Can we WALK on water?

Of course we can walk on water. It depends on the state it is in. We can walk on it when water is frozen solid enough to support our weight. The other option to walk on water is to reduce our weight drastically which is next to impossible. If we weigh less than an oz it is much easier to walk on water in its liquid state than when we are weighing 200 lbs. Water has a density of 1. Water is the most abundant material that is found on Earth’s surface and below ground. It’s density also matters. Saltwater is much denser than freshwater because of the arrangement of its molecules. It also covers 75% of our Planet. Everything that exists has weight. Water does weigh. Now this weight is measured in pounds per square inch. So it literally weighs down on a submarine submerged 1500  feet beneath the waves. The deeper we go, higher the number. Here the pressure is so enormous, that there is no room for any mistakes. Then there is surface tension. This principle may help us to walk on water some day. To use this principle we will need to learn about it in depth. There are some insects who has been doing this all their lives, walking on the water surface. We will need to learn from nature and apply what we have learned to bring it to reality. We cannot replicate nature but we can imitate it.


Water in some aspects resembles solids, but exists in nature in a liquid state. It may also transform itself into a gas in some situations based on temperature and pressure. In short, it is a very strange fluid. We still do not understand it well. It may work in miraculous ways but we are yet to have it reveal its secrets. When we dive from the diving board 25 feet up and land on water the wrong way, it will act as a solid surface leading to broken bones etc. It does act in strange ways. An oil tanker floats using the principle of displacement without which it will sink. If we increase the viscosity of the liquid on which it floats, it will float with much ease but propulsion will be affected hindering its movement forward. For us to invent anything, we need to have our bases covered before embarking on any endeavor. For anything to happen our basics need to be sound. Without a foundation, a house don’t stand a chance.


Once our foundation of knowledge is up to par and the concepts conceptualized, then we can start building upon it. What make anything float in water or any fluid for that matter? In addition to displacement we may only use surface tension as an added advantage to accomplish this feat. Now how do we accomplish this task when we are weighing close to 200 lbs? May be we could use a combination of principles at our disposal. Maybe we could combine existing technologies to make it happen. Or invent something entirely new. These are the only choices we have. So we need to make the best use of it.


Many insects have learned to float in water. Some do it better than others. Some die trying. For some it comes naturally which others have acquired the trait. It’s amazing to see very small insects float on water carrying its entire weight by distributing across the water surface using only its body to float. Their light weight and distribution of forces helps them accomplish this. We could do the same. It’s much easier to float in honey than in water. Much easier in saltwater than in fresh water. The viscosity of the fluid does help in a way. Only by experimenting can we accomplish great things which are deemed impossible. Just take flying for instance. Someone somewhere had said so many centuries back that for a Human to fly was next to impossible. But someone had proved them wrong. By polishing what knowledge we have we can accomplish anything in Life. But for that we need to START first.


Water is very forgiving in our efforts with experimentation. Only by experimenting do we learn or will we learn. The first ships that crossed the oceans were a success as a result of many centuries of failures. But we have never heard of those failures. To this day all we hear are the successes. Behind each of those, someone somewhere who has no name is working hard in a dark alley to bring it to market for all of us to enjoy his or her results. In the end they still stay nameless and unknown. Some big corporation pays top dollars to buy him or her out. That’s the end of the story. So now you know who gets the credit and who gets to reap the rewards. We know for sure that it’s not that person with that unknown name. So he or she remains nameless.


We have been walking the face of this Earth for centuries on hard ground. Aren’t we tired of it? So why not walk on water? Have we ever thought about it? What is keeping us back? Water is there everywhere. It’s a vast playground waiting for us to explore it.  All we have to figure out is on how to walk on it. It’s that simple. So let’s do it. It is on my bucket list. What about you?


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