Did you Floss Today?

Teeth were designed,  meant to last a lifetime and given to us for a purpose. Teeth comes in all shapes, sizes, forms and for specific functions. Basically it serves in chewing for the purpose of easy digestion. Some serve as hypodermic syringes to deliver venom for defense purposes. Canines are designed to tear flesh. Incisors are meant to chop food. Molars are meant for chewing. Then came the sugar to take it all away. Today we have more chemicals in our food including coloring agents, flavoring agents, preservatives, coffee, tea, tobacco, alcohol etc etc than anytime in history. This is in fact tooth abuse in the modern times. This is the so called ‘modern living’ at its best. No one questions it.


Most Animals lose teeth their entire lives and are continuously being replaced as one falls off the conveyor belt. But we have only two sets. Nature does give us second chances, but only once. Animals do have gum disease and caries just like we do. But we can do something that they can’t. Flossing. But we choose not to do it. Most don’t but some do it on a daily basis. Without teeth all of us would be having aesthetic issues, all sorts of digestion problems and would have collapsed jaws with associated speech problems. We would sound like someone with no teeth at all.


The question we need to ask ourselves is do we need to keep our teeth or not? If so, how long do we need to have them?If the answer is YES, then we need to follow through certain basic principles to maintain them. But for regular preventive maintenance, they would be diseased. We have been taking our teeth for granted. Due to the fact that there are no associated symptoms does not mean that they are not diseased. Tooth pain by nature is intolerable. When it surfaces, it does hurt big time. Until then it works behind the scenes. Regular periodic check up every three months is what is recommended. Our teeth undergoes abuse all the time. The following are some scenarios. Make sure to see your Dentist at least every three months. Three months is a very long time, if you consider the following.

  1. 3 meals a day X 1 snack X 2 coffee a day X 30 days X 365 days. This is just for Year one.
  2. Tons of sugar: Today everything we consume is sugar. Imagine that for a year.
  3. Chewing on ice cubes, paperclips
  4. Opening bottles with your mouth
  5. Sport injuries
  6. Gum disease: everyone has gum disease at one of theses stages: Mild, moderate or severe.
  7. Bad breath: poor oral Hygiene
  8. Not seeing the Dentist

IT ALL ADDS UP OVER TIME. Do you want to keep all the teeth or only selected ones?

Who is flossing your teeth daily? Must be you. If not you, who does it for you? Is it your Dentist? If you are not doing it, you must have some one do it for you. Also your dentist must have shown you on how to do it. So make sure you do it right on a daily basis, not weekly or monthly.

Why floss in the first place? Flossing is one activity which most of us do not like to do. It is also technique sensitive. Most people do not know the right way to floss. Then how do you floss when you don’t know how to? What type of floss is good for me? Flossing must be done right to reap its benefit. Flossing has not been taught to most of us when growing up, so most of us have no clue on how to do it RIGHT. If at all we were taught, we were taught by our parents and rarely our grandparents. So in summary, no one knows how to do it right.


Flossing has been neglected for centuries and was never perfected. Due to the fact that very primitive means of flossing were used back then such as silk, horse hair and even twigs. Today we are blessed to have new materials such as plastic and nylon which it is not Eco friendly- Because today, It’s a use and throw World out there. One time use only. We are using this same principle in all that we consume. This is very bad. We are throwing everything right in our own backyard. Eco friendly floss is still in their infancy.

Flossing removes debris, and plaque from hard to reach areas below the gums and between the teeth. When we brush we are brushing only 3 of the 5 surfaces. Who is brushing the other 2? No one. Because it’s the area in between the teeth. This is where flossing comes into the picture.

So make it a habit to:

1.Brush 2 times a day.

2. Floss once daily. But do it right.

3. Rinse after each meal with water.

4. Visit your Dentist every 3 months: preventative maintenance.

5. Be educated on Dental disease prevention.

For more information on flossing:  http://www.SSOLFO.com

Click Below:

Did you Floss Today?

Flossing right daily can help you in many ways including prevention of gum disease, helping eliminate bad breath, Prevention of cavities, and feeling clean every single day.

The best part is you get to floss. If you don’t know how to, it’s time to learn.

Prevention is better than cure. Give it your best shot.  Also take care of your teeth. It may thank you some day.








3 Comments Add yours

  1. KD says:

    Ironic timing – going to the dentist tomorrow!! ;D Yes, I do need to floss better – and more. 🙂


    1. Perfect time to brush up on flossing. It may help us in maintaining our supporting bone and gums for a long time. Gum disease has been shown scientifically to be linked to heart disease.


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