YOUR Teeth. YOUR Health. YOUR’S for Life.

Today we are embarking on a long journey which is designed to give you as much information as possible with regard to your teeth and your health in general which you may or may not know. This may even open your mind even further. This will be a informational series that will be sent to your email automatically. So please join me in getting the most out of it. It is written with you in mind, THE PATIENT. The information has been compiled exclusively for you from my many years of experience as a Dentist, and by condensing information that I have learned from journals, conferences, study clubs, research and scientific papers which is put into simpler layman’s terms for YOU. This is written to give you a better understanding of Your teeth and Your overall Health.


All of us know that our teeth and gums are in fact part of the same body. Your’s. If that’s the case why do we take care of ONLY our body regularly, but not our teeth and the gums. Is it because we have learned to take them for granted. It seems so. Just imagine a person with NO teeth. Just imagine the appearance and looks of him or her. Since the bite is collapsed, the whole facial height from nose to chin is collapsed as well. This is what we see in an elderly patient with no dentures in place.

So why do we need teeth in the first place? Without teeth we will not exist. How will we chew? It will bring in a boat load of problems to our overall well being. What is the function of your teeth and its surrounding structures such as the supporting bone and gums? Did you know that your teeth is suspended within its socket with multiple hammocks that support and connect itself to the surrounding bone. They are in fact micro shock absorbers designed for us by nature. So every teeth moves independently within the socket it is in. Now incisors and canines are designed to tear food and break it into bits. The molars, the big teeth with flat surfaces on top are designed to chew food and mash it up for the ease of digestion. When food is not mashed up good, this may lead to indigestion, bloating and what not. So why not nip the problem in the bud before it happens. Make sure to take care of your teeth so it can take care of your during your lifetime. Both of you are inseparable. Each of you can’t live without the other. This is Life.


We see that most people take care of their cars much more than their own Health? They spend more on it buffing up the car, touching up scratches, visiting a car wash weekly, oil change every 3000 miles on the dot and also have no problem paying a four figure bill to the mechanic. Now that same person is reluctant to pay $150 every six months to maintain their own teeth. Why is it so? Is it because we tend to place a higher value to products than value ourselves? I think so. We can always replace a car but how can we replace ourselves? Give it some thought. Without teeth, many things may not get accomplished in you life both at a personal level or it be at a business level. How do you conduct business smelling bad from gum disease, with a missing front teeth and in some cases an ill fitting denture at board meetings?

Some thoughts:

Tele-DENTISTRY: Is it Possible?

GUM Disease : Do you have it?

Did you Floss Today?

We also spend a lot on our outer looks by purchasing makeups, designer dresses, shoes, handbags, suitcases, eyeglasses, hats and what not. All of us have heard of the expression: The way we Dress makes a Man or a Woman. So does teeth. Imagine a beautiful woman with just ONE front tooth missing. You get the point. We spend billions of dollars just to look good for others, but what have we done for ourselves in terms of looking good for ourselves and staying healthy for our own good and well being? We have been putting out health at stake for a long time. Now it’s time to get educated and take care of ourselves, because NO ONE ELSE WILL. It’s your Health. It’s your teeth. And It’s your life.

Now let’s look into the functions of your teeth:

1. Looks

2. Facial support

3. Your identity

4. Chewing efficiency

5. Speech

6. Digestion

Now let’s look at what you would be lacking if you have no teeth:

1. Collapsed face

2. Affected speech

3. Lack of chewing

4. Gulping down food

5. Disfigured look

6. Indigestion


Did you know that Periodontal disease or gum disease is so prevalent that most of us have no clue that it even exists Most of us have some degree of Gum disease. Either it falls into one of these categories- Mild, Moderate or Severe. No one is free of it. This happens when the bone which is supporting each and every tooth is inundated with plaque, tarter and bacteria. These affect the supporting bone by eroding the bone, thereby making the tooth loose and the gums smelly due to the gases the bacteria produces as a sequel of the disease. Bad breath is highly repulsive. Gum disease is treatable and it is best to prevent it in the first place.

DID YOU KNOW? There is scientific proof to show that there is a very strong correlation between Gum disease and Heart disease. Meaning, Bacteria from the gums can travel through your blood stream into your heart, get lodged within it and causing systemic disease. Now that you know this, You know what to do. See you dentist. Disease Prevention is always better than buffing up your car. So get it done for your own good.

Since mouth is part of your body, YOUR body is one entity and not two. Mouth is not separate from your body. Sometimes it puzzles me as to why Physicians ARE NOT TRAINED IN MATTERS OF THE MOUTH. It’s part of the same body. Since they are doctors of your body and not of you mouth, whom do you go to? Of course that’s where we Dentist’s come in. We are the Authority for your mouth in good times and in disease. So please listen to us and help us help you in preventing Dental diseases in the first place.


PREVENTION is the buzz word here. Each patient’s condition is unique in their own ways, so each treatment plan should be customized to maximize the benefits of treatment. A cookie cutter approach available to the masses would be equivalent to a production line. So please Team up with your dentist, have your treatment customized to your needs, focus on prevention, eat the right foods , stay healthy and in the end you would be very glad that you have done all the right things to keep your teeth during your lifetime and beyond. So please do your part and we will do our part by being a DENTIST. We have devoted our entire lives to the Profession of Dentistry in order to serve you and your family.

In the following blogs we will embark on the journey together starting with the basics. Please join me by filling in your email address. The knowledge which you will receive is completely Free but when you apply that knowledge to your Health, it’s priceless.




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  1. rothpoetry says:

    I am finding as I age the my lack of teeth care is costing me greatly! Great post


    1. Thank you Sir. As we age the maintenance on teeth is very much required to maintain satisfactory overall health. After all, our oral health is well connected to our systemic health. There are many studies to prove its outcome.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. rothpoetry says:

    I nominated you for the Three Day Quote Challenge.


    1. Thank you very much.


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