Robotic FOODS. Only $2.

Food is very cheap these days. Mass imports have made this happen leading to the near extinction of the domestic markets. We are still cooking the food in our homes the old fashioned way ever since Man went our hunting, bringing food in and cooking inside caves to feed himself and his family. The difference today is we are still going out, but to the supermarket instead of carrying our hunting gear. We still go to the supermarket carrying our grocery bags, select the foods we need and bring it back home to cook and feed ourselves and our families. So we are still doing it the old fashioned way. We get everything else made using Robots, so why not food?

Each of us will need 3 meals a day. It will total $6 Per day. Is this attainable if we cook? I don’t think so. Now take lost time into consideration.


Old is gold but is too outdated. In our fast paced World no one likes to cook but love to eat. People want food that is fast, cheap and plentiful. Food is available in plenty all right but has no nourishment in them. It’s mass produced, people being exploited, travels thousands of miles to get to the supermarket near you but we are paying the price for it in every way. This need to be stored, refrigerated and handled before it hits the shelves. This costs money. The price we pay also includes theft that is factored into the cost of the product. Cheap is always expensive. Short cuts in the supply chain or during harvest can wreck havoc in the health of the end consumer.


So why not have a hub within each borough of each city. Instead of using vast distribution networks, logistics, manpower and supply chain, why not have robotics work round the clock in preparing our food while we sleep. Each robot can be programmed to do a specific recipe. This will help suite our palate. There are robots in the World today that make soups perfectly for each and every bowl. The robotic preparation will be clear of human intervention thus very hygienic, spotless to be exact. We get to taste any meal that suits our taste 24/7. All of this comes with an affordable cost of just $2 per plate. This is a price anyone could afford even in developing countries. Starvation and poverty would be a thing of the past. People would be fed well and children nourished. Diseases may be wiped out bringing in health.


Now that food is prepared, it could be picked up at that hub spot near you in your city. Mind you food is prepared in one spot under very Hygienic conditions and fully automated. Transportation may be carried out with the use of driverless trucks or flying robots. We can even have robotic highways running alongside each and every road that cris-crosses the country. Right now we are all paying retail prices to supermarkets all over the World. There is plenty of food wastage, pollution, transportation and manpower costs to go around. Don’t forget the crime that goes with it. Don’t forget fleet maintenance costs as well, wear and tear of road and vehicle and the pollutants we generously throw out into the air we breathe. All of this would be a thing of the past with automation. Food recipes will be made available for selection under various nutritional requirements. For example in Hospitals, food may be customized to meet each individual patient’s nutritional needs unlike the current situation of one mass produced food distributed to all patients. Each hubspot will have a registered dietician to create recipes that are nutritious and healthy. IT engineers will be programming and maintaining the robots. People allergic to certain food may need to have special order.


Since each hubspot purchases food in bulk, costs are way down and there’s only one truck for the entire borough transporting food from the dock to the hub. Once food is prepared  in each of the hubspots its ready to go either for pickup or robotic transport. People can pay for the order online as well. For $2 a plate, I think it would fill up your stomach. I think it will fill mine. After all how much can we eat at one time.  Remember, Small portions.


On a Positive note food production will be measured based on exact usage, food wastage will be way down, transportation costs, logistics, fuel, manpower, energy usage and pollution will be way down. This May even be non existent if food is grown locally. What about adult and childhood obesity. This has been an epidemic for decades. No one seems to be doing anything about it. Imagine all the diseases that go with it supporting our Healthcare business. It is a business all right.

Supermarkets may not feel the need to exist in this climate. Retail space and its associated costs will disappear. That space could be put to better use such as bringing in year round vertical farming ringing in higher yield. It also may bring in 4 harvests a year indoors instead of the traditional 2 outdoors.


I think the price is right to energize the robots into production. This is a much cheaper, faster and easier to digest way to live our modern lives than to continue to cook and eat the old fashioned way, meaning the traditional way. Time to move into the new light by stopping to waste our time cooking and start eating the healthy and nutritious way.


The plates will be all be made of biodegradable paper. This is our way of recycling paper back to Earth. With NO food waste to attend to Organic waste becomes minimal to non existent. We will not be seeing unsightly non-biodegradables scattered all around us as we see today. Hope this move may be better for all of us, our Planet and our wallets.

Of course it will. Think about it, What can you buy for $2 these days. Not even a cup of coffee, but living in this robotic age, we may be able to fill our little tummy with just $2.


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