THE power of words.

Words once that’s sent outside into this World cannot be brought back. So choose your words wisely. Words come in many forms. Some are meant for love and romance. Some to cause harm mentally or even physically. Some words are strictly reserved for Business. Once they leave your lips, they are gone. Somethings are meant to be not said.


From the beginning of time, Man had strived to perfect the art of language by creating words, connecting them together to form sentences. All for the purpose of communication. Without communication we would still be living in the caves drawing pictures trying to communicate what we had seen. Words have the power to transform hatred into love, love into hatred, start a war, bring about peace and also in helping each other in times of need. But are we using it in the right context? Words also have the power to connect families together, breakup lovers, mend ill feelings and bring friends together. All we have to do is communicate with each other by opening up and sharing our feelings. When communication comes to a standstill, relationships will suffer.


We need to communicate well in order to survive in the personal and Business Space. It’s a brutal World out there. Only the strong will survive. Just like nature, the weaklings are weeded out to extinction. So words have a very powerful effect on how we carry ourselves about in our daily lives. Without words we would be lost to communication. Communication is the key to sustaining any relationship, whatever that may be.


Words sent out from the heart resonates positively and will rebound back in the same melody. When it’s sent out in a negative fashion, it boomerangs back with a negative note. When its coated with sincerity and dedication, it creates a positive impact on the recipient. Words have to be sent out or expressed in the way it’s supposed to be said. There is a way to saying things. Either is the right way or the wrong way. When said right it creates miracles. The usage of Just these two words: Please and Thank you will do wonders if conveyed sincerely and honestly.

Most of our communications through words are done too formally or just for the sake of formality. Communication must be authentic to enhance the effect and the relationship. A superficial usage of words such as Hi and bye will bring in a relationship that’s also superficial. A deep seated and a well said word is better than a scripted one. Most of our communication with our customers in the Business World are scripted. There is no authenticity to it. They are told what to tell the customers and told to answer accordingly to a script when faced with certain questions.


We live in a World that is made too formal. Formality takes the essence and flavor of any relationship away. The more formal it is, the more superficial it gets. Live Life authentically to nurture a true and fruitful relationship with anyone you meet. Even the basic Good morning, Good evening does seem to have no meaning at all because it has been etched into our minds to say so from early age. It’s instilled in us. It’s also an artificially created formality with the intent to bring about a connection or two. Words do break up bubbles and bring one’s self to the open.


Each of us have an imaginary bubble around us. To get out of the bubble and face the World we need to be able to communicate from within, that is from the heart and NOT from the lips. Lip communication is just lip service. It is not authentic nor is deep seated. Words can be used in a soft sense or harshly. It also depends on how and at what tone it is said to being out the desired response or in bringing out the desired outcome. So anything is based on how we are saying it and with what intention. This vibration is felt loud and clear across the room to the receiver.

With the advent of social media our usage of words have exponentially grown. Texting and typing is the new buzz with billions of words being generated and thrown into the virtual space each second. Multiply that by 7 Billion people doing so every second of each day. So we are doing our part in generating words, but do those words mean a thing? I think most of these words are out there to just keep us buzzing in the social media, Which is literally draining our energy and time.  It has in fact become a wasted virtual space. Think about it. Average social media usage at just 2 hours in the morning and 2 house in the evening that adds up to 4 hours each day times 365 days equals 1465 Hours annually. Imaging what you could have done constructively in doing something good. Now when we calculate this lost time in a lifetime, we will really wake up and Say What am I doing?


A world devoid of Words would becomes a silent World. Do we want silence? Sometimes we do. Not always or permanently. But in the World of words, music has been created, lyrics expressed, messages conveyed, apologies accepted, relationships mended and love transferred. Imagine a World with no Words. It would be a World with no meaning and no communication.

It would be silence and it would be never ending. Someone make some noise please and say something. This silence is too hard to bear in this pitch darkness. Say something softly with some authenticity. Do not fake it.


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