind opens up to absorb and imbibe everything pictorially and stores it in its database for later reference. Back then people had used this term to describe an intelligent man or woman: The term was”Well traveled Man”. The title came with a degree of respect from others and it had an euphoric effect on self.


Any travel outside our native domain require passports, efficient planning, safe accommodation, healthy food, travel safety, handling emergencies and planning to connect with locals and savoring on their rich food, way of dressing, different cultures, strange rituals and traditions. This comes in with a set of skills we need to master to execute it from idea to implementation. This also offers us a memorable experience for us as strangers to that land and its people. This also gives us knowledge of the World around us. Most people do not travel and have not traveled outside their safety zone for safety or financial reasons. Hence their knowledge outside their home turf is very very limited.


Now lets look into the analogy of a frog that has lived all its life inside a well with high walls. It was born in there and will most probably die there. All it knows is what’s with in those walls. It has it’s entire family and friends there. Unless and until a bird of prey has picked it up and it has managed to escape its clutches and land outside, it may never know whats outside. Now it is seeing the other side of Life itself. In fact it is seeing the outside World which it never thought existed. But for the change in its situation, this opportunity to see outside its box ( in in this case the well ) would not have materialized. Now having given this opportunity, it is the frogs turn to make its move to better its Life by doing what most frogs do, Live life outside the box by surviving it. For this it has to literally look outside the box, learn quickly, adapt to it’s new environment, if it has any will to survive. If it does not adapt quickly to the changing times and the ever changing environment it may succumb to predators.


Life always have been a challenge from the time we are born to the time we close our eyes. This will always be the way. Only the strong survive. To be strong, we need mental toughness as well. We also need to be well educated and be well rounded character wise. Travelling outside our domain will accomplish all that and much more. INVEST in your travels. It brings in knowledge that money can’t buy, memories that stay with you for a lifetime and you have a conversation starter at hand in any party. 


Looking outside ourselves will help us keep our mind open, enhance our respect for each other, learn from each other, respect our indifference’s and enjoy life to the fullest.

Now the question is : Do you want to stay within your comfort zone inside the well and stay ignorant? OR Do you want to travel all over the World exploring all that Life has to offer you by getting out of your comfort zone? 

Fear is what keeps us at bay and within our comfort zone. This is a survival instinct to protect ourselves. To conquer fear, we need to face fear itself. We have only two choices: Either we stay in the well or get out of it.

The choice is yours.


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  1. rothpoetry says:

    Love your post!


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        You are very welcome.


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    Your photos are really great!


    1. Thank you very much. I appreciate your feedback.

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        You are welcome!


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