What is OUR contribution to this World?

We start each day by getting up, doing our morning chores, running to work, and then hurrying back home that same evening to put ourselves to sleep. This routine continues to be repeated day in and day out throughout our lives unless and until something stops us, which is usually illness or death. Is this what you consider Life to be or is there more to it? Society has given us a blueprint to follow and we are following it unconditionally with a preset mindset. The distinction and it’s uniqueness : a herd mentality. We are tending to follow it subconsciously without raising any questions. All of us are continuing to follow this same age old routine blindly just as our fathers and forefathers did. So what is YOUR purpose in Life? Is it just to work, earn money and pay the bills? And hopefully you get a weekend off.  Just following a so called SYSTEM blindly gets you no where but down. Today everyone is a self-proclaimed expert. So why are we following the way of thinking that was initiated thousands of years back? That was then, today is now. There is a lot of difference. Would you continue to use a horse drawn carriage to travel today, when we have much faster modes of transportation? I don’t think so. In the same context, why are we stuck to the age old thinking? Not just thinking, but following it. Think about it. Does not make any sense. Because we are not taught to think nor question anything. Since it’s much easier to be a follower than to be a leader, we are continuing to do it every single day without any thought.


Anything in Life should have a purpose, if not, it’s not worth pursuing. Imagine that you are starting a business. Would you just jump in without analyzing the scope, depth and breath of the entrepreneurship before you start or would you start strapping on your wings on the way down after the jump? Next question, would you do something which you love to do every single day of YOUR Life or would you do something that you were told to do by someone whom you looked upon to, but have no on interest in it? I bet its the first point. But in reality most people do the latter and do regret every minute of it. All they are doing this  is just to earn a paycheck and are not doing it with a inner passion. If that’s the case, it may be time to re-purpose your life.


To satisfy your purpose in Life and in order for you to answer to your inner self, what have you done to achieve that specific goal? Babies are born every single day, so is death a natural everyday occurrence. We have learned to accept this as well. Average life expectancy just 30 years back was 45 years of age, if one was lucky enough. Today many people live to be centenarians. As this trend progresses into the extended life phenomenon, this may be our ultimate path to immortality. Living Life with a purpose brings with it it’s true meaning. Otherwise it is called Living Life for the sake of living it. Life is to be lived for you and by you. Here the word “YOU” is the key. But we see that unfortunately, many people live life for the sake of someone else. That someone else dictates what you should do and what you shouldn’t. But it’s YOUR Life, not theirs. You are supposed to be doing what you love to do  and not what they want you to love to do. The former is innate and the latter is forced. In the end YOU are not living your life but living your Life based on their expectation of you.


Assuming that you have become very successful by the standards set by the society. Now that we have been conditioned for generations by society that Money equals success, most people look forward to grabbing as much as they can by hook or crook. Because people love to be accepted by society as a successful person and not shunned as a loser. So we try to do everything to get to the bottom line, even if it means hurting another being. This is the prime reason for all the happenings that we see in society. All you have to do is hear the news. Now say we are successful, you got that big mansion, that luxurious car, that private jet of yours, that helicopter, your vacation homes, the best food and material possessions that money can buy. After that what? Once our basics in life like food, clothing and shelter are covered, the rest of it falls into the EXCESS category and it becomes poison. This is what is poisoning our society with the creation, marketing and by breeding a desire for Money. Too much of anything is poison. This includes, food , clothing, shelter and money for that matter. The value of money has been artificially self imposed on it, without which it would be just paper and cloth with no value added or attached to it. Since we are respecting money more than we respect a Human being, we are in fact heading in the wrong direction as a society. We are driving on the wrong side of the road. It’s a matter of time there would be a collusion. Only time will tell.


Our values and traditions have taken a back seat. Our priorities reversed. Respect has stayed non existent for a while. Trust does not matter anymore. The only thing what we seem to value is money which is in fact valueless, but is indentured with perceived value. Now that we have covered the basics, let’s dig further into the essence and flavor to our existence. Also having got all we need in terms of materialism, what is left is ourselves.  But without which everything has no value tied to it. So we have forgotten ourselves in the process of acquiring materials or collecting “stuff” in other words. We do not have to look far to see this happening all around us. All we have to look at our storage, our attic or our basement INSIDE our own homes. This is our way of hoarding to boast. It may be euphoric in a way, which may also transform into an addiction.Our homes contain materials or stuff that has no meaning to it and no value to us as times pass. Hypes and fads fade out, people forget important things, but ALWAYS remember the ones which has no meaning in their Lives. We need to rotate ourselves an entire 180 degrees to correct our way of Life and self proclaiming ourselves as an advanced civilization.


Since we got the unnecessary items out of the way, let’s analyse what is important. We are born, supposedly we are living our life and then one fine day we die out. No body will ever know that you even existed. People will always remember us and respect us for who we were when we were alive. From the little help we had given them when they needed us the most, our mannerisms, our smile, the respect for our self and our respect towards others always stands out. All these attributes of us will be standing out in the end without uttering a single word or without saying a single sentence. But everyone will hear it loud and clear. This will sum up our Life. This is the best gift one can get. Our contribution to this World is Very important to us as Humans. We are not going to take anything with us. We have come into this World naked and we will exit it naked back to Earth. This will be the end of the line for all of us. How much money we had, what type of lifestyle we led, how many true or artificial friends we had does not mean a thing. In the end, Only our Character, our simplicity, our authenticity, our reputation, honesty, integrity and our helpfulness to help others will matter the most to everyone around us. No money required.


Our contribution to this World does not have to be monetary, but service in one form or another would suffice. True Life long friendships are nurtured by honesty and genuine trust. True love is bred between couples. Authentic and genuine love expressed sincerely and with devotion between us and everyone around us is all we need to give and be remembered for. We will always be remembered by many for who we were when we were alive and not for what we had when we were alive. So in order to leave a legacy behind, do not leave material stuff behind but a mental or a virtual one. This lasts longer in the minds by us leaving a long lasting first impression of us on them. Now that I have transported my mind into yours, I feel at ease. I feel lighter already. It’s your turn to pass on the torch to brighten up many more lives.

Hopefully each and everyone of us will do our part in making this World of ours perfect and suited to our living standards : Simple and Authentic, but without the stresses we have created for ourselves.



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