Why are my GUMS Showing?

Gums are there not for just the looks of it but it also offers protection to the underlying bone. Most people have their gums covered up even when they smile. But some people have a flashy smile with over 20% of their gums visible to everyone. It is due to varying factors such as facial growth, structure of the face, developmental issues, size of the lips, size of the jaws, accommodation of the teeth within the arches, trauma etc to name a few.

Our body has certain symmetric proportions which we look for in each other. It is commonly called the golden proportions. It is used as a guide in Cosmetic surgeries of the face and it also plays a major role in dentistry. Our perception of beauty and the definition of it lies within these boundaries. People always say : He or she has a gummy smile. In fact it is a compliment to that person. People with gummy smiles are supposedly happy at least on the outlook. They may also be considered beautiful in some cultures. Because all we can see is the outer beauty. What lies within each of us is out of reach and out of bounds. Gums, teeth, jaws etc can be altered surgically with precision but is it necessary to go under the knife for the sake of unknown results. If it’s absolutely necessary by all means get it done. But doing it for the sake of someone else does not justify the risks which you are exposing yourself to.

Aesthetically whether it is a building or a face, proportions stand to tell its tale of both its inner and outer beauty. Just like a building  that displays its external appeal, our face also has certain proportional aspects to it. We have been using imaginary lines to have a metric set to what we are looking for in terms of measurements. Out face is very special to each and everyone of us because it represents and stands for who we are and it establishes our identity in the society in which we live. A gummy smile may be considered beautiful in some cultures and not so in others. In the end it comes to aesthetics and proportions. Nature calls the shots. There is proportion in anything that we see in nature and man has always been in the pursuit to recreate or imitate nature. This is what we do in dentistry all day everyday in order to fulfill the cosmetic needs of the patient. The universe is also divisible using the same concept.

Our face can also be divided into segments the same way for the purpose of study and the application of our knowledge into it. Out lip line determines the amount of gums that shows. Most people have a moderate lip line. In this case a small amount of teeth shows when we smile. In a high lip line, the gums which shows is very prominent. In a low lip line, it may be harder to see even the teeth. The reason is multi-factorial and may depends on facial height, facial symmetry, musculature and a host of other probabilities.

We use our facial mid line as a reference in addition to other parallels in the execution and conclusion of the measurements of the face. Each of have us have an unique set of imaginary lines that plot our face. This is what we are currently using in facial recognition software applications. So our face literally stand out among millions. We cannot change our looks for anyone because we are who we are. With the advent of modern cosmetic procedures, it’s highly possible to literally change our identity by manipulating soft tissues and hard tissues without ever deviating from the principles of the golden proportions of our face.

A gummy smile may look good in the eyes of many and may not be admired by some. But in the end, you are one who need to be impressed by it. You need to impress yourself first and not anyone else. Because it’s your smile that is unique to yourself. Cherish it.



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