Our POSTURE in the New Age.

We started on the fours. Now we are walking on the twos. What’s next. Maybe ones? Or Maybe we may land on fours again? Science has postulated that Life originated in water, then with the evolution from gills to lungs we had landed upon on solid ground. Some amphibians have taken the path of half land and half water. Most animals walk on fours or sixes. Some have even many more legs We even see fish and snakes with modified legs. Fossil evidence also suggests the same. So why did we have the need to walk upright? Maybe we had transformed ourselves from tree dwellers to cave dwellers. Standing upright means more visibility to see prey at a distance. The need to climb trees is energy consuming and is also associated with other dangers. As we have evolved with time, we have taken a vertical stance. But is it straight vertical or slight vertical? We  have been abusing our bodies in many ways that we do not even seem to even give it a thought. We continue to go about our daily lives as if nothing is going to happen to us. Until it happens! Then we start longing for a rewind button.


We are living in the internet and the computer age. Back then we had to survive the jungle and flat plains. Today we have the need to survive the concrete jungle. So to make it happen we are forced to work long hours in front of a screen, staring at the light which it emits and dealing with its emissions. Do you think that all the gadgets such as TV, Smart phones, Bluetooth technology, Wi-fi technology, exposure to unknow e-waves, etc which we use on a daily basis have some adverse health effects on our body? I think so. Every gadget is becoming smarter than us. But what about US? Are we heading the other way with high probability of machines taking over our World including our identity. It may. All gadgets that we have been exposed to may have some effects on our health. In my view, it definitely does. But do any of us question it? We carry about our daily lives as if this is supposed to be the norm. If we do not question it who will? That’s 7 Billion of us. Not one. Do we know any gadget that is 100 % safe and that has been certified for its use. Even 99% is not acceptable. As newer and newer models come out, we keep buying more and more and contributing to e-waste generously. Many homes are equipped with 6 TV’s, and many more gadgets and appliances. How many of each do we need? Did you notice that I did not use the word want on purpose. With it’s usage comes the invention of many types of postures.


We are and have been using all or any of these gadgets on a consistent basis. The posture associated with each usage varies. We may use the laptop on our bed, our desktop may be at eye level but our shoulder is arched, our cell phones may be used laying down or holding it between the shoulder and our neck etc. In essence we have modified our posture in various ways by deviating from the norm. This has contributed to neck pain, back pain, carpel-tunnel syndrome, exposed ourselves to related surgical procedures, seeing our chiropractor for palliative therapy etc etc. Our muscles and skeletal system have been taking the abuse for the past few decades without saying a word. We are not taught about the dangers of using any of these products, but since it’s convenient and fashionable to use them, we have been using them without raising any questions. Technology has connected us with the World perfectly, but how are we going to put ourselves together Health wise? Are we going to dismantle ourselves by causing different ailments to ourselves for the sake of being connected Well?


As we walk through the streets, verbal communication, eye to eye contact and basic writing skills (that’s with a pen, I mean) is on its way to becoming extinct. We have even developed the habit of texting to the person next to us instead of just talking. It looks like texting is fast and easier than plain talk? Who am I to judge? I still talk. I think we talkers are a dying breed. As the century passes, talking may not exist and we may need to start all over again creating new languages that are capable of being visualized and communicated to each other without ever moving our lips. New languages may evolve, but not from our lips.


Who knows we may even create a new form of communication where we find no need to use our vocal cords. In fact we may even take ourselves back to becoming a SILENT WORLD again as we did before the age of the creation of reading, writing and speaking. We will be starting from a clean slate AGAIN. We may be heading backward in time by leaning much more forward, hunching our backs forward in order to be using these fancy gadget of ours and ending up landing on our fours. Or we may keep standing on our twos but developing all sorts of musculo-skeletal problems that may develop ultimately forcing us on our fours once again. This may start the cycle of OUR evolution all over again.


If we do not heed to our body or even listen to what its saying to us, we will be forced onto our knees crying in pain begging to have the pain taken away. Are we going to continue to use our beloved gadgets the way we have been using it, abusing our bodies to a point of no return or are we going to correct our posture. Without the right posture we are inviting trouble for ourselves.The choice is ours.

I like the way we walk on twos. It gives me a sense and a purpose in Life for being Human. Walking on fours may lead me to think primitive.

I like the way I am: A Human just like you.




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