Can $1 be split among 7 Billion people?

Yes, It can be done. It’s in the mindset. Do you want to have $1 Million dollars plus given to you in 2 years from now? To get we need to give first, like everything else in life. We need to throw IN our towel to be IN. All of us have been in the receiving mode all these years. When have we given? Don’t panic. I am not asking for your money. This is just a thought at this point of time.

Collectively we can make this happen, individually we will be struggling to pay our bills every day till we die. Mind you this is for illustration purposes only until it is put into action. Someone need to take the initiative.


When $1 is split among 7 Billion people miracles start happening. Poverty and associated disease will begin to disappear. Daily struggles and stress start vanishing. Outlook on life improves and people start lightening up. Exploitation and trafficking of people may disappear completely due to the fact that everyone has the security money required, which is secured for basic survival. We could work a 4 day week and have 3 days off to Enjoy LIFE, at least what is left of it for anyone 50+ years of age. We will be starting to live Life instead of being chained to work like slaves. This is in fact modern slavery. We are kept in the loop to keep working till there is Life and energy within us. Then we will be tossed off like rag dolls. It’s in fact a conveyor belt. Systems are designed for us to keep working like dogs, so all we have in mind is to keep working, consume the products of the rich and keep paying the bills to afford those products. In a way we are conditioned to believe that this is Life. This is not LIFE. This is slavery in the works. No wonder it’s called the rat race and not the HUMAN race. Because there is NO HUMAN in it. There is no essence or flavor within it.  So how do we collectively get out of it? Individually for sure we will be toast. We may never stand a chance. By doing our part for the collective good of all is the ONLY WAY by which all of us can benefit collectively.


Instead of us individually chasing money throughout our lives and becoming a slave to it, if we start to work collectively and help each other as one massive non-profit entity, we can root out poverty and everything else that comes with it including exploitation and enslavement. But an idea is just that until it is put into action.

Once again, the following is for illustration purposes ONLY and could be implemented. Someone had to initiate that thought process. So, Why not me?


The following is used as an example. If each of us pool in Just $1 a day (which does not even buy a cup of coffee), With 7 Billion people, that’s $7 Billion a day, times 30 days times 12 months, That amounts to $ 2520 Billion a year. This money when distributed equally to those in true need (majority 99%), it may help solve the seemingly never ending problem of poverty, the Daily rat race and the fight for basic Human survival for many people around the Planet.

Mind you the results shown above is displayed as the total collection for just ONE YEAR. Imagine if we continue doing this year after year.


This entity is to be managed by an independent third party or a Non-Profit entity who will be serving as a volunteer. So no money is exchanged and no money is ever touched by anyone. So the model is : Each of us pool in $365 per year, only those who have thrown in their towel will be entitled to that even split every 2 years out of this massive collection. All collected money is to be deposited into a Trust or a Foundation created specifically for this purpose, where it will grow interest day by day and year after year. This could also be included in the distributions that are given out every 2 years or the interest monies accrued may stay in reserves collecting interest over interest. Only the principle is used for the initial payout. The rest is put in to grow untouched.



What are your thoughts? Can we accomplish this? Can it be done? Will we do it ? Ask yourself this question? Will YOU do it?

Any thought process initiated is just an idea until it is put into action and then implemented.

Any Questions? Silence may not be the answer.




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