ARE we Poisoning ourselves?

Yes, we are indeed. Just look at the foods that we consume each day. Are they healthy? Are they meant to be eaten? Are they safe? What are their ingredients? These are the questions that you must be asking yourself before you take that first bite or even better before you even take out your wallet. If we are not 100% sure of all the ingredients, we shouldn’t even be eating it. Is it practical? Yes. Because we are the end consumers and the manufacturers must be catering to our needs and not to theirs. But since we seem to not care and are willing to put anything in our mouth that is available out there, they are doing their thing, making enormous profits out of cheap and unhealthy ingredients. I don’t blame them at all. It is our health. If we do not care, you think they would? of course not. They are in business to make profits, not to pamper you with health. Fast and cheap are their buzz words. Welcome to the World of quick bucks.


As a society we must be demanding transparency to the list of ingredients which are used in the manufacturing process. This list must be verified by an outside non- governmental body hired by the citizens to do the job. We need to hold this organization accountable. The list of chemicals are growing day by date, Each of which has been given fancy names, soft cover ups and hidden meanings that are out of sight and out of view. Would you trust these products?  Do you know what it’s made of? They are “Chemicals” and a whole lot of them. Most products are made of coloring agents to lure, flavor to please, additives to addict you, antibacterials to prevent spoilage and preservatives to extend their shelf life. Would you consume any right now if you were given exactly what’s on the list? I don’t think so.


Diseases like cancer is on the rise. Our food is tainted in all aspects. WE, the consumers are on the look out for products that LOOK good but what we are doing wrong here is we are not looking into if it’s HEALTHY for us. Our Health is essentially being overlooked by no one else but ourselves. All problems stem from this exact sentence. It has a lot of weight and meaning in it. Assess your stance on this. Is it true? Do you know exactly what’s inside the bottle or what’s inside that package you are purchasing. Your are not getting it for free. You are using your hard earned money to purchase it. It’s our right as consumers to know exactly with 100% accuracy what the actually stated ingredients are without the usual mumbo jumbo and red tape. If we do not get the answers, we should be demanding to know them. Would you put anything into your mouth? What we are putting into our mouth? We are eating to stay healthy and not to get sick. But knowingly most of us feast on junk food daily. In that process we are paying for it and also spoiling our health.

Do You Know Whats Inside_black.png

The reason packaging on all products came into being in the first place is due to lack of trust then came everything else like ease of transportation, retailing, convenience, food safety, labeling, warehousing, logistics etc. Fresh produce is supposed to be fresh as the name states, but what we are getting is just the opposite. In reality,  an average produce product travels 4000 miles to get to our local supermarket. It’s grown with tons of chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers and many more before it can be grown and bought to the market. Then the shelf life must be increased to facilitate a sale. These are perishables so they need to be treated as such. Fresh produce do not last that long. To increase shelf space many may have been treated accordingly. Also seasons vary and nature produces different variety of fruits and vegetables at various seasons.  So some varieties are available only at certain times. But we the consumers want everything on our doorstep at our beck and call. So the market is doing everything that we are asking for. To have food all the time, they need to increase production to surplus. Then they need to be transported and warehoused. So it’s a long journey from farm to market and from market to our table.


Right from the seed to full harvest, there has been many modifications at work in various levels. It seems these days that genetic engineering has been playing a major role in the creation of disease resistant seeds, drought resistant saplings and introducing high yield varieties to keep up with demand. All these comes at a price and each with its own known and unknown side effects. Few we know and many we don’t. It’s not open source information. So many questions still linger in this foggy atmosphere. Our crops are also treated with many varieties of chemicals that affect our air, water and food resources. Then there is fertilizer run offs from fields to streams, rivers, lakes and oceans. Then it comes back to bite us through the food we eat. Fish may have mercury in them, chicken may be deformed, hormonal and antibiotic use in meat, modified vegetables and transformed seeds. So what is normal?  Is this the new norm and is it here to stay? Many processes foods come in with packaging which says :” All Natural”. If that’s the case why is it in the processed from and NOT in the natural form when sold. Why not consume THE natural produce in the first place? Is it the Legal vocabulary that matters for it to be sold? It looks like it.


My question is where can I get a perfectly NORMAL, and a completely NATURAL food that is untouched by man? The answer is It does NOT exist. The minute, Man had laid his hands on nature, the entire scheme of land, water, air, including that which exists above and below ground has been contaminated. Only when man steps back and allows nature to do its thing and take its course will we be able to lead a healthy life with out affecting the environment in which we live. With the increasing number of previously unknown diseases popping up all over the place, I am sure we will be adding many more to the list with reference to the direction we are heading. We hear in the news of people injecting coloring dyes and chemicals into fruits and vegetables for them to look pretty when presented for sale. Are we looking to buy produce for it’s looks or for it’s health benefits? In the real World, perfectly looking fruits and vegetables that are misshapen is being tossed out because they do not meet market specifications. These are perfectly good and safe to eat. Millions upon millions of tons per day are discarded when they fall into this category. This alone could feed the entire World.


We the consumers demand a carrot to look conical and straight, we are demanding that we get an apple that looks reddish, glossy on the outside and tasty on the inside. I almost forgot about the symmetry. We demand perfection, symmetry and perfect proportions as well. So the market is listening to us. So indirectly we are to blame ourselves for these everyday occurrences. Nature is not perfect. Imperfections do occur. But when we are starving, aren’t we supposed to feed ourselves with ourselves instead of being picky. Guess we are not starving yet. Instead we have chosen to focus on the looks of a fruit or vegetable verses shifting our focus to the health benefits that we get from the same.


Presentation is very essential in any business relationship. But presenting a toxic substance disguised as a health benefit is not morally and ethically acceptable. How does that someone sleep at night knowing and fully ware that they had sold a harmful product to a customer? Don’t that person know the ramification of doing this deed? Doesn’t this person know of its detrimental effects on the Human body? Don’ they know how it will indirectly affect that persons family? Do they know or don’t they care?

Food is supposed to be consumed from natural sources and not from containers which describes it as a natural product. Natural products need not need to be labeled. Since we have mixed artificial products with natural, we do not know which is which. In this case we have complicated our lives naturally but in unnatural ways. Food that is grown naturally is UN-adulterated. Let’s grow our own in our own backyards. We may grow and nurture it with care, shower it with love and reap the reward with a rich harvest knowing that it is all natural. ALL because we know it’s source and it is grown out of love and not for money.


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