Are we DIVIDING ourselves?

Fences, walls, rooms, partitions, screens, blinds, gates, doors are all meant to divide ourselves in many ways in order to meet various purposes. Then there are many invisible barriers, country borders, county borders, township borders, state lines etc etc. Some of them may be barriers to entry requiring official papers. We also have divided ourselves based on caste, creed, color, religion, language, nationality, tribe, cult etc, etc. These are virtual attributes and is intangible. The most surprising part of all this is, all these barriers are ARTIFICIAL, meaning Man-made. Even the cubicles at work are divided into tiny work spaces. Most Countries back in the previous centuries were divided, conquered and then ruled. That tells us a lot about the consequences of division. Here we are many centuries later STILL dividing ourselves even more. Guess we have never learned anything from history. Neither will we change anything moving forward.


In short, the language of division is so silent that it tells us silently by saying “each his or her own”. Division works silently but ends up exposed. Neither will we ever know it’s origins nor it’s destination. Today we see brake up of marriages that has no merit to it, but it does maybe for simple reasons. People see that it seems greener on the other side and they head over there ONLY to see that they had just left an oasis behind.

Life is not a shirt that is to be changed once it gets soiled. It is not disposable either nor it is an use and throw item. This soiled shirt needs to be worked upon to make it work and need to be reused as if it’s new each and every time. Today we see that people do not want to get along and is quick to follow the money trail to grab what ever they can while they can. This division is unwarranted and they may realize it sooner or later. Keeping the channels of communication open may keep us together than divided. In the end, It may save us a penny or two.


Then we have barriers encompassing prisons, refugee camps, detention centers etc requiring higher levels of security. In short we have divided and subdivided ourselves in so many ways that we have lost count. From the very beginning, we had to fight for survival, then we fought for greed and then for power. Now we are fighting for our very survival and will continue to do so until we stop dividing ourselves. History does seem to repeat itself. No country was created by peace but by piece. Even today, Most countries have funds for defense but no funds for peace. So where are we heading: Into the light or way from it into darkness?


We have become prisoners within our own homes. There are too many rooms now than before in an average home. Most kids have their own rooms and their own “privacy”. Each of those rooms may come fully equipped with it’s own TV, a laptop, video game etc. Once the doors are closed and the window screens shut, it’s a different World in itself. So we have essentially compartmentalized our lives within our own homes. Each within their own rooms with their own gadgets. No wonder the art of face to face verbal communication, the art of writing a full sentence, and the language of respect is all becoming extinct and have become a thing of the past. We are also called “Oldies” because we know what respect is and we know what it is like to speak face to face or even have a real friend vs having multiple virtual friends. The next generation may follow suit.


When we are flying in an airplane Trans-Atlantic or Trans-Pacific for example, the World looks like a very beautiful place from high up there with all the colors of nature, the deep blue ocean below and the dark blue skies above. It is very calm out there. Now once we are over land, there is no visual key of any state or country lines. Where have those lines gone? Did they disappear? So why do we have these lines in the first place? Why are we dividing ourselves and why have we been doing so for centuries? Back then the divisions meant survival. Today this is not the case. Even though we can afford ourselves and our families, 3 meals a day and a roof over our heads, we still continue to break ourselves up. Because we are never ever satisfied with what we have. We want more and more of what? The key ingredient is money. But how much money do we need? That’s a tough question to answer. Now once we land on the ground, all the lines become much clearer. We see all sorts of lines covering all different occasions and there is one for every situation. Some are visible but many are not. How does a common man navigate those lines?  That’s the idea. The more complicated it is, and the more confused it is, the barriers to entry is high. It’s a club for the Elite few. Only a few dare venture in.


Let’s look into different currencies for a second. All of us are Human and will always be. We are basically renting this place and we will never be homeowners. We have complicated Life itself. Dividing ourselves in so many ways have complicated the situation even more, with no end in sight. Why don’t we UN-complicate our lives? How do we do it? Do we want to do it? We have divided one beautiful land into many Countries and now we have taken that even further by dividing each Country into many states, and each state with its own counties and townships. Each Country even has its own currency. Don’t you think it’s getting complicated already? Why not have ONE CURRENCY for the entire World? Wouldn’t it make travel easier and Global trade much more simpler and rapid, saving everyone time and money. Does the public have any say in it? Definitely not.


Why are we dividing ourselves? And for what purpose? Our World is in fact a piece of space junk that happens to be travelling within a safe distance from the Sun called the safe zone. If this hadn’t happened, we would not even have come into being. Imagine the chances of this taking place at a time when the space was in fact exploding with the formation and destruction of stars all at the same time. Now imagine the probability of us given this chance to be here. All of us are literally space material and we are living on one of it’s Planets called Earth. That’s it. We are literally insignificant in the grand scheme of things when we compare ourselves to the size of our planet. Now shifting to the higher number outward, that makes us even more insignificant. So why do we have these divisions? I do not have an answer to it. Who is THE divider?


It makes sense to break up a large loaf of bread to share it equally between a family. In using the same analogy, it does not seem to agree with what we see around us. It’s exactly the opposite. Money, power, control, and greed have taken over Man. This may lead to our fall. A few may benefit but the most would fall. This is the World we live in. This is the World we have created for ourselves. Where the common man has no voice. He or she is just a puppet needing to dance to the tunes for their very survival.


As long as we keep dividing ourselves, the World would keep getting smaller and smaller for most of us. In the end we would be starting over as a caveman, trying to get a foothold on a small place to live, hunt to put food on the table, light a fire to keep warm and take control of a cave to put a roof over our heads. This will be a full turn 360 degrees from where we are now.

It is not far fetched and we may see that coming around the corner very soon. Date to be determined. By whom?  By US.  Signed HUMANS.



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